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    Hmmm. I have a DSL40C and I am not a fan of it

    After looking into them a bit, I agree. The clips of them that I have heard sounded like a metal zone pedal. I have some profiles by MB of one that sound pretty good by comparison. I tried one of the bigger DSL heads and liked it but it was a low volume where everything with gain can sound good. I had the predecessor, the JCM2000 and it was just OK.

    Its always a good idea to keep at least one combo or halfstack in the stable. That way when you get that craving for new tube smell, you can just grab your old trusty combo and drag it up and down the stairs a few times. Craving over.

    Agreed. I still kinda want a Tweed Blues Jr. or a DSL40 but don't want to pay over $450.00 ish. Makes no sense that I do this and if I did, I would likely regret it, just not $1,600.00 of regret. It's more like buying furniture to look at.

    Kemper does exactly the same thing without the hassle and the unwanted noises.


    I had some nice tube amps Mesa, ENGL, Marshall, Blackstar etc. etc. When I got my Kemper, I saw no need for them and comparing them, found the Kemper superior for getting the sound to a P.A. or Recording desk. I sold them all except for my vintage collector stuff. For the following years, whenever amp G.A.S.would manifest, I cancel it by knowing I can just get a profile of it somewhere.

    his weekend I visited an excellent music store and heard this new hand wired 1 channel 20W all tube head from a very popular manufacturer with rave amp reviews on U Tube. (The salesman told me I had to hear it, that it was amazing) I played it, liked it a lot and thought I had to have one, even though I would likely just use it as a home studio toy.(1channel) Paid about $1,600.00 for it. Got it home and compared it to my Kemper. It wasn't the same at home and after getting used to it somewhat, I compared it A/B to the kemper that beat it in every way for doing the same types of sounds. There was nothing in that tube head I couldn't get or better with the Kemper. I returned it the same day.

    To my Kemper: Sorry I strayed, The grass is not greener over there in boutique tube amp land and although I did a bad thing and don't deserve forgiveness, it made me love you more. I find I love the idea of a tube amp, but they are not superior by any means. My mistake really reestablished how great a Kemper is. It's no wonder you still see them on Pro stages where they could use any $4,000.00 amp they wanted.

    GC used to be glorious in the 80s. All kinds of used deals. I loved the one in Chicago on Milwaukee. I always found something used I HAD to have. Most of the GCs now are rubber stamp box stores that all sell the same very limited selection of very common amps and tons of student level guitars. 6 people working none which can answer technical questions. I really don't need them , I usually know more about the gear I am looking for than they do and I'll be telling them the features.

    They will only give you like 40% 50% on used gear and sell it for twice as much. So if you have an item that they will sell for $1,000.00 they will only give you $500.00 for it. You'll never get $700.00 for it even though they would clear $300.00 cash, they will not budge even if you used the money to buy something else that they would also make a markup on, they have to make a set percentage coming and going. But at least you can walk in/ trade in (albeit at a loss) there.

    Generally if a store won't give me a good deal on my trade, I'll buy online and sell online. If they won't deal with me, I won't deal with them.

    Same here. I don't really like or need the whole "sales engineer" model. That's why most of my online purchases are at Musician's Friend / AMS / Zounds. I see it, I buy it, they send it. No phone calls. No emails. Sweetwater is a last resort if i can't find it elsewhere or their price is significantly cheaper (and it never is).

    If you call your sales "engineer" ( how are you an engineer without an engineering degree?) he/she will NEVER be in. He's/She's the one that will be calling you asking if you want anything though. I don't know why they bother "assigning" you one.

    Unfortunately, we cannot publish any software updates without one or two users broadcasting a complete change of all their tones.

    Understood. That's what it sounded like to me, like something else was happening on the user end not directly update related. Just wanted to check to see if anyone else would concur.

    OK I'm going to say this isn't happening, and go ahead and update. I can't get anyone to tell me this is or isn't legitimate. Sometimes newbies post problems, then discover it was something they did or overlooked then never report back.

    What I'm trying to find out is what changed when going to 10.2.2 to make it sound "horrible" as the OP reported. So far there have been no real specific answers. So is this true or false? Is something happening or not?

    Yeah if you go to the output section it has low and high cut pots. But, now there are also cuts available at the cab section.

    There has always been high and low cabinet shaping. Are you saying there are HPF and LPF in the cab section now? Are those being changed during the update?

    Kemper have said repeatedly that they won’t do this because “as soon as you change any parameter it is no longer that preset”. However, I would definitely prefer that the preset name is shown UNTIL any parameter is adjusted.

    I see. Makes sense I guess but I never change anything with my wahs except for setting "off at toe" so I wouldn't think that would constitute editing. I'm not positive, but now that you mention it, I think if you don't touch it, and come back before moving off the profile it will read "editing preset XXX" Not sure about after you save it, I'll have to install a unaltered preset, save, then come back and see if it still reads the preset name. I know there are instances when it will, but not sure at what point it quits. Maybe it is like you said when ANY edits are done including "off at toe" etc.

    Is there a way to tell what preset a Kemper drive or wah is after installing in a slot? Example: I put a "crybaby red" in a slot and later coming back to it I don't see any way of telling what preset I put in there. Same with Kemper drive. If I put the "Klon" or something in there and decide I want to try something else for a while and remember what I was using there is no way to tell what I was using short of writing down the parameters.

    I was using the Crybaby and then decided I liked the Vox. Going back and looking in the slot I can't tell what is in there now or if I already changed it. Maybe I'm missing something?

    If the tone stack and gain controls are being modeled - and they are - then yes, the gain should behave differently.

    If it were a simple taper value, Kemper (or someone else) would have done it years ago. No one did - and even none other than Eric Klein (Chief Product Design Architect at Line6) congratulated them.

    So then even without touching any controls, just inserting a LP stack would change the tone as the gain would be modeled at that position as opposed to having generic gain controls applied.