Kemper Power Kabinet for Bass?

  • Probably not a good option for Bass. You wouldn't break anything, but I recall someone saying that the Kabinet farts out at loud volumes with Bass... so would be the same with the powered Kabient too. Its not a problem with the Kone, but has to do with the construction of the Kab (it wasn't designed for bass, so probably rattles).

    If you really wanted to use the Kone for Bass, the best option would be to get the Kone and drop it in an a real 1x12 bass cabinet. The thing is all the imprints sounds they have out right now are for guitar speakers anyway.

  • Excited to hear about the new Power Kabinet, as I just treated myself to a Profiler Stage. I was wondering if the Power Kabinet was suitable as a bass cab? What do you think?

    I have been using the Hughes & Kettner QS410 for many years. I have two of them, but one is usually enough. The speaker has 10" NeoDym coaxial speakers. That's why it's relatively light (34kg), and the tweeters don't break down anymore. The cabinet provides additional punch on stage, because the pure InEar signal is not enough for me to feel really comfortable.

    Also, it is very easy to pick up with a mic in addition to the LineOut, which is no longer necessary, because the Kemper gives a very usable signal from the MainOut.

    In addition, we use a signal from the Direct Output, which is mixed in via a DI box up to about 90Hz.

  • Can't tell you about the Kabinet for bass. I normally use SVT and B15 profiles for live gigs with a Darkglass DG212NE cabinet. This is a great cab IMO. I also have run those profiles through a PA that has JBL SRX712s(no subs) and there is very little bottom end and girth. I don't expect you will get a full, fat bass sound out of a Kabinet.