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    I agree. I just sent the support team, at their request, the backup file for my KPA. These folks are very quick to respond, and I also gave them a link to this thread, to see similar complaints. It wouldn't hurt to draw their attention to this problem by opening a ticket as well. In all likelihood, it is the same problem, but this may speed up the fix.

    @GZombie. The noise you recorded is similar to the one I am hearing, but since I have reverb in each program, the noise has a reverb element as well. I did open a support ticket, and they wish for me to do as Trazan suggested with the midi monitor info, and to send them a backup of my KPA. I don't know if they mean sysex, or what, so I will ask.

    @whippingpost Yes, neither my VG88, nor my GR30 have ever had this sort of problem. I opened up a support ticket today, but probably won't hear anything until tomorrow, due to the time difference. Come to think of it, I may try it with my FC300, to see if it happens there too.

    Trazan What would I look for if I used one of these programs you suggested? There is only CC#7 and the program change number associated with my FCB.

    It is stock, not modified at all. Doesn't it take a 7pin midi for power anyway? I don't need anything more fancy than program changes, and the original FCB works great for that. The bottom row, and the inner exp pedal operate guitar sounds on channel 1, and the upper row, and outer exp pedal operate synths on channel 2. I am going to make a video, for the support team, today. If they don't object, I may post it here. I just don't want the video to get into the general public, for wannabe Kemper bashers. I do love my Kemper, just need to be able to use silent switching. :)

    Thanks to all! When using either of those two midi programs, how will I know a midi command is not appropriate for the Kemper? I don't want to send it away, if possible, for sure. I still don't understand why the fixed midi message would cause problems in one module, and none in any other I have tried. Midi is a standard, and this is simply a program change number, so I assume that is not the source of the problem. And, to top it off, the problem is frequent but intermittent. Tomorrow I start with tech support, cause they have a great track record, as I have seen here on the forum.

    Yes, it is the original FCB, I only use midi out. As I said, only the Kemper exhibits any problem whatsoever. I have eliminated cable problems, mixers, etc., so it comes down to the Kemper, when receiving midi input. I am running 2.0.1, but never used the FCB with previous versions. The FCB is really built like a tank, and I have never had any problems, in many years of constant use. I gig 25 - 30 hrs. per week. It has been extremely reliable. Still is. My gig last night , sans Kemper, was flawless, using everything else the same.
    Thanks for your help. Is it necessary to open a support ticket first, before you send it to Sweetwater for repair? I do not wish to delay the process at all, while under warranty. It is far too expensive equipment to be having a repair done this soon (April). Perhaps I'll discuss having the LEDs replaced before they go out, like so many have. I wish Kemper had a "no lemon policy", cause I think I may have one. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't had many problems at all, with any other equipment, since I quit using tube amps, back in the mid 80's. So now my tube emulator has problems - ironic!

    Only with a midi PC command, no noise when switched manually. I have never switched programs in the browser, with the FCB, as I have never assigned PC #s other than performance mode. There is nothing subtle about the noise either, it is very loud. Disappointing to say the least. So, Monday, I will get in touch with support and start the process. Thanks again.

    Nothing but the Kemper straight into a pair of Mackie powered speakers. When I use my other equipment using everything the same, there is 0 problem. In fact, I am using all the same equipment on the road tonight, without the KPA. I was so jacked about using it too, but I just can't trust it as is. I think I had better open a ticket, as suggested, and maybe video tape the problem, to help them understand what is happening, better. I have never experienced any problem like this on any midi equipment before - very strange, as the noise is just as loud as the guitar! Thanks guys, for your responses!

    I am still hoping someone has heard of the problem listed above. It is an intermittent problem, but makes my rack unusable for public performance. I'm traveling to do a gig today, and cannot record the problem. Finally, I wanted to start using it live, tweaked all of my patches for this gig as the first time, and it sounds so bad I cannot use it. Even if I do not play, and start changing presets, using a
    non-uno Fcb1010, I get a loud pop, and after a few milliseconds, another very loud digital noise, similar to a gated reverb sound with harshness, regardless of the patch. If I switch 5 presets, in any order, out of 20 times, maybe 10 will start this noise. The FCB1010 works perfectly with my other gear. Do I need to start a support ticket, or is there a bug, or should I just cut to the chase and send it back to Sweetwater for repair? Maybe someone on the Kemper team can give some guidance.

    If this has been addressed elsewhere, please show me where. For the first time, I have installed 2.0.1, and loaded rigs into performance mode, to be selected with my FCB1010(original, NO UNO chip). The problem is when I switch patches, there is a loud pop and unusable noise, as I step on the switch. This does not occur when I use another setup(VG88) with the same FCB. It very much reminds me of the channel switching "pop", on my 80's Mesa, before most companies developed noiseless switching of channels. This occurs when switching patches while still playing, I.e sustain notes, chords, etc.. Has anyone else dealt with this problem. As it stands, it is unusable, unless I stop playing for a moment, then switch. Thanks in advance!

    I agree about having a sound through the years. In my experience, over the years, I have alway had recordings, since the 60's, and, other than the effects, my sound through so many different amps and cabinets, has essentially been the same. By the way, if you use a piezo for acoustic sounds, and employ one of the acoustic profiles, turn off the cabinet. This really brings out the acoustic sound. I learned many years ago that the difference makers are the speaker(and enclosure), and the transformer in the amp.

    Thanks very much for sharing your work! Are you using the FC300 with both the KPA and a VG99, by chance? If so, does this setup on the FC300, work well with both units simultaneously? I am pairing up patches, using both, but have not yet utilized the FC300 with this combo. Either unit alone is incredible, but they sound totally innovative together, and my goal is to have the FC300 control both.
    Thanks again!

    Does anyone know if they are shipping to the US ? When I went to order, payment was only listed in Euros, so I sent an email asking how much in $s, and have yet to receive a reply, and that was a week ago. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

    The midi merge box gets its power from the foot controller's midi out. My FCB is stock - no UNO, and I use Mountain System's FCB editor. Use the top row of buttons for midi channel 2 out, and the bottom row for midi channel 1. Each expression pedal is assigned independently to each midi channel, 1 & 2.