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    ok guys, so digging out an OLD project i started years ago and gave up on, i got as far as controlling the Kemper with midi and retrieving the preset/slot names using system-exclusive. Demo here:

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    the bit of code for getting the names via sysex:

    Sorry, i'm not offering technical support. It has been so long that i done this project i'd effectively be starting from scratch to unravel this lot.

    Hope the above helps and shows you what is possible.

    is this info of any use to you?

    out of interest, do you use any presets (rigs) that have volume controlled parameters or possible an expression pedal connected for any functions, volume or otherwise?

    i know the remote for the rack "self calibrates" (sometimes to a negative effect if you plug in the pedal whilst powered up as it "sees" this as sweeping range of values to which it applies its upper and lower values.

    Could there have been some glitch with the expression pedal creating a "hidden" volume=0 some place that is not obvious?

    Perhaps a selected preset/rig controls the volume (possibly unbeknown to the user) and choosing another rig/preset does not have volume-control but the previous rig had set the volume to zero (unintentionally) which then denies access to resetting/increasing the volume in the new rig?

    does that make sense, even if it was not the issue?

    You know Kemper, they continually improve their product and expand its functionality.

    I think they got the player to a state where it covered all the basics to hit the market so given time i think most people will be surprised if it doesn't get more features added.

    I think you can , I assign mine to monitor out as I send the main XLR to front of house !

    thanks for that- i was aware of that as i understand that is the default setup.

    Specifically what i am seeking is-

    Can the volume-knob control the mono and headphone outs whilst NOT affecting the main-outs ?

    i dont own a Player unit and couldn't find this info in the manual, so forgive me if i've missed it or it has been already answered.

    Similar to the rack, i understand you can assign the master volume knob to control any (or none) of the available outputs.

    Just want to confirm this is true- the knob can control headphones, L+R outs, mono-out in any combination.


    Thanks for sharing Explorer78

    interesting to learn about the real reason behind the -12dB option on the rack and that the stage already has this compensation as default.

    I occasionally get asked by sound-engineers to lower my output (rack unit) as its too hot. I just thought they didnt want to trim their desk-gains or were not running "pro-level" gear.

    Always learning....

    who recalls the first releases of the original Kemper?

    much functionality not included, limitations, knobs/buttons that were useless but destined for future use. Still the unit sold and those who had faith in were rewarded with the future upgrades.

    Kemper have now made a product to compete with other compact units. the primary mission being the amp/cab/profile/whatever-you-call-it sound that is the main reason for owning a Kemper. They could have taken longer and developed it further before releasing it but instead have got their foot in the door.

    If their past track record is anything to go by, the KPLR may well end up with the same functionality (albeit limited control interface) of the main units.

    They never tell us whats really coming anyhow. Lets watch this space.....

    TS jack’s don’t send phantom power as you need 3 conductors but TS only has 2.

    i had a situation, years ago, of a foot-operated microphone-mute switch which was inline with the XLR cable between mic and desk muted by shorting pins 2+3 (so there was no potential across them, ie, muted signal) The desk had globally-switched 48v phantom, as it not uncommon on some desks. The footswitch also shorted pins 2+3 to ground (pin 1).*

    The desk did not offer sufficient short-circuit protection (think it was a Seck model, remember them anybody?) Consequently, the 48v dvc power supply (on pins 2 & 3) was shorted to earth (pin 1) and within a short space of time overheated and damaged the external power supply before eventually blowing the fuse. Whether the internal short-circuit protection or the fuse protection was inadequate it melted the power supply, rendered the desk without phantom for all inputs and was a potential fire hazard. Also meant phantom was no longer available to anything/anyone who needed it.

    Lesson learnt-

    A cautionary tale where using a balanced connector (XLR) wired or adapted to an unbalanced (mono jack) that is connected to phantom-power source is unadvisable in case the 48v has no short-circuit protection. A DI box can isolated this issue.

    *side note: A guitar volume knob shorts the signal (tip) to ground when you turn it to zero, though its very rare to have a balanced guitar connection let alone phantom, but someone copied this approach for the mic-mute circuit., discussed above)

    Amazing how many people are disappointed by the lack of display. As i understand it, you have your display via the app.

    Did that stop them buying analogue pedals or a traditional head/combo too?

    I apprecaite there's not much you can do with it without the editor software anyhow.

    In a gig scenario, most players can make do with an LED to indicate a unit is on or off.

    Parameters values and setings are recalled as set-up during your preparation or rehearsal time- thats's the beauty of digital/modelling gear.

    How many of us rely on (or have the time) to go in to menus and display-details during an actual live show?

    I admit, its nice to see the name of my bank on my remote but other than confirmation of the slot i have chosen via the LED helps.

    If adding a screen added another £100 / $100 to the unit would it be more or less attractive?

    interesting to see a full size 1/4" headphone connector. i wonder it this doubles up as an independently controllable output?

    I think the smaller 1/8" on the stage was a poor idea, given the rack had the more "professional" 1/4" connector.

    Maybe Kemper re-thought about it on this new unit?

    Whatever, i think these units will sell very well indeed.

    Wonder if they take wireless midi so the user can expand on more than 3 foot-switches?

    mmmm gas....

    Also worth noting, at least on the rack version (cant comment on the stage) if you enabled/disable an FX then move to another slot using the cursor keys on the rack it retains the state of that FX slot (on/off) if you got back to it using the cursor keys. All without rig manager not being connected.

    I forgot about this when i experienced this again the other day, whereas recalling another slot using the remote (or an external midi command) will restore its saved state and ignore those FX on/off alterations you made (unless of course you saved it as such)

    Highly entertaining. i think you only need to read some of the "dodgy" reviews to see where this is heading.

    "improves separation between instruments"

    "music feels muddy and slow without it"

    "this will especially make it sound smoother"

    "opens up and widens the sound stage and instrument separation becomes razor sharp"

    I guess the digital 1 & 0 must get output in a better font....

    seriously, though,

    its not even part of the digital audio system, purely a usb-to-usb converter/adpater, as i read it, therefore any DAC or ADC is outside of the device

    Perhaps it can offer some form of ground isolation, which can be a problem with certain USB devices and the use of some power-supplies?