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    Sorry everyone, I should have clarified - we use S16 snake boxes to our X32. So, XLR is the only option for inputs right now.

    I plan on using a 25 foot XLR to TRS 1/4" cable this weekend at a gig to connect direct from the player to our snake box.

    I'll post on my experience!


    We normally run stereo for our kemper stages, and with my Profiler Player I want to maintain sending a stereo signal to our board (X32). However our board only takes XLR.

    How do you recommend doing this? I see on the website, the monitor outputs are listed as TRS; could I simply get two 1/4” TRS to XLR cables and use that? Or should I get a DI Box and give it the monitor outputs using 1/4” TS cables even though the outputs are TRS?



    How are you supposed to mount the Profiler Player to a pedalboard? I just got mine and there are multiple screws on the bottom so no flush surface.

    I’m not really sure how I am supposed to do this. This seems like a strange design choice for a pedal meant for a pedalboard.

    Hi guys.

    Really interested in getting the player just for ease as I only go through FOH when I gig so no need for powered head or cabs...just a quick question regarding stereo effects, I've noticed the player only has mono out (XLR) to FOH so I'm guessing you won't be able use any stereo effects especially the double tracker as I have that locked on on all my rigs as I'm the only guitarist in the band.

    Thoughts please.

    Thanks 🙏

    As it was mentioned, if you'd like to run stereo you'll need to use the monitor outs. You could get a stereo Radial ProD2 DI box to convert to XLR for FOH - but a lot of venues have DI Boxes too. But, as it was stated above - most locations will run you mono unless you have your own board and sound engineer.

    I do agree it appears a Stage would be the best solution. However, to answer your question -

    The Player doesn't have an effects loop built in, so it depends where you want your modulation and time-based effects, how you plan to connect to a mixing board or recording device, and if you're using the Player's post-amp effects.

    If you plan on using the XLR out of the Player, everything needs to go into the front/main input. However, since you have a DI box listed, I'll assume you are running stereo using the 1/4" monitor outs.

    If using the monitor outs to the DI Box, my preference would be what you listed - all modulation and time-based effects (so the H9) after the Kemper Player, all drives/compressor, wah, tuner, etc. into the front. H9 would then feed to the DI Box which feeds a mixing board or recording interface.

    If you want to use the post-amp FX in the Player, specifically reverb and delay, I would put the H9 in front with the other pedals. Delay should be 2nd to last and Reverb should be last in your overall signal chain.

    Happy playing!

    I have an old Kemper Head. I have not had a chance to try QC or Fractal or Helix hardware, so I cannot tell about the difference. I read everywhere about the "Kemper sound". I have not heard it in my unit so far, maybe it is because I did not try any of the above side by side.

    What I have started though is to use the Kemper via digit i/o and use my Focusrite Clarett+ IOs for guitar in and monitor out. This is in my bedroom studio only. I find it much better, and it actually sounds stellar to me. Few comparisons I tried since I have been using it like that are some plugins. Free ToneX player with factory captures, Helix AU plugin, Logic Pro X amp emulations. My verdict on sound quality: 1. Kemper, 2. ToneX, 3. Logic 4. Helix. None other than the Kemper has the harmonics as an amp has. If you play anything on the Kemper on higher notes, you hear as if the strings you play on were thicker physically. It's thick and harmonic rich.

    I would be quite curious to compare the Kemper with better external preamps and converter to QC and some newer Fractal units (Axe-FX III or FM3). This would tell a lot about the real tone properties of the algorithms themselves.

    I'm in the same boat - never played a QC, but own a Kemper Stage and am very happy. I as well feel the Kemper is still the top of the heap. I have heard so many different opinions on the QC from it's the best to it's the worst. For me, it's not mature enough and doesn't have the open market support yet.

    I think it's important to remember that Kemper is a business and it doesn't make sense to offer essentially a Kemper Stage for 1/2 the price with all the same features. There will be compromises, there will be features that aren't there. But that's why it's less money.

    I think a lot of people (myself included at times) get caught up comparing it to not only the Stage, but to the Tonex and HX Stomp. I had an HX Stomp - it's not even in the same league as Kemper in terms of tone and feel. The Player is 1/2 the price of a Stage, so I wouldn't expect that either. Tonex doesn't have effects, so the price difference makes sense there too.

    It's normal and common to expect to pay a premium for a premium product in a given market space. This is why a Camry doesn't cost the same as a Ferrari.

    As well, Kemper directly responded in this thread to answer several questions and complaints. At this point, it's up to you to decide if you would like to purchase a Player or not. For me, the Stage is the perfect solution for the groups I'm in, the Player isn't. But that's a reflection of my needs.

    Let me start with this - I LOVE my Kemper Stage, the Kemper team, and the community - I'm a customer for life. For me, the problem is I cannot stop comparing this to my Stage and wondering why they made some of their choices.

    For example, how do I turn on/off the FX like a chorus without bending down to press the soft button? I'm sure the answer is either the app (which my hands are busy during the song) or to use other external guitar pedals. But...why have the FX on the kemper pedal then? And, if you want us to use modulation pedals separately, why isn't there an effects loop to place them after the amp section? Also, how do I set the tap tempo during a song without again bending down to press a button?

    My last mention is no display - my memory isn't what it used to be so it's great I have all these banks and rigs available, but without the app I really can get lost switching between them.

    Anyway, as it's been said - I'm sure this will go over well and Kemper always does a quality job. I think perhaps this just isn't for me and my best solution remains the Stage.

    Hey everyone,

    Kemper has an announcement on their homepage the 9.0 is now available. But, there's a note further down saying it's still in beta.

    Is it still in Beta?