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    Nice video with great sounds.

    Just to clarify, are we hearing the kemper or the mic'd up cab in the video as visually (and the dessciption) does not make this clear

    Thank you for checking it out! The audio you hear on YouTube was taken from our profile and went S/PDIF out into Pro Tools with no additional seasoning. The profile was originally made with the exact set up in the video. Fuchs into the Marshall 4x12 and we used a Royer 122v for the mic.

    Thanks so much for checking out the sample pack and for the kind words. We've included a handful of Direct profiles of our favorite settings in the full packs that are available currently. We will definitely look into adding more directs along with the studio profiles for our future amp profiles.

    Also I'd like to DM you regarding the methods you mentioned in your other thread regarding making direct profiles and the direct box you are using. Thanks again for the support.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues profiling since the latest update. We've been seeing errors of either volume clipping or volume too low even though our settings are exactly the same as we've used previously without issue before update. And getting a message after it completes a profile stating noise gate detected when the is no noise gate anywhere. Trying to figure out if any global settings may have changed between the update and our last session which went very smooth. Thanks for any input.

    That's a crazy ordeal to have to go through. I'm still fairly new to the Kemper but thankfully transferring from the Helix to the powered toaster has been awesome. Especially the high gain stuff. I wonder if it's worth it to throw one more wad of cash at it and send it in to get inspected. On the chance that there is something off internally that's fixable. Just knowing that it's capable of sounding awesome I'd hate to think about taking the loss financially and giving up on the Kemper. Either way good luck with whatever path you choose.

    So here's a hypothetical for you guys. Say we just finished a '68 Bassman drip edge profiling session. All together roughly 30ish profiles. Starting with studio profiles of both Bass And Normal channels with both bright switch and deep switch on and off. Then going from clean to pushed and eventually a mellow K type over drive and also a pretty nasty Fuzz. Those are all done with an SM57. From there, we took our favorites and made studio profiles with a really nice ribbon mic. Also got a handful with both channels jumped ranging from clean through overdrive. We made about 5 directs based on our favorites and I'm in the process of figuring out how many merged to make.

    Thoughts so far on anything we might be overlooking? The way I'm thinking it'll be studio profiles of everything with both mics individually including all channels. Then select direct based on our favorites. And obviously those can be turned into merged easily enough. Thoughts?

    Greetings everyone! I was hoping to get a little input concerning what you guys prefer when considering purchasing profiles. Long story short, a long time friend and band mate and I are thinking about profiling some of our amp collection. Over the years we've accumulated a pretty diverse collection as well as built a studio we've used for years for recording. Recently we profiled a few amps just for fun and they came out sounding pretty amazing.

    My question is in regards to preferences when it comes to types of profiles and selection. Basically do people prefer mostly Studio profiles? A mix of Studio and Direct? Maybe some Merged? Also regarding amps, multiple profiles of one amp or the combo pack with multiple amps for more selection but fewer profiles of each amp.

    Any input from the crowd would be greatly appreciated.

    I've had kind of the opposite experience running powered into a cab. I'm using a Friedman 1x12 with a Creamback and generally most profiles sound excellent through it. Especially direct profiles. It's when I run it unpowered into a Friedman ASC-12 it tends to get a little bass heavy and a touch muddy. That's also with the bass cut switch on.

    I'd love an 8 pound Les Paul... I have an '89 Standard that weighs a hair under 11 pounds! It sounds and plays like a beast so I don't mind the weight too much but there are definitely some days where after work where I'll grab an Eastman single cut instead just to save a few pounds hanging off the strap.

    Greetings All! I was hoping to find an answer to this issue without having to open a new thread but the best I could find was a similar problem with no resolution from back in 2017.

    I've been absolutely loving my KPA and finally decided to try to profile some of our amps that are floating around the studio. Long story short, we made Studio Profiles of 4 different amps, all of which sound great! The only problem is none of the 4 profiles show a cab block or anything related to the cab. After the profile is completed and I review them in browser mode, the cab block is dark and there is no info listed. I've refined all of them before storing, doesn't seem to make a difference. The "no cab" box is definitely unchecked as well. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it.