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    Is there a mute feature on the Profiler Stage that I could use if I want to quickly unplug or change to another instrument? Couldn't find that in the manual.

    Not sure what you want to achieve with the redundancy.

    My fault for not expressing myself clearly. In addition to the KPA I would need either a cab (in case of the PowerHead) or combo (with the non-power KPA) to take along to gigs, and to play at home. My idea is to have a single setup for my acoustic and electric instruments.

    Excuse my thinking aloud in this forum... my idea of a setup would be the KPA together with a rather neutral sounding amp (such as an acoustic amp), possibly PowerHead + cab, or PA.

    My expectations:

    1. Double bass and other acoustic instruments would benefit from neutral amp, good quality EQ and effects rig, monitoring etc.

    2. I can still get classic amp-like electric bass and guitar sounds through profiles

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks everyone for your input.

    My impression is that the overall possibilities of the Kemper would indeed offer something valuable to double bass players. I guess, the key difference is that for the electric guitar and bass the amp is part of the characteristic sound of the instrument, whereas double bass players normally expect an amp to reproduce the natural acoustic sound of the instrument. Then again, Apocalyptica...

    By the way: Saw a live video with Apocalyptica playing their Cellos through Kempers on a festival. Look here... no Jazz indeed but interesting use case as well :thumbup:8)

    ... is different, and interesting indeed. In that video, Apocalyptica also seem to be using microphones (dpa?) rather than pickups. I wonder, do they use them as input to the Kemper? Hard to tell...

    Anyone using the Kemper Profiler for double bass? Experiences? Does it work with the usual bass pickups? Is it any use when playing a jazz gig?

    I am thinking of buying a Profiler for playing electric bass and guitar, but my main workhorse is actually the double bass.