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    Believe it or not, it is actually there but out of reach. You just need to access it using NRPN midi controls. (NRPN number 1290 same as on the rack/stage)

    Amp Compressor NRPN = cc 99 value 10, cc 98 value 10 (MSB+LSB)

    Parameter value = cc 6 value 64, cc 38 value 0 (MSB+LSB)

    Just set the desired value. The values shown are for a mid-way value.

    If none of this makes sense you'd benefit from learning about midi and NRPN, maybe you do, so i assume nothing.

    As far as I know, this is the midicaptain six step firmware version, and the new firmware will be released soon. There will be ten step firmware updates in the future

    Assuming you are a user of this device, can you tell me if it is able to put out multiple CC commands with one button press, or NRPN data with one button press?

    i understand it can send a variety of messages with one press, ie prog-chage, CC, note-on, but hoping it can do upto four CC commands on a single press.

    thanks for any info

    We are starting to add audio samples to our YouTube channel. First up is a Fuchs ODS 30. This sample starts off mild and gets spicy. Stay tuned for more amp profiles and a very nice bass amp pack coming soon and don't forget to check out our free sample pack available from our website.

    Audio sample of Fuchs ODS.

    Nice video with great sounds.

    Just to clarify, are we hearing the kemper or the mic'd up cab in the video as visually (and the dessciption) does not make this clear

    In principle, you don't assign module A to foot switch 1 directly and globally.

    Instead you assign FX 1 or Effect Button I to foot switch 1 globally. And then you decide by Rig which effect module you intend to assign to FX 1. Could be module A in one Rig and modul DLY in another. If you assign Effect Button I globally, you can even assign and toggle up to four modules simultaneously - e.g. module A on and module B off - or you trigger Action&Freeze comands like Rotary Speaker Speed. But again, these assignments to Effect Button I can vary by Rig.

    Is it possible to address and control on/off FX1 and FX2 via midi? (as opposed to block A,B,CX, etc)

    BillyNoSocks as and example, can you confirm what you are seeking to do and what midi equipment do you have at your disposal.

    And, is this for live or studio use? (a DAW with midi may do the trick at home but not practical on stage.

    You wish to manipulate the pitch of the pitch effect? it may be in steps as opposed to a "whammy" style smooth pitch transition.

    Explain further and lets see what solutions can be presented

    forgive me if i have missed this either here or in other threads - can someone explain exactly what functions can and can't be mapped to a midi expression pedal?

    A basic expression pedal is likely to put out CC midi data (continuous control) and the parameters controllable by this are listed in the midi documentation (free download on the kemper site)

    the slightly more "advanced/deeper" controls will need NRPN control (which consumes 3 or 4 CC controls) and not available to something like the CC input expression pedal on any of the kempers, to my knowledge. A slightly more sophisticated midi controller may give you access to NRPN controls, again these are covered in the midi documentation

    Yes, there are many options out there for midi controllers.

    The first thing you need is a USB-midi interface. Take a look here:

    As for which midi controller you choose, you may have a device that allows you to jump multiple-presets (ie bank 1 to 4)

    You can also (if i recall correctly) scroll +/- banks using the buttons on the unit and/or by using the expression pedal input with a pair of contacts/switches.

    Do you specifically wish to "jump" to a particular bank rather than 3 button-presses to scroll banks?

    I use the one from OTraki, I think it was also featured in one of the Players HowTo´s. Its available for a good price at Amazon and works perfectly fine for me.

    yes, i recall one of the admins confirming this as a working option. i can also confirm it works nicely with the player.

    for anyone else interested here is the link. (admins delete this post if posting these links isnt permitted)

    5.5mm x 2.1mm is a standard size.

    what/whose standard? Do you mean "most common" for guitar pedals?

    As a side note, the hx stomp has a "larger-than-standard" centre pin so the regular/common size doesn't fit.

    There are some minor variations, all of which may work, but which one will be the best fit?

    Has anyone seen the spec listed in the manual or by the manufacturer?

    follow up to this message;

    the issue appears to be when connected to a PC/MAC (not necessarily rig manager) where that device has a switch-mode power supply (typical for many laptops). A slight mis-contact from the incoming power-supply may spike the power-source as the PC/Mac may not be referenced to ground as these power supplies often "float". Removing from the MAc/PC eradicated this issue and also removed the electrical noise from the audio.

    This is a common side-effect when using equipment that does not have a proper or common ground.

    Echo Reverb

    The Echo Reverb is a delay combined with a reverb. In other words: a Natural Reverb with a feedback control added to its predelay to create rhythmic repetitions of the reverb tail. So, instead of using a straight delay type for a rhythmic enhancement, use the Echo Reverb for diffuse and soft echo reflections, when you find a regular delay is sounding too concrete or direct for your needs.

    Just been playing with the echo-reverb on the player.

    Can you confirm the pre-delay value please? The time in mS does not appear to be a true value

    a setting of 160mS gives an apparent one-second delay.

    Is this a bug or have i not understood something. Any explanation appreciated, thanks