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    My recordings don’t match what I hear at the equipment

    When I'm tracking, first thing I do is get the playback at the exact same level as the artist hears when monitoring, If it's higher or lower, perception comes into play. If they want the monitor louder, the playback does too that way the volume isn't a factor in what's going down.

    Most all here know that as volume goes up, the eq changes. (and the "feel" to me as well) If you need proof of why that's important, play two moderate level tracks for any average music consumer. Don't tell them both are exactly the same except for a slight bit of volume. Ask them which had the better sound/tones. Even though nothing has changed in the mix or eq, they'll pick the slightly louder one.

    I know that's not the top of your issues but IMO this should be a goal.

    I have a software mix monitor and it lets me set everything (tracking level, playback etc.) to where it matches and then just use a master volume as things need to go up and down. If someone wants something louder, the playback comes with it. Of course as it gets pretty loud the aforementioned perceptions kick in and you might have to adjust a bit, but the goal is to have it so the playback is consistent.

    If playback is louder than the monitor people often think the guitar frequencies are to "upper mid" if too soft, it doesn't have any "punch".

    Gig bag just aren't rigid enough for me to be safe. Even packing in a car there are so many ways the neck could be easily broke that a case wouldn't allow. I'll stack my cases in a way you wouldn't do with a gig bag. I wouldn't stack gig bags 4 high and by the time gig bags were good enough to let you do that, you might as well have a case.

    Hm two guitar gig bag. Sounds practical. Any recommendation?

    I'll never understand the gig bag thing. I wouldn't carry a guitar worth over $50.00 in one. They take up the same space as a case (It still has to fit a guitar in) Guitars get a little scratch protection but none from any pressure. A bump against a doorway can still bust a pot or tuner and damage wood. It's just not worth the gamble, I'll just carry the guitar in two pillowcases for the same protection and then it won't look like it can take more than it can.

    I use Kemper as much as I can get away with but still find there are several situations where amp + pedalboard gets you there faster and is the better choice. But yes these Rig Rundowns are often totally ridiculous and the host must often be rolling his eyes internally.

    Actually the host was acting impressed, and I was thinking, "Wait until you see what I can do with my "old" Kemper".

    Kemper is the one and done. If you need to have something new to blow money on to keep you interested, Buy whatever AxFX or Line 6 device that comes out each year that is so much better than last year's. Worst part of a Kemper is that it cured the GAS I've had for decades. I kinda liked the searching, but now I just search profiles if I need something different.

    I hear some talk now and then about people wanting a "Kemper 2" and I have always been a naysayer about that. I love the way Kemper has kept the unit valid and upgraded.

    I know that some people get bored and have to have the latest greatest so they can be first to tell you how great their new one is that you don't have. As I always say there's a limit to how exact you can replicate a tube amp and Kemper has perfected it IMO. When a unit gets to the point it can replicate an amp so well you cannot discern it from the "real thing" it's all it needs to be.

    I wrote this because I was watching a new rig rundown with this new artist and they were all blown away by this reverb pedal (that of course you can't get) and I was listening to it thinking I can make the same sounds using the crystal delays or one of the reverbs that pitch in the Kemper.

    We already all have his wondrous unobtainable pedal right in our Kemper keeping up with all this "new" stuff.

    I went to a jam once where this guy that didn't really play much had this old squire (70's?) he wanted to sell. I grabbed it and played it, it was more solid than most American Strats are now and sounded awesome. I wanted it but after I played it and liked it so much, he decided not to sell it. I screwed up, I should have played it like crap and said "meh" but I'll take it off your hands. I always think about that Squire that got away, it was a killer piece!

    I think you always look better playing "stock" gear and being great than having tons of "custom" stuff and being mediocre.

    I used to be a bit of a cork sniffer until I saw a show with one band using "junk" that was looking good, really connecting with the audience and bringing the house down. Playing a $100.00 guitar packing the dance floor slaying the other band that looked like they stepped off a bar stool with their cammo hunter hats and pot bellies, mouths open staring at their feet holding ten top PRS guitars and $4,000.00 amps heads. The bass player sat on a stool.

    Personally I went down the whole Van Damme cables and George L's....and I felt it was a waste of money. Why? I didn't do a back to back test so I can't claim if they sounded better or not, but if they did it was a very small difference e.g. putting on new strings probably has a bigger impact.

    I've just seen so many corksniffing people worry about the tiniest detail about their guitar, the finish thickness, cable type, IEC cable type, tube brand, potentiometer brand etc. etc., then go on stage looking horrible staring at their feet all night. They would have been way better off paying less attention to all of that and more to their stage presence which is going to be way more noticeable to the people paying them.

    Well, I think we learned what we needed to know about wireless. Do they suck tone? Yes (but live sound is never 100% of what you want. 85% is probably good enough). Do they cause latency? Yes (but you sort of learn to deal with that and adjust). Would you use them in a studio? No way! Would you use one live? Yes ( but always have cables for backup and not dance around as much). :)

    Not TRYING to be opposite but..

    I really can't hear the difference between My Line 6 G10 and an expensive cable. Recorded in a mix I don't think Eric Johnson could.

    The latency isn't any worse than standing 3' from the amp and I'm usually farther than that.

    Sometimes I'll have my amp in the live room and run my G10 and end up recording with it. It doesn't sound any different than using a Mogami gold cable. Not saying the G10 is the best wireless ever and I'm sure it's not, but It sounds like a cable to my ears.

    Crap I just realized this was a thread about wirelesses. Sorry. I usually respond to the notifications and don't pay much attention to the start.

    At least we're having some conversation better than dead air.

    Oh. Okay. He meant the old traditional SSS Strat

    Yes, The strats I'm referring to don't have humbuckers.

    But what about Gilmour's sound?

    He was using SSL-1 pickups not "strat" pickups I recall. Those have a lot of highs rolled off and are fairly hot. Hendrix never had anything like it. I used them for a bit in my strat but they were too dull and didn't sound like a "strat" anymore. (I'm not using a strat to get smooth and warm, I got gibsons that do that.)

    P90's? Are they only fat in the neck position?

    In my old JR you can roll them off with the amp/definition to get pretty smooth. I had one with a Alnico5 and changed to a Alnico2 (Antiquity) and there was a big difference that took me a while to get used to. The A5 was crisp and sharp like a strat but bigger and was a little "crashy" on the top but great. The A2 still had that piano like string sound but rolled off just right. It will do Early ACDC exactly and simple as it seems is a difficult tone to replicate accurately, Its real raw and clear. I recorded over some ACDC tracks that had the guitar removed and it's about perfect. I used MB's L68 Marshall liquid profile that's in the rig packs and it was killer. P90's and strat pickups can be made close to the same tone wise but by themselves are different. My A5 P90 was close to a strat pickup and The SSL-1 was closer to the P90 with A2. I was never one of those magnet swapping guys but A5 to an A2 in a P90 makes a easily audible difference

    I've heard or read directly from Hendrix that he was aiming for a fat, smooth, loud sound without upleasant highs. He was sensitive to the high end and was specifcally aiming for this.

    Wonder why he played a strat then. It's about the hardest guitar to make fat, smooth and non strident on the bridge pickup.

    If I may say...alle these guys were always knowing what they were doing. And what about this: Do you know any well known guitar player who is still chained to a cable on stage...? They are all wireless, so it can't be that bad.

    OK, cabled Hendrix was God in those days but I wonder what he would prefer now...

    Actually there still are quite a few big name players that play some pretty large venues that refuse to use a wireless.

    Everyone, do what you like.....but $150 for 43 feet of cable? That's $3.50 per foot? Good Lord.

    And I'll betcha Van Halen, Jimmi Hendrix, Clapton, Beck etc. etc etc. did their most famous work without a cable that costs $3.50 a foot. It's cork sniffery.

    They are PRS cables made by Van Damme Cables. They are a low capacitance cable. I bought an 18' and a 25'. They are on sale through the end of the year. I can honestly hear and feel a difference.

    If I could, I'd bet you money in a blind test you couldn't tell the difference between your cables and my $175.00 G10 wireless system.

    If I lost, you should donate your ears to science.

    I am not using the Kemper because it is so quiet, not a very powerful amp

    600 WATTS (160 continuous) is "quiet"? I'm pretty sure I can fracture glass with mine.

    I don't even know where to start how to use it.

    Sorry to be cliche' but the manual is the place to start. Not that tough of a read and it will be well worth your time. Things that don't connect there, ask here and you'll more than likely get a solution. Chances are the artist you're trying to emulate was using a guitar amp and guitar speakers. Don't make it too complicated, the Kemper can cover pretty much anything, it's all in the profile.

    It sometimes amazes me that people will spend a grand or more for the KPA and then ask about "cheap as chips" equipment - really? :D ;(

    Maybe they spent almost every dime they saved all summer to buy a Kemper and didn't have a lot leftover. Not everyone is made of money.

    I suspect ( but I don't know) for indoors and what the OP needs it for, its unlikely to be an issue

    It doesn't matter where or what scenario, you will notice excessive latency. I'm pretty sure I can start to detect about 5ms +.

    Without starting a new thread, does anyone have a recommendation for cheap wireless? My xVive are dying and I need something for use in the house. They won’t be gigging

    Make sure you check out the latency, that's where some corners can get cut that you won't want. Even with a perfect connection without droputs that cloud will still be hovering.