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    Can i request to remove this entire post? i dont want to bum anyone out any longer and i dont want to get anymore bummed out. I dont want to bring any negative emotions to the forum or be that p*ssy whingy forum user.

    Appreciated. x

    You're not bumming anyone out and even if you would, that's not your fault but their shame. Most of us are trying to help you, please let us.

    Listening to your latest samples I think there is definitely something itchy going on in your Kemper, perhaps in cabinet section. I guess you have already done all different kinds of resets, factory default settings et cetera thus far. If I were you, I would do as V8guitar suggested and send it to Kemper for factory inspection. As you have noticed, the reason for this kind of behaviour is really, really difficult to track remotely.


    No problem. I hope it helps.

    In my opinion, checking fast changing colour of input LED is not really practical way to monitor Kemper input clipping. It would be far better to have the input LED stay red for a second or two if the clipping has occured. A feature request? Yeah.


    clean sens affects the signal level of the DI recording. If you decrease it before recording the DI track you should compensate for that with the reamp sens parameter by increasing that by the same amount to get the exact same amount of distortion as if you play your guitar through the front input.

    That's true and also well explained in Kemper manual. I just forgot to mention it, thanks for completing my answer.


    Thanks Jari i will give it a shot :)

    It would be a good idea to set the Clean sense values for each guitar.

    For example, I've one guitar that has quite hot and dynamic (really uncompressed, with strong transient attack) pickups and I have to set Clean sense to -11 dB to prevent peak clipping on low notes and power chords. Another one of my guitars has medium output bridge pickup with quite compressed characteristic and for that one the proper Clean sense value is +2 dB. I both cases my DI tracks have quite full dynamic range but with enough headroom to prevent clipping.

    One more thing: if you lower the Clean sense you may also want to increase a little bit gain in Kemper to compensate the input gain loss. Or maybe not, let your ears decide.


    here is the link to the dropbox folder with your backup and your SPDIF recordings in 32 and 24-bit format. Anyone who wants to reamp these please restore the backup first and use the "1971 Mars Golup" rig without changing any of the parameters. Preferably do the reamping over SPDIF to eliminate the AD conversion of your interface as a variable.…bbl8tilzanzc2rfp7ts6onfc0

    There is some clipping in DI tracks (the flat amplitude peaks of low notes around 0:34) and that should never happen, under any circumstances. AdamMassacre1981: earlier you mentioned that your Clean Sense is set to 0 dB. It think it should be decreased.


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the stuff you both have done during the years and I'm glad to get positive feedback regarding our music from you two.

    IMO, the guitar does sounds good on this record, but I also think the bass sound is even better. Both are 100% Kemper.


    Hi fellow Kemperers,

    my band has just released a new album via Luminol Records, featuring Kemper on all guitar and bass tracks almost exclusively.

    I've had Kemper since 2013 (or 2012, not sure) and nowadays our relationship is better than ever. :) This time the profiles we used for the recording were mostly commercial ones, but somehow I always end up with some classic freebies as well. I guess those profiles are slowly becoming an integral part of Joint Depression sound, both for guitar and bass.

    I hope you like our stuff and feel free to comment!


    Hi all fellow Kemperers,

    out of all overdrive pedals (both outboard and Kemper ODs), the soft shaper is one of my favourite ones. However, I do have one complaint: depending on the amp profile, the soft shaper can get too dark/biting/blurry when adjusting gain. This could be fixed easily(?) with adding a tone control into it. I've tried an EQ before/after SS, but this solution eats an effect block and setting EQ parameters is a bit frustrating and time consuming. Adding a simple tone control to SS would add a whole new dimension for its useability.


    Hi J, I love Rick's vids and his knowledge. Just asking for a friend :D what application do you use this pack for? Have you cranked or rehearsed/played live with it? I haven't seen too much feedback on Rick's profiles but the samples sound good (as do many, but I don't want another pack with buyers regret). I actually don't "need" anymore profiles, but I'm a sucker for modded plexi's/JMP's.

    It's my go-to sound for just about everything. Usually I use guitar -> Kemper -> sound card -> DAW, but I use this profile a lot when I just play guitar, either using studio monitors, FRFR cab or direct to my headphones. Usually I use moderate volumes but surely I've got loud as well. Sounds and feels like Plexi in studio.

    I know almost nothing about Rick and have no interest for his youtube videos or lessons (don't get me wrong: I'm sure those are great stuff with lots of valuable information and entertainment, I just don't have time), but his Kemper profiles are incredible underrated especially for the price, IMO. I guess profile market is oversaturated nowadays.


    Where do you encounter a situation with your electric guitar, where a # would be favorable?

    In example, when guitar tuning is dropped more than a whole tone. In such cases C# is more natural than Db, at least for me. It might be just me, but I doubt.


    I do, we have several artisans in Finland making wooden picks. Some of them are really great for my style, some are not and it all depends on wood species, thickness, size, shape et cetera . In general, wooden picks tends to wear out in different way or even break when playing heavier stuff but I've also couple of excellent, really durable wooden picks in my collection.

    I've also two (non-wooden) pick favorites I would like to add into the soup: Erniel Ball Prodigy and Ibanez Grip Wizard series. There are different shapes of Prodigy available, I prefer 1.5mm standard ones. For Ibanez, 0.8mm short teardrop shaped sandwizards are a way to go. Those two are my current workhorses and just feels right to me. If somebody else has tried those two and have similar but better options, please let me know.…uitar-picks/prodigy-picks

    Merry Christmas everybody!


    Have you A/B'ed the Precision Drive?

    I mean that Kemper Drive is not Precision Drive. Does it sound 100% like Precision Drive? I don't actually care. I can do that and more with Kemper Drive and more importantly, I can dial my sound with it. For me, that' what matters.

    Thus said, my hat goes off for those who are currently A/B'ing and tweaking their pedals and Kemper Drive. That is what R/D is all about and that keeps Kemper still improving, after all these years. My best guitar related purchase ever, hands down. I've been Kemper owner since 2013 and every year I have found better profiles, better little tweaks and my guitar tone has improved. Even to the point I don't actually need better guitar tone, finally I can focus just to playing and recording my stuff.


    Kemper Drive: it's not perfect, it has some limitations, it is not a Klon nor a Precision Drive (even when it has some resemblence to both). But it is still a damn good overdrive! Big thanks and thumbs up to Kemper team.


    We are again losing the track. This is very time consuming.

    A boost of 24 dB into an amp does not mean a 24 dB boost of the measured amp output volume in the DAW, due to the compression and distortion of the amp.

    I am sure that you are aware of that.

    Tiny, but quite important correction... ;)