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    Surely its the studio's job to get the levels set, whether you're recording a quiet acoustic gutiar or a full 4x12 stack.

    And besides, the next guitarist will have different output levels completely to you so rely on the desk or mix to set things right.

    or maybe i dont understand your request along with the others

    Being limited to only 4 FX slots (2 FX slots pre + 2 post) on the Player and having no morph, perhaps you are like me and make use of a rack/stage and employ an FX slot dedicated to a solo/volume boost or perhaps you do this by morphing. Migrating your rigs to the player often results in a few compromises owning to the limited feature set (which hopefully be expanded in future OK :* ) but there is a way...

    Here's a work-around that can be applied to Player, Rack/toaster and the Stage alike:

    Using midi NRPN, you can assign an external controller to modify your rig volume.

    Firstly, you will need to "normalise" your rig-volumes to 0dB and then "compensate" these level adjustment amounts by transferring this amount to the amp-volume parameter (ie if the rig volume is +1dB, set it to 0dB and add 1dB to the the amp-volume parameter to achieve the same output level)

    Next, on your external controller (yes- this does require some additional hardware) create midi-data to toggle/send the following midi data on whatever channel applies;

    Set rig-volume to +3dB

    CC 99 = 4, CC 98 = 1, CC 6 = 80, CC 38 = 0

    This equates as-

    NRPN Parameter address: MSB = 4, LSB = 1 (the Rig volume parameter)

    NRPN Parameter value: MSB = 80, LSB = 0 (a value of +3dB) this could also be a different value between -6dB to +6dB (or whatever the full-range of this parameter is

    additionally, you may want this midi data too:

    Reset rig-volume to +0dB

    CC 99 = 4, CC 98 = 1, CC 6 = 64, CC 38 = 0

    This equates as-

    NRPN Parameter address: MSB = 4, LSB = 1 (the Rig volume parameter)

    NRPN Parameter value: MSB = 80, LSB = 0 (a value of 0dB)

    Alternately, calling up a slot will restore its saved values so you may not need the "reset to 0dB" command.

    This then gains "solo boosts" without using up any FX slot nor relying on a morphed parameter.

    PS- you could also do all of this by employing a volume pedal but that may be something you already have assigned to wah or volume tasks.

    PPS- this obviously is dependant on your midi-controller capabilities and understanding how to get it to produce this midi data.

    Two Tap Delay

    look up / calculate the delay time in ms for the desired tempo and note value (it's not that hard), set Delay 1 Time accordingly in ms,
    set Delay 2 Ratio in %

    i understand and use that, thanks DonPetersen where i have a slot/rig dedicated to one song at a fixed BPM,

    What i'm seeking is that i want the initial tempo to be determined by the tap-tempo (various BPM) and the delays that follow are separated by a few mS so the delayed sounds have some width/spread to them. (i am aware of potential phasing issues here but that is not a concern)

    For most delays, using tempo, we set the echo-interval as a beat value (ie 2/16, 4/16 3/16 etc) and additional delays the same.

    Using time based delays, ie NOT tempo synced, the delay is set in mS another echos to be set as a percentage of that time value.

    What i am seeking is a tempo-synced delay and the other delays to be a percentage of this.

    ie, tap tempo delay set as quarter notes (4/16) and the following repeats to be L+R but one side 95% so the echoed notes are very slightly different on each side to the other creating a "wide" echo/repeats.

    does that make sense?


    I'm using the okatraki USB midi interface (as suggested by one of the admins) and able to control the Player via midi.

    However a few times when leaving the unit sitting idle it appears to have crashed.

    I am left with a red flashing LED over the bank button and no sound.

    Worth noting i am also connected to rig manager at the time and midi prog-changes continue to select a different rig. (the midi rig changes are reflected in rig manager but not visual indication on the player other than the red flashing LED.

    Could this be related to the midi interface or perhaps a buffer overload, baring in mind there is no midi traffic during the few minutes prior to the crash?

    This one should be pretty easy.

    Whilst holding down the bank button you press number 1-5 to select that bank but theres no way (at present) to select bank 6-10.

    Why not press the number key a second time for the upper-banks (6-10)

    hold bank + number button 1-5 = banks 1-5

    hold bank + number button twice = banks 6-10

    make sense?

    Lots of questions-

    Can the Burkhard please explain the LED indicators for backup.

    upon holding down "bank" on power up i get one green LED then a yellow one appears flashing- at what point can i let go?

    Eventually a row of green LEDS accumulated from left to right then what appeared to be a reboot- so when is it safe to remove the usb stick

    On another occasion, i got 4 red LEDS flashing alternately with another 4 red LEDS when attempting a backup.

    When withdrawing the USB stick this continued and i had to power off/on to reset.

    i formatted in fat32 but when plugging into a PC windows tells me there is a problem with the USB stick that needs repairing but the Mac didnt complain.

    also, can we expect to see player backups as part of rig manager in the future?


    Why? There are so many programs (free and otherwise) that handle this WAY better than an add-on.


    i always think those multi-function pedals that offer built-in drum machines are aimed at the home/amateur market.

    Whilst it is a great practice tool (and we should all use a metronome/drumbox for practice) i'd like to think of all the Kemper units as "pro" devices that focus on "pro" features. Certainly the price point of the player is aimed towards the more serious player. If you can afford a Player a few more ££ for an app or similar is not unreasonable.

    I think any additional improvements or use of the available power of the player will aim to bring it more in-line with the bigger prodcuts.

    And, I'd had to accidentally have a drum beat kick off in the middle of a gig due to an accidental press of buttons...

    just my thoughts,

    here too,

    i get the rig next/prev functionality but dont understand (because i dont notice any difference) when adjusting bank load.

    Similarly, the "bank load" appears to make no difference either.

    is this a bug or relying on something external for it to take effect?

    another technical question-

    Pressing and holding bank allows you to then choose one of 5 banks by hitting the number button before releasing the bank button.

    But i can only access the first 5 banks. What is the button-press-sequence to access the upper 5 banks (6-10) ?

    How about backup and restore?

    Manual says you cant backup a rack then restore to a player. Compatibility issues.

    First set up of a player by importing the favourite rack rigs needs a bit of nursing, especially where theres a compromise of substituting effects.

    Solution at the moment:

    To drag and drop exported rack-made rigs into player but the player doesnt like some bits.

    Yet to try this, and not sure if its possible or maybe there are issues involved but what is limit for connecting multiple profilers to rig manager?

    Ideally, to connect the a rack and a player in order to transfer contend and setup a new KPA player.

    Or maybe users have some other tips for migrating presets/rigs from a rack to a player device?


    I recall this being asked in the past but wanted to ask again since the player came out...

    Are the factory presets available to everyone online (rig exchange or rig manager packs) or are they solely available to the owners of those units as part of the default presests?

    In case anyone wishes to retrieve one of those rigs but without making a factory reset.

    I appreciated users can back up their Kemper from new but how many of us done that?