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    Keep all your rigs on a USB drive or in Rig Manager

    to when times get better and you get another KPA : )

    Sorry to hear about the finances Mookytc especially if it means you have to sell the Kemper.

    And sorry to be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, but as you probably know, and worth mentioning for others that don't, if you have commercial rigs, you cannot keep them AND include them with the sale. It's one or the other.

    Personally I'd definitely just keep them because I know I'd be buying another Kemper very soon!^^

    I remember Mike Oldfield mainly from the radio hit Tubular Bells, so it never occurred to me to think of him as a guitarist.

    He's done 26 albums including another two versions of Tubular bells and one specifically called "Guitars"

    I have all but the last two and most of them include lots of great guitar playing and are very, very good.

    they still make me sit at the folding card table during the holidays.

    LOL, I have no idea what that means :?:^^

    I am a huge Mike Oldfield fan and have been since 1973. His cd's always showed up on the store shelves in the "New age" category.

    He's a world class guitar player who uses kbds extensively. So for me he straddles the boundary between keys and strings.

    There's a fair share of "Celtic female" vocals and synths, but it's his guitar work that continues to inspire me.

    (BTW, I'm an old hippie from the 60's haha!)

    i've been inspired to write and record the same 3 chords. people say about Status Quo. They actually used 4 ;)

    I remember reading an interview from a few years ago with Francis Rossi. He was just learning jazz chords and the interviewer asked him if he wished that he knew this stuff when he started Quo. Francis said something like "no way in hell...we would have tried to use some of them and it wouldn't have been the same band". I think they sold over 110 million albums!!!

    349 posted tracks...OMIGOD!

    (glad you took my joke in the spirit it was intended Joe)

    Yup, I was probably one of those folks. Only HALF glad you posted it Nicky....'cos I have to debate what gear to sell in order to afford this sucker!

    I think you are right on the kitchen sink..maybe just a bit too much for many people.

    So here's my current midi guitar haha. An old Pacifica with a cut-out for the old Roland me el-cheapo ;)

    Needless to say, latency isn't stellar.

    I remember several Kemperites having mentioned that they've been hanging out for the ultimate MIDI guitar, especially one that tracks well, Gizmo. I think you were one of them. Anyway, that's why I shared this.

    ROR seems to have delivered this and thrown the kitchen sink in as well for good measure. :D

    I've been searching for this since I first had a Roland GR-300 and a GM-70 back in the 80's, all played with a G-505 guitar.

    A bit pricey but wow!

    The learning curve looks quite high but the capabilities are worth it.

    Paul Davids is a supreme guitar player so I'm trying hard not to be swayed by his excellent demo! :P

    As usual Joe, nicely done.

    I have to say though that this is the first one that really made me feel that it needed vocals. It felt to me more like a "song" than a "tune"

    (if you know what I mean)


    But I was thinking more like this,,,

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    .....most of it is really worth a listen.

    Love your stuff Joe. I'm still convinced you are a secret game music know how to go in and out of energy at the right time!

    I also like the way you "ration" your solos...never too much!

    I used to get compliments on my playing and music but few people actually about my guitar sound. :)

    Non-guitarists are way more easily the intro to Thunderstruck and most people go " wow" even though its very easy..

    I get compliments on how good my wife looks and plays (she's the bass player in the band)

    Still waiting for the other compliments ;)

    Oh wait, I get compliments from my wife!!! haha.