Swart AST (Atomic Space Tone) V1.0

  • I've been profiling "clean" but then it says it saved it under "Distortion" so I don't know the whole process yet.
    I have to turn my preamp WAY down low as it is to match the Kemper reference.
    If anyone can suggest how to get a "Clean" profile, TIA

    Telecaster (52 RI) on the middle position, Alnico V's

    Recording Chain:
    SM57 @ 12" or 0.3M from front grill -> Chameleon 7602 II preamp -> Kemper

    This amps cabinet is smaller than my Tungsten so I think of it as "boxy".

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  • Phew! Thanks.

    BTW, I did a better A/B and put it up as V2.2 for both amps and took the others down. V2.2 is very close to the actual amp's bottom end feel as well as other characteristics.

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