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    What PA are you using - I stand by my point that the PA might be 'flattering' the sound and your headphones might be revealing those harsh frequencies which are there anyway but which the PA is masking through a more limited frequency response (and the fact it isn't really close to your ears).

    Could it not be that the sounds are a little harsh (possibly clipping) and the headphones are more revealing and true to the source than the monitors you are using. When I listen back to mixes on headphones I generally find little details (minor clipping, mouth fret or other annoying noises) are more noticeable.

    Honestly studio is one thing but live I like to keep things as simple as possible. Unless you have your own tech then introducing fewer variables is better. Analog pedals, amp, mic and even then things go wrong with leads etc!! Nightmare. Sorry to hear but well done for pulling through.

    Hi there I'm finding some of my profiles are clipping the output of the Kemper when I kick my external drives in. Where is the best place to turn down the profile as when I do it and save it for some reason that same profile in the performance mode isn't affected by the change. :(

    People keep saying it is a Slate VST but I thought it was an Overloud program that just so happens to be included as part of the Slate bundle. I think you can purchase the overloud program without by itself.

    Either way this is a very interesting development. I think there are enough profiles out there that encrypting at this stage wouldn't make a huge difference. If they have already converted a few decent sounding Fenders. Marshalls, Voxs and Mesas that will be enough for most people. You really only need to bottle the lightening once.

    Myself and others said years ago that a cheaper, smaller profile player would be a game changer. This isn't a hardware unit - but if it is possible and legal to 'play' a profile in other hardware then it is only a matter of time before someone does that.

    There was a thread about this a while ago but recently it has reared its head again specifically in performance mode. I never use performance mode historically but recently have been. I loaded a profile into a slot and it didn't sound right. It sounded weak and hollow and not full. In browser mode the same exact profile sounded great.

    To fix the issue I had to delete the profile from the performance slot and reload it. Also a rig in another slot in the same performance sounded fine. Which rules out any weirdness with input or output settings.

    Is it commonly accepted that rigs can become temporarily corrupted like this? It is really frustrating. I am running version 5 beta though so I upgraded. Hopefully that will fix it but it hasn't so far. To me is worrying that sometimes a rig needs reloading before it sounds proper.

    I liken it to the old 'wiggle the patch cable' type thing where your guitar sounds weak until you suddenly do that. Seems like the digital equivalent!

    These look really interesting.

    Nowhere have I found a small tube unit that does a good Fender clean (twin or princeton). But your Twin module is really nice sounding.

    Can you put these in an enclosure that will have a direct out for silent recording? Maybe with a cab sim? I think these would sell well.

    have been looking at the Ethos clean preamp which looks really good but a unit with actual tubes would be even better.

    Honestly I have never found a digital distortion I really like and I have tried a lot. Are the HX dirt stomps really a viable alternative to an analog big muff and rat?

    Personally I always found Line 6 FX sterile and disappointing apart from perhaps the verbs and delays. But if the delays in the Kemper are better than it doesn't leave much appeal beyond a cool midi controller with scribble strips.

    Not saying I wouldn't seriously consider getting one - but I always find these things overcomplicate my setup and I end up going back to a few external single function stomps alongside the Kemper. Unless Line 6 have seriously upped their game (the M9 fx were generally weak) then I would be worried about getting this. Happy to be convinced otherwise.

    Hello all,

    I have no problem with FX pedals before the Kemper input. But if I use them in the loop or after the Kemper I get problems with overloading and noise.

    I 'think' this is because the Kemper outputs line level and the wrong impedance for most stomp boxes which expect to see instrument level.

    So I was wondering if this would be the solution:

    It converts line level to instrument level and adjusts the impedance. I was thinking the chain would be:

    Gutar>pedals>kemper>line out>prormp>fx pedals>interface

    What do you think would this work?


    I'm really confused by all this.

    I have a preamp (effectrode blackbird) but it has no speaker/cab sim.

    Can I profile the blackbird as a DI profile (with any stomps in front of it) and then add a CAB sim from other profiles I have?

    Not to be a downer but the Amplifire modelling simply isn't anything to shout about even with custom IRs. I tested one extensively for weeks on end and the Kemper destroys it and analogue modellers are warmer. It is either brittle or flubby, you just can't seem to dial it out.

    You might as well get a Sansamp or Joyo American Sound or something if you want a stomp size amp sim as a backup rig. Cheaper and will sound as good if not better.