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    Would this work for your needs? Go midi out of FCB into a midi Y, maybe even a midi merger, out into both the KPA and the other gear. That way PC 1 would go to the KPA, and also that same PC 1 command would be independently sent to the other gear, which could be set for whatever midi command you wished. I do this now with my VG88 using midi channel 1 , and my GR30 on channel 2. I have a stock FCB to control the GR30 from the top row of buttons, and the bottom row changes patches on the VG88. I achieve this this using the FCB editor from Mountain Systems. One expression pedal controls the volume for the GR30, and the other controls volume for the VG88. In the editor, you can assign CC#s to any pedal. I just use patch change commands, no effect changes within a patch. If I wish to have the sound of an amp, and wish to remove one of the effects, I just make a separate patch for it, then changes patches as needed. My problem, when I start using my VG99 with the KPA, will be how to effectively operate each unit, without using the FC300 and the FCB1010. It just takes up too much space to have 2 large foot controllers. If I don't figure out a work around, I may have to use both pedals, as a last resort. My goal is to hit one button, and both pieces of gear go to complimentary patches, one volume pedal, etc., because I use guitar synth on every song, I still have to use a separate PC change and volume for it, as well. Whew!!!

    2011 Moog EM-1 with VG99, and KPA rack...
    1949 Gibson ES175
    1968 Gibson SG Standard
    1965 Silvertone
    1998 Breedlove C25 acoustic with RMC Polydrive 2
    1984 Roland G 707 modded with Seymour Duncan single coil in center position
    1998 Godin ACS SA Nylon
    2004 Godin Multiac Fretless SA Nylon
    1997 Godin LGXT modded with Sustainiac neck pickup
    1998 Godin LGXT
    2004 MIJ Fernandes Dragonfly SSH modded with Graphtec Ghost 13 pin
    2004 MIJ Fernandes Dragonfly SSH
    1998 Greg Bennett Samick LaSalle JZ- 4
    1982 "FrankenStrat" with 3 humbuckers

    I always regretted selling my guitars, over the years, so now I hoard them...go figure... 8|
    Wishing I could take my favorite features from each of them, and put them in one guitar...


    Plus, I prefer the separate exp pedals, to the built in ones. I know I am in the minority on this, but like I said, I can only speak for myself.

    If you are using more than 1 foot controller , it is really great to have separate exp pedals, so you can have one FC with 2 pedals on the right, and the other FC with 2 exps on the left, so that you could have all 4 exp pedals together in the center....easy access.

    I have used the FCB for many years, controlling two separate sound sources, and it is so very functional and dependable! With two way communication, using the special chip for the KPA, I can't wait to use it! The pedals on the FCB are better, IMO, than the pedals on the Roland FC300, for instance, and the layout of the switches is very straightforward. This was a great idea by the Kemper team! Thank you!!!

    The pitch shifter is wonderful!!! When transposing up one octave, the E and B strings are quite wobbly, however. I was trying to make a 12 string effect, which works well, except for that. Of course, those strings(E&B) are NOT normally tuned an octave higher, on a real 12 string guitar. Still, if it could be tightened up, when transposing that high, I would be able to achieve that sound. Thanks for another great tool, CK!!!

    The default of the SPDIF to off, is what prompted me to change the way I use the KPA with my VG99. I was getting some incredible combinations using the SPDIF from the 99 to the KPA, but I changed to running the two units in parallel, 13 pin into the 99, and 1/4" from the guitar(not the VG guitar out jack), into the KPA, and found it to yield much more flexibility in sound mixing, with less programming on the KPA. That said, I agree it would be really nice to be able to store the input, just as you would other parameters. Seems like a reasonable request.

    Let's all admit we may be spoiled by this amazing fact, the complaints I read about this or that missing from the rack unit, compared to the "toaster", pretty much baffle me. Use the store button, when you are at home, or in rehearsal, and you shouldn't have to use ANY knobs, while performing. When I perform live, the only thing I may have to adjust on the fly, is the volume, and I grab my mixer volume, and turn it up. Very simple, no LEDs are necessary at all. No mod dials, no rate dials...period. You do those adjustments before you gig, and if you don't, I would recommend that you give It a try. It makes life on stage, a beautiful thing...just "shut up and play your guitar" ...Zappa had a good point there. Pick, don't "fiddle" rack doesn't need adjustment in public, we work things out in private and I love it!!!!!!! :thumbup: no Barzinni please!!! 8)

    @coipu...yes, and I think running parallel into the 99 and the KPA, gives benefits of need to connect them together, other than midi PC commands, perhaps.

    @tylerhb...most of these profiles just love the piezo input, thankfully. As you say, I bet if I really work it, I could emulate some classic guitar sounds, using eq in the stomp pedal section. So far though, I haven't felt it necessary to do those sounds, as the 99 running along side has that. At any rate, I love it, there are so many combos with those two.

    @delinquent...chasing old school sounds and staying young through better technology.
    The KPA is nouveau, old school!
    The 99 is clay, waiting for the artist's hands.
    The Moog sustain can really exploit anything it plugs into.

    I be very, very happy!!! :thumbup:

    Funny, but when I used to gig with my first Marshall, in the late 60's and 70's, I loved the sound most, when I played a venue with a brick wall, in back of the stage. I would always face the stack toward the wall. I loved that sound, latency and all!

    A funny thing happened on my way to finding another awesome profile...
    Most would agree that the mag pickups in a Moog guitar are not ideal, shall we put it mildly, for real amps, like the KPA, yeah, I said it! Suddenly, I used the piezos only into a profile I liked, and it was pure heaven to my ears! So, I tried to compare with some Seymour Duncan's, on another guitar, and the piezos were still very impressive, and not radically different!!! In fact, before this, I was upset that I might have to forego the Moog sustain, I have been spoiled by, in order to enjoy the KPA fully.
    I was routing my Moog through my VG99, sending channel A into the KPA, with the modeled guitar going in, which worked well, but now I feel is unnecessary. I will play them parallel, into a mixer, which has so many benefits when using separate expression pedals.
    An accidental surprise that solved many problems for me. A reminder to 'keep my mind open', and experiment!!!
    I would invite you to try some piezos into your favorite profiles, and listen for a pleasant surprise...