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    Hi KPA team, Advanced amp controls (clarity, bias…) or advanced cab controls are not tweakable in the Player. However if I import my rigs made in my toaster with tweaked bias tube shape and clarity, are these parameters translated when played in the Player ? The same with cab character ?


    Kemper + midi pedalboard > PC Windows 10

    Kemper + midi pedalboard work fine. Then I switch ON Rig Manager. Everything works fine. But when switching off RM, Kemper freezes. Impossible to to change on Midi pedalboard nor directly on the Toaster rigs.

    If I switch on RM once again, it works back fine...

    If I reboot the Kemper, everything works fine.

    Bug Operation 100% repeatable.

    I go back to last release versions (concerts very soon)

    RM 3.3.50 and OS 8.7.20 don't have this bug here. Appeared with the beta version just after

    where is this preset!!!

    here :

    As per Liam's quotes :

    " Lexicon PCM70 Circular Delays Preset - Steve Lukather's main delay setting instead of using reverb.

    As close as I can get, Lexicon preset has 42% Diffusion (smear) on the repeats, this option isn't available in the Kemper Rhythm Delay, at least not yet.

    To get close to the diffusion/smear you may want to place a room reverb or reverb of your choice after the delay and set the Del/Rev mix to only effect the delay tails and not the dry guitar then dial the amount of reverb to taste, usually around 20% to 40%. This is a work around but doesn't sound as nice and spacey as the smear parameter on some of the other delays. Here's hoping its eventually included on all the delays. You could also try some high cut that may make the delay tails disperse in a similar manner to try and simulate smear.

    I understand why the Rhythm Delay works on a ratio or note division format, but for this preset would have been much easier if I could have just dialed in 888ms, 584ms and 292ms, but the percentage settings are spot on to these times. Due to the way the feedback function works in the Quad Delay won't be able to recreate this effect, the Rhythm Delay however seems to be the only way to pull this off.

    Make sure the TO TEMPO is off.

    This should make the delay run around you head in a "circular" manner, initial note comes center from the guitar, then the taps pan left, then to right, then to the center and back around again.

    Delay: Rhythm delay

    Mix: 30% (or to taste)

    Feedback: 30

    Low cut: NO CUT

    High cut: NO CUT (Lexicon is set to 15kH, which is no cut on that unit)

    Note Val 1 = 32.8%

    Note Val 2 = 65.7%

    Note Val 3 = NOT NEEDED

    Note Val 4 = 888ms

    To Tempo: Unchecked

    Volume 1: 5

    Volume 2: 10

    Volume 3: 0 (NOT NEEDED)

    Volume 4: 10

    Panorama 1: -100 (HARD LEFT)

    Panorama 2: +100 (HARD RIGHT)

    Panorama 3: 0 (NOT NEEDED)

    Panorama 4: 0 (CENTER)

    Stereo: 100%

    Modulation: 0

    Flutter Intensity: 0

    Flutter Rate: 5.0

    Ducking: 0

    Hope you enjoy.

    PS Try it with some headphones! "

    use the QUAD DELAY and this info:

    "The first delay is 292ms, damped 3db, and panned to the right
    Second one is 584ms, and panned to the left.
    Third one is 888ms, and panned to the middle."

    set Delay 4 Time to 1000ms ('To Tempo' box unchecked) and turn it's Volume to '0'
    then the Delay Ratios are easily derived (29,2%, 58,4% and 88,8%)

    After some years using it, I would tend to prefer rhythm delay over quad delay, as Liam uses it. Repeats tend to have a better definition :)

    Liam Thompson's preset is amazing, I just prefer to get the volume 4 quite low (2.5) to get a better definition of the center sound.

    My go-to delay preset is a circular one. I took this from someone in the forum a long time ago and I tweaked it a little.

    Rhythm delay

    Time 888ms

    Ratio 1 32.8%

    Ratio 2 65.3%

    Ratio 3 0%

    Tempo sync disable

    Feedback 23%

    Mix 76%

    Lo cut 20.6he

    Hi Cut 33.4khz

    Volume 1 10

    Volume 2 10

    Volume 3 0

    Volume 4 2.5

    Panorama 1 -100%

    Panorama 2 +100%

    Panorama 3 0%

    Panorama 4 0%

    Stereo 100%

    Modulation 2.5

    Flutter Int 0

    Flutter Rate 5

    Ducking 0

    Position Post