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    Also worth noting, at least on the rack version (cant comment on the stage) if you enabled/disable an FX then move to another slot using the cursor keys on the rack it retains the state of that FX slot (on/off) if you got back to it using the cursor keys. All without rig manager not being connected.

    I forgot about this when i experienced this again the other day, whereas recalling another slot using the remote (or an external midi command) will restore its saved state and ignore those FX on/off alterations you made (unless of course you saved it as such)

    Highly entertaining. i think you only need to read some of the "dodgy" reviews to see where this is heading.

    "improves separation between instruments"

    "music feels muddy and slow without it"

    "this will especially make it sound smoother"

    "opens up and widens the sound stage and instrument separation becomes razor sharp"

    I guess the digital 1 & 0 must get output in a better font....

    seriously, though,

    its not even part of the digital audio system, purely a usb-to-usb converter/adpater, as i read it, therefore any DAC or ADC is outside of the device

    Perhaps it can offer some form of ground isolation, which can be a problem with certain USB devices and the use of some power-supplies?

    Just a note that there are amps for which the tonestack (or EQ section) can be bypassed. The Dumble ODS is one amp that is well known for this and it is called PAB(preamp boost). There are others as well.

    there you go, case justified.

    This could also then be employed as a "boost" section without consuming an FX slot, if there was a level for the engaged EQ.

    The EQ button has been redundant for some time (has the same function as the "amp" button and is therefore serving no real purpose)

    Making it work like it used to where we can quickly access and/or disable the EQ section separate to the AMP section would be more use than what is it is now (which is doing nothing) Would be useful to compare profiles with/without their EQ especially now we have the liquid EQ benefits.

    One argument against this was "you cant bypass the EQ section a traditional amp as its part of the circuit" yes, i agree, but the KPA is far from a traditional amp. One of the attractions of the KPA is its enormous flexibility, so why take some of this functionality away from us? Where's the harm in giving us back the function it has before?

    please please

    performance mode:

    upgraded to the latest v10 a few minutes ago and i noticed the feature introduced on the last version 9 where the 1-5 buttons on the remote show if a morph is available by dimly illuminating the second row of LEDS above the buttons and if you have say the looper button assigned to morph function that LED is either dim or bright depending on the morph status.

    Was this intentionally removed?

    if so, seems bizarre as it was highlighted as one of the improvements offered in v9

    the Stage boots in 15 seconds while the Head and Rack take a bit over a minute.

    interesting- i always understood number of rigs affects boot time. My rack boots in about a minute then an additional 20 or so for the remote to connect. Reassuring to learn that. Guessing this time may vary over the years with different OS ?

    What factors make the stage such a significantly quicker boot than the rack or head?

    I had this exact same issue when i last done an upgrade-

    After the upgrade, all of the rigs in the browse pool have the undo button illuminated. If i press undo it says it is undoing a morph edit.

    Weirdly there is no edit to undo- how can it be if you have just loaded a new rig and not touched anything?

    Annoyingly, the only way to get rid of this is to manually save each and every rig in the browse pool, as i have had to do last time i had this headache.

    Anyone else had this or know of a quick/easy fix?

    shown here:

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    so rather than preparation (which is obviously the first step to avoiding issues, ie, a UPS, back-up USB stick, etc) i'm looking for the quick-fix solutions that may resolve after an issue has arisen.

    these are open to correction.

    1) press RIG whilst powering up to clear damaged cache

    2) use browse mode if performance mode is unavailable (this was what i had to do before i knew about the previous tip on one occasion)

    3) plug into alternate input if your main input has been physically broken

    4) use another output if similar to above

    5) carry a PoE and spare ethernet cable in case the Kemper-remote cable has issues or gets damaged.

    add to the list, anyone?

    I recall reading articles scattered across the forums that would relate to this but would be nice to have a compilation of tips in one go-to place-

    In the event there is a problem with your Kemper at a gig and you aren't able to reach support or these forums, what are the things to do or try?

    ie, i had a situation once where there was a power-cut and i had to reload a whole back-up to resolve it (which took ages and didnt actually solve it) but, afterwards, tec-support said if you hold down RIG whilst powering up it will clear the buffer and may have saved the day (wish i had know that at the time!) Having a backup on USB stick should be part of your first-aid kit so seeking more tips (lke the hold rig button and restart) to aid possible scenarios or situations that may help save you at a gig.

    fire away....

    the atomic amplifire used to serve me very well. Which is more than i can say about their product support, but if you can grab a second hand one they offer some good sounds. (Originally recommended to me on these forums several years ago when they first came out)

    HX stomp ticks many boxes.

    Depends if you want all the FX or just a few simple amp-tones to get you through the gig quickly.

    Has anyone owned or still use one, or perhaps gotten rid of if for an alternative "pocket sized" secondary (backup?) unit.

    Perhaps you have found better in a HX stomp, toneX or other similar device.

    Hoping i can get some unbiased comments from fellow Kemper users of their thoughts and experiences with the iridium.

    Not looking for comparisons with the Kemper but perhaps with compared with other pocket-sized units.

    thanks all

    just to clarify for anyone unaware, the higher the AWG number the smaller the diameter,


    28AWG = 0.8mm

    26AWG = 0.14mm

    22AWG = 0.34mm

    17AWG = 1.0mm

    (mm = millimetre square)

    use of a PoE (power over ethernet) unit is required for most third party cables or of any significant length.

    You may well find the diameter of the individual cores is smaller than the factory cable, thus requiring the PoE device. A fatter/wider core carries the power better over longer runs (less resistance)

    there may be other users who can recommend a like-for-like replacement that doesnt rely on the PoE device, probably listed in another thread somewhere.

    thanks for the comprehensive reply Burkhard , very useful.

    Having been thinking about it more, I believe these may have been updated by myself manually from the "legacy" delay, therefore those "discontinued" parameters (frequency bandwidth) may have been morphed and excluded when migrated to the "newer" delay types where those parameters done exist so are hidden away in some unreachable settings.

    I will try re-saving these presets on the suggestion that it should resolve the matter.

    Is it advisable to get all these hidden morphs cleaned up or will they do no harm if left as is? (as has been the case for the past couple of years)