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    Every board I've ever used has been a victim of the same thing...dust/grime/dirt. It's kind of inevitable considering it's something you step on with your shoes. What are you guys using to clean your remote? It's worth noting that I keep it in a road case when it's not in use, so it's not being left out 24/7 collecting all sorts of dust from the room, but father time and mother nature win all battles.


    I'll have to check those out! I'm about 2 years in with my kemper now and, while I haven't deleted anything, I'm finding myself using exclusively MBritt profiles for similar reasons to what you described. To me they just fulfill the sound in my head while also somehow sounding amazing both in isolation AND in a mix. I'll probably check out the SLO based on your recommendation. That's the one amp that eludes me. I've played a couple real ones and LOVED them but haven't found anything I really love for the kemper.


    Yes. Kemper has posted plenty of pictures on their own instagram of multiple rack units stacked on top of each other in a rack case without spacing them which wouldn't be possible with the feet on them.


    Right on! Which versions do you have? Toaster? Rack? Glad to hear you haven't needed the backup!

    Also, welcom eto the Forum !!!

    Thanks :)

    TL;DR: if you were to buy a 2nd kemper to back up your main rig, which one would you buy?

    I fully converted to kemper a few months ago. I'm loving every second of it and I don't see myself ever going back to traditional amps. The one thing that worries me is a potential backup plan. It's not that I don't trust the kemper, I'm just the kind of person who always likes to have a backup for everything. I know failures are a possibility with any type of gear but if you have a traditional amp/pedals setup, you could either go direct to the sound board with your pedalboard or maybe borrow a backline amp or someone else's amp if there's something available. With a kemper rig being so self contained, I feel like you're a little further up the creek without a paddle if it fails.

    SO...all of that is to say: If you guys were to get a second kemper to backup your main kemper rig, which form factor would you go for and why? Also...what's your main kemper rig? The main rig form factor probably has some influence on which form factor you'd go with as a backup.

    For me, I have a power rack that's mounted with my in ears, guitar wireless system, and the power conditioner. On one hand, I feel like a non-powered rack would be a good backup that I could mount in the same rack case as my main rig. It would allow for quick and easy switch-over should the main one go down. The drawback being that it would require me to get, at minimum, an 8u case which would be pretty damn bulky/heavy. On the other hand, a kemper stage might be perfect since I could keep it in the carrying bag at the ready. It also might be nice to have a smaller, even more self contained unit to have around at home for recording or for the studio.


    no. In most cases Kemper doesn’t try to model individual effects pedals but rather provides a single effect engine that can cover a much wider range than most individual pedals.

    Take the Kemper Drive for example. Almost all “overdrive” pedals use the same basic schematic but with slight variations of individual component values from one pedal to the next. The Kemper Drive models the basic topography but allows sufficient range to be able to model almost any overdrive on the market.

    The same is true of other updated FX like the Kemper Fuzz, Delays and Reverbs. Perhaps one day we will also see a similar update for the modulation effects.

    Yeah, I know kemper kinda does their own thing in terms of the effects, I'm just curious if anyone has put together effects presets indented to mimic other specific pedals/sounds :D