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    The are some commercial acoustic rig packs which include profiles of Fishman Aura, LR Baggs, Neve Preamps etc which work really well in the Amp block. It might be worth trying those just now.

    Alternatively, profile your own pedalboard to get your own exact tone. You can’t profile compression, delay or reverb but the amp and DI part plus any EQ will be captured and the other bits can be added with Kemper FX.

    Hey there, thanks for your ideas, but I own all of these. The tone is great, but with the extra bit of "body", this would be even better.

    My usually used preamp is the Grace Design Felix for two pickups in one guitar, the LR Baggs Element and the K&K Pure mini.

    The sound is really fat, dynamic, great.

    With the Kemper, I´m not that far away with the LR Baggs and some fine tuning of the presets, but I´m missing some of the natural tones.

    Because of the I.R. technologies used in the new Voiceprint DI Pedal, I thought, perhaps Kemper could do this aswell?

    Even better, cause you can use a real studio quality microphone instead of an iphone used on the Voiceprint DI?

    We will see... Christoph?! I believe in you and your team!!!

    Hey there,

    I´m using the Kemper a lot for my acoustic guitar aswell, so I don´t have to bring another pedal board or other stuff for the acoustic side of the gigs.

    And these gigs are about 90 % of my stuff to play...

    I have a huge pedalboard for my acoustics, with really nice preamps and effects and everything if I play a "real acoustic show" with other bands,

    but with my Kemper Stuff, it´s always good and reliable aswell.

    I was thinking about getting this thing here: the LR Baggs Voiceprint DI (or the Tone Dexter?) for getting more natural air and more "guitar" out of the guitar.

    But I think, it might be possible to do the exact same thing with the Kemper on it´s own?

    I´m proud of the good acoustic sounds, that I´m getting out of my Kemper rig right now, but I think, with these features of getting more "acoustic air and body"... this would be a gamechanger for guys like me, using Kemper for both kinds of Instruments - the electric and the acoustic world...

    Is such a thing possible?

    Best regards from Bavaria,


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    well the LR Baggs VTC Pickup has a very powerful output range,
    I also use it with Kemper in my wedding band!
    But, as you mentioned before, I also put the output to 75%, just to not get in the "red" input... you know, what I mean? (my English is not the best...)
    Maybe you could make some adjustments in the input section of the Kemper amp to reduce the massive amount of output, which the LR Baggs has?

    Just my opinion... maybe the Kemper pro´s have an idea?

    Best regards!!!

    Hello Eric,
    what pickup do you use in your acoustic guitar?
    For me it sounds like a piezo pickup with some problems... or some problems in the preamp of the pickup?
    Maybe the piezo itself is damaged or some damage in the preamp...
    I have made some knowledge about acoustic guitar pickups: after 20 years or so, the older Fishman pickups (for example) get very harsh and even break... the newer pickups don´t have these issues.... so far.
    Just an idea, but for my ears it sounds like a pickup problem.

    Good luck and best regards,

    Hi, thanks for your answer!
    Yes, I sometimes use the K&K Pure Mini swell... especially with the Looper!
    You have to push the signal way further than with other pickups with built-in preamps, but of course, that´s understandable.
    The most time I use the LR Baggs Element Pickup.... it sounds good with the band, more treble and high´s, so I can cut through the mix.

    My plan for next year (the new "wedding season"):
    Build an extra floor board just for acoustic guitars with the Felix Preamp, Delay, Chorus and Reverb Effects, so I can blend the two pickup signals together.
    I have tested everything, sounds just phenomenal!!!
    Everything´s lying around in my music room, but haven´t got the time to build it up.

    Best regards!

    Mario, if you have not yet connected the Profiler to your computer and started Rig Manager, don't do so for now! Rig Manager keeps a copy of the Profiler's content (Rigs and Performances, not Presets) and also some automatic backups. If you have recently run Rig Manager with your Profiler connected (while all the great rigs were still there), then there is a good chance that you can retrieve them. Please contact support and refer to me.
    Best regards,

    Hey Arne, thanks for the answer!
    Yes, I will contact the support, I haven´t started rig manager yet! Great news!
    Best regards, Mario

    Hey guys,

    big problems yesterday at a gig with my weddings band.
    Before soundcheck the Kemper startet well, but then huge problems appeared:
    the remote went black, started again, next there was no input signal and no output signal... all cables changed,
    shut down the Kemper, startet new a few times...
    after a few minutes Kemper worked again, but when I pressed any switch you could see, that the Kemper needed a lot of time to react.
    Panic, cause, this way, it woulkd be not possible to get through the gig properly.
    And then: a few minutes later, no Input and output, like in the beginning...

    So: I went back to the last stored backup to see, if this would work better.
    And yes, it worked!
    But I didn´t make enough backups in the past!
    I didn´t even make a backup with the remote, so I had to make two "emergency banks" with in a few minutes,
    one for electric guitar and one for acoustic guitar just to get through the gig (10 hours wedding!).

    Has anyone had the same issue?

    My plan: buy another Kemper, get the old one to the guys at Kemper to check it;
    I think, perhaps its some damage inside, lot´s of touring over the last 3 years with this Kemper... (all housed in a massive flight case, but perhaps something´s broken inside?).

    But the awful thing is: all my rigs are gone, the perfect rigs, that I made on the road over the years. My own fault! Why didn´t I made enough backups on the stick?
    I made some "backups" in the rig manager, but it is not the same, is it?

    Can I get the backups in the rig manager into my kemper again?
    Most of the time, the Kemper is in the tour bus, but I will get it today to try this out...

    any help from you guys? Any ideas, where the problem is?

    Best regards, Mario
    (Backup rig with a Tech21 RK 5 and some pedals always with me now...)

    Tommyguitar, you basically just add a resistor between the tip and ring lugs inside the stereo jack going into the remote. This changes the range of the 250k pot in the Jr and brings it into the range accepted by the Kemper. It's a cheap solution for someone who recently changed from a traditional setup to a Kemper and requires no modification to the Jr pedal.

    Hello AdrianKe, this sounds helpful for me, too!
    I use tow Ernie Ball Jr 25K...
    would this little modification help me to get a better sweep for way and volume?
    And what kind of resistor is your recommendation?
    Best regards, Mario

    Ja varreck Kaffeehaus, Grüße nach Schladming!
    Mach an Ausflug zu am Gschäft und probier, dann griagst a Gespür fürn Sound und as Handling.
    Grad bei Aktiv-Boxen is des wichtig...
    Günstige gibt´s da zum Beispiel auch von EV, de sand a guad...
    Des Nonplusultra bei kleine Aktiv-Boxerl sind immer noch de RCF TT 08, de sand schweinsteuer, aber jeden Cent wert.
    Wenn i ned grad de fohhn-Anlage gekauft ghabt hätt, dann hätt i mir de gegönnt... dann sind´s grad de QSC K8 worden... da gibt´s jetzt Nachfolger, quasi MK II-Modelle, mit Digital-Menü...
    naja, ausprobiern, dann segst as scho...

    Liabe Griass aus Passau, Mario

    I use many P.A. systems...
    when I play on my own with guitar and a microphone: a little acoustic amp, the Compact 60 (churches, vernissage, perhaps with a female singer),

    the little setup for small venues is a Allen&Heath ZED 14FX mixer with two powered QSC K8, very nice and easy to transport,
    for gigs for 50 to 150 people watching... don´t bother about the 8" woofer, enough bass for everything!

    the biggest setup I use is a Allen&Heath QU-24 with a Fohhn Linea live active P.A. System for the whole band.

    My opinion: just buy two good active speakers like the QSC or other brand, or a Bose L1 system, you´ll be very pleased:
    easy to transport, good to handle, very good sound...
    And a quite good little mixer... there are so many different options... just try it out!

    Best regards,

    Hi Michel,
    i use a BlueAmps Camper 112, mono, great little active box!
    I used a Dynacord Monitor (AXM12) for 3 years, but with the BlueAmps Box it´s just like a tube amp... round, fat, and loud... since 4 months, I´m really happy!
    So try it... it´s great value!
    Just wanted the box, cause I often use acoustic guitars with the Kemper aswell...

    Best regards,

    Well, I had many acoustic preamps, LR Baggs, others...
    but from the day I got the Kemper, I used it for acoustic guitars aswell.
    With great sounds!!! If the pickup is sounding good, the Kemper will make it sound great!
    I often use a profile from a studio preamp, a little bit compression, perhaps some delay, chorus, reverb.
    The most effective way to get the sound the way I want it: using some studio EQ in the first slot...
    I only use 4 sounds in a big set of acoustic songs:
    "naked", just with a little bit reverb,
    "fat" with EQ to push some mids,
    "chorus"-sy sound for some special songs
    and a really special sound for some acoustic instrumentals, which I play on my on stage. Delay settings quite long and loud...

    I am really happy with that!
    Just one channel on the mixing desk, only one unit for all of my guitars, everything works out fine, best sounding!
    And since I got a really good active speaker (blueamps camper 112) I am zthe most happy guy on the planet.

    You have to give it a try - a miked Martin guitar can sound great, but..... it´s all in your fingers ...
    and: acoustic guitars and pickup systems...
    I use Furch guitars with LR Baggs Anthem and Element pickups, Furch´s with K&K pickup systems (pure mini with mic)
    an old Taylor with a Fishman piezo.
    Sometimes also a LR Baggs M1 active

    So: Kemper!!!!

    Thanks for your answer,
    great to hear that!
    I´ve actually ordered the Remote footswitch today and wait to see, where the journey will go to....

    But today is not the best day:
    Someone stole our bikes today, just right out of our backyard!
    One hour at the police station... not funny.
    And: now the budget for the box is quite not that high as a day ago...

    Best regards, Mario

    Ja, das war bei mir auch etwas tricky, da muss man sich ein wenig tiefer ins GCP reinarbeiten.
    Dann ist es aber eine echt gute Kombination, der Kemper und das GCP.
    Bei mir seit drei Jahren in Gebrauch und keine Probleme mehr...
    Die Instant Access Buttons einmal zugewiesen und schon passts...
    Viel Erfolg!

    Bist Du im Browse-Modus?
    Dann kannst Du ja im Kemper die einzelnen Rigs mit "Midi-Kanal-Nummern" belegen, die dann eben durch den GCP angewählt werden...
    Also: Rig auswählen, Nummer 1 geben, weiteres Rig auswählen, welches auf den zweiten Platz soll, usw...

    Midi-Kabel dran, Kanalwechsel beim GCP auf 0 einstellen,
    beim GCP entweder den 10er Modus oder den 4er Modus wählen,
    falls der 4er Modus gewählt wird, können die einzelnen Taster ja dann den einzelnen Midi-Werten, also den einzelnen Funktionen zugeteilt werden... ich habe also 4 Sounds pro Bank gewählt und kann alle einzelnen Effekte an und ausschalten. Funktioniert astrein...

    Hast Du Dir die Bedienungsanleitung runtergeladen? Hilft ungemein, weils beim GCP ja schon einiges einzustellen gibt... gerade die CC-Nummern müssen ja programmiert werden...
    es gibt auch sehr hilfreiche youtube-videos, mit denen ist der Einstieg leichter...
    Gruß, Mario

    Hey there,
    I´m using the AXM two years now... it´s the best sounding monitor, I´ve ever used.
    But I did not test the Atomic one´s, I don´t know them at all.

    If you want to buy a pretty good monitor then a Dynacord is really one of the best...
    I use it not for guitar sounds only, all the "monitor signals" with voices, keys, etc. are there, too.

    If you want the monitor to be just for the guitar signals only?
    Perhaps then another brand is the better way to go, but I like the AXM very much!

    Best regards!

    Has anyone here tested the Laney IRT-X active cab already? :/:/:/

    I´m looking for a nice little active cab...
    I´m using the Dynacord AXM 12a for monitoring, it sounds great, :love:
    but I am looking for a little cab just for the Kemper signal... to have the guitar signal separately :thumbup:
    (acoustic and electric guitars go into the Kemper!!! --> so it has to be a frfr solution!).

    We´re playing really low levelled, very quiet wedding band, so it is not necessary to be most powerful... it should sound good at lower settings... :saint:

    So: anybody tested it? Would be a really nice and small cab, if the sound is cool enough...

    Best regards,

    Ich nutze seit einem Jahr den Dynacord AXM 12, allerdings als Allrounder, nicht nur für die Gitarren.
    Geiles Teil, kann ich nur empfehlen. Hatte vorher diverse andere, aber der Dynacord istvom Abstrahlwinkel, vom overall-Sound und der Flexibilität unschlagbar. Kostet zwar ein bisschen was, das ist aber gut investiert.
    Gruß, Mario

    I always say it when questions like this come up, getzzn:

    Line6 second-generation Variax. Zero resonances and feedback. I can't see how any PU option could compete with that, and you'd have a bunch of models, including 12-string, to choose from.

    As a bonus, you might be able to tweak the models to be closer to your ideal using the Variax Workbench™ software.

    Hey Monkey_Man,
    this Line6 Variax are nice guitars but it´s not the same as playing a really great acoustic like Furch, Taylor, Bourgeois, Santa Cruz or whatever...
    I have 3 really great Furch´s, a good old Taylor: in every guitar there are different pickup systems...

    I think I will try one of the ToneDexters, when they are available, this might be a game changer!

    But: I think, it would be easy to get the same results with Kemper!

    Best regards, getzzn