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    Just wondering out loud.

    Would anyone be interested in a couple of 2 amp profiles? I'm thinking I might be able to use my ABY box and capture my Uberschall and my Butterslax into one DI profile for use with the IR's I just uploaded. Simply reply with a thumbs up or a short "hell yeah" to let me know. If I can get about 10 or more on board with this then I'll give it a shot.

    Okay, so I decided to create a full IR from my new cab using Logic Pro X IR utility. Almost forgot the power section of the Butterslax was also used to create the IR. The sine sweep sent through the loop return of the Butterslax into the cab captured by a blended mix of a Sennheiser E906 and a Blue enCORE 2 mic.

    This is to go with not only the DI profiles I captured but also for use with any other DI profiles that I might decide to use.

    I uploaded these to my BOSS TAE and played my actual amp through the TAE using these IR captures and it is spot on in response. Should work great for the Kemper as well.

    XTRM Friedman

    Focusrite 2i2 is all you need, less than $100 in most places. But even one of the Behringer interfaces is pretty darn good, you can get a bang for the buck 4 or 6 input interface for less than $200.

    Thanks guys, I'll add some more profiles later on of this amp as I learn the sweet spots. I'm really digging this matching cab but so far the profiles with the miking using my E906 the Greenbacks in this cab are sounding great, but finding sweet spot on the V30's in this cab is a little tricky. I'm thinking they need to break in a bit. I'll eventually add profiles with the V30's and profiles with both sets of speakers miked. I'm not a fan of the SM57 mic by itself so I'm gonna grab a Fredman clip and try to profile it with that.

    I'm gonna borrow my other guitarist BE-100 and profile it through this cab also.

    Hey guys I just uploaded 15 profiles of my new Friedman Butterslax amp (which is brutal). The profiles are numbered with the higher numbers being higher gain. Starred Profiles are Direct and profiles with "M" are merged.

    Go grab them from the rig exchange and if you like them make sure and vote them up!

    A performance stored in your Profiler, you cannot delete. You can only initialize it.

    A performance stored in your local library you can delete.

    Available options can be found by opening the context menu (right click on the performance in question) or by using the appropriate key command.

    Okay well that's different from previous versions of the OS. When I previously looked at the profiler through RM it would mirror what was backed up to my computer. Now I see 100 "New Performance"/s.

    Thanks, Jfischer and Bulldog - I have ordered both - will try them and then keep the one that is best. I'll report back with results, but I'm not expecting to receive the Katana until early-Feb (back ordered).

    Yeah let us know. I went with the Katana 100 due to the ability to use it as a back up amp if needed. It sounds pretty dang good on it's own.

    The Katana 100 head is really good for this. I've used it several times and find that there is little to no coloration in the tone that I can tell. The only thing you have to make sure of when using any power amp to a guitar cab is to EQ the monitor out on the Kemper to match it to the cab you are using, otherwise you will not get a 1:1 match in the tone. Even when using a DI only profile, you need to make sure to do this.

    Hi, I’m reviving this thread to see if anyone has any direct experience (or speculation!) regarding the Orange Pedal Baby vs. Katana 100W Head as the best choice for a power amp to drive a cabinet. Clearly these are night and day in terms of portability, flexibility, etc. – I’m just focused on differences related to sound quality. The intended signal chain would be Kemper Monitor Out (no cab model) to one of these two power amps (if Katana then in via the “Power Amp In” input to bypass all effects) then to my cabinet (Avatar 2x12 or Marshall 4x12). Both power amps are class A/B, similar power levels. They are to replace my Magnum 44 which I am concluding is a source of a lot of the frustration I have had getting a sound that I am happy with out of the Kemper/cabinet combination (an earlier thread) – I have also considered the ISP Pro Stealth, the Matrix 800, SD Powerstage 170, and a few others, but I think it’s down to the Katana and the Orange. Thanks.

    I've said this in many of my previous posts when talking about a live/stage sound setup. Even when using FRFR, you have to EQ the monitor output to match the main output in order to achieve the same sound unless you are using the same speaker/setup for both your mains and monitors...

    Have you tried using the dedicated monitor output EQ in the output menu? That works globally for all rigs and does not affect the sound that is coming out f the main outputs. Its sole purpose is to adjust the sound of the PROFILER to the cab that you are using for monitoring.

    It depends on the brand, Bulldog. I agree that prs se are great guitars and should had said it depends on what brand. But Ibanez grg aren't exactly in the same league as a prs se. I know becuase I have owned one and not worth upgrading. I have countless time seen cheaper guitars for sale and the owner have done that, swapped pickups. Pickups that cost almost as the guitar. Most cheaper guitars end up on for sale anyway. Better to sell it and buy another used guitar with pickups you will like or eventually swap pickups.

    I'm not saying take a $100-300 guitar and swap pickups, there is a threshold of affordability vs. quality. But if you get into the $500 (Low end New) range then you can definitely find good guitars that can be upgraded with better pickups and hardware to equal out a guitar in the $1K (Mid-level new) range. As a matter of construction and materials, the $500 range vs the $1000-1500 range of guitars of the same brand generally is just better hardware anyway.

    I do agree that if you have the money buy a higher end guitar in the first place so you don't have to upgrade, but if money is an issue, then buying a cheaper guitar and upgrading it to equal a higher end guitar is the way to go. I've been in both positions, and without fail the lower end guitars that I've sunk money into will rival my mid level guitars.

    Now getting into the $3000+ high end guitars, you can't get there with a $500 guitar or even a $1500 guitar. There you just have to suck it up and hope to find a good deal if money is an issue.

    At every price point I'm talking about except for the extremely low end guitars, IMHO a pickup swap can be worth it.

    Swapping pickups is one of the best ways to make a cheap guitar better and is definitely worth exploring. Even a magnet swap in a humbucker can and will change the tone. Experimentation is how you find you're tone and not copy someone elses.

    I've owned several cheap guitars in my lifetime and still do. Just because a guitar is cheap doesn't mean it isn't a great guitar. Take a look at the entire PRS SE line, all pretty much under $1K but are phenomenally well built with great tone and playability. The stock pickups are good, but drop a set of US made PRS pickups or a set of Seymour Duncans and the guitar becomes an amazing instrument.

    Agree. There's no point swapping pickups in a cheap guitar. It will still scream cheap guitar. What pickups one prefer might be wrong for another user. Some pickups sounds killer in one guitar and awful in the next. I went thru five different pickups in my ESP Horzion NTII including stock pickups, jb and jazz. I was dissapointed with all the pickups until I found the right set. Somtimes that's what one need to go thru until one find the right pickups.

    GuitarofJustice what you need to do is play different guitars at guitar shop(s) unplugged. Yes you heard it right. If you like the tone unplugged, you will like it plugged. Even if it means you end up swapping pickups. If you don't like the tone of a guitar unplugged, it won't matter if you swap until you drop. You will never like the tone of that guitar. Passive or active. Try both and see what you prefer. But the most important is that you like the tone and the neck.

    Orange Pedal Baby, or Seymour Duncan Power Stage is my recommendation for something like this. I'm actually using my Boss Katana 100 head for a power amp into my 4x12 cab and running my monitor out of my Kemper with the cab turned off. Sounds great, plus if anything happens I have the Boss Katana on hand for a backup.

    Mine took 3 weeks from Pro Audio Star. They said it was in stock when I bought it but the reality was it was not, they oversold on purpose that ticked me off to no end.

    They are currently out of stock on the Kemper direct site, Sweetwater out of stock, Musician's Friend out of stock, GC showing them in stock. ZZounds has 2 in stock, Sam Ash showing in stock.

    Gotta remember this thing is new and in demand, a lot of people flipping their toasters and racks going for the Stage.

    I just finished uploading 5 more direct profiles from my Uberschall. These are probably the best I've ever done. The master was cranked wide open, the lead/dirty channel volume was set to match the clean volume.

    Look in the Rig Exchange for BulldogXTRM and download all the Uber-Max profiles

    Clean to Distortion on the gain. Settings at o'clock

    Clean channel settings everything makes except Bass at 10:30, Gain 12:00

    Distorted settings

    Volume 11:00

    Presence 12:30

    Treble 2:30

    Middle 2:30

    Bass 2:30

    Gain at 8:00, 9:00, 11:00, 3:00