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    Received my Kemper rack about 4 weeks ago. It is truly an amazing piece of gear.

    My guitar playing skills are rather poor, but having this new capability has encouraged me to play more than I ever have. So, while it doesn't make me sound better than I am today, I'm sure it will make a big difference over the months to come. There's always something new to try out, which only makes me play more.

    I received my rack a few days before the new firmware release and went through the upgrade (and fix) without any problems. I'm running 64 bit Vista and have been using Rig Manager without any issues as well. RM sure makes it easier to explore the different rigs/sounds available. Kudos to the Kemper Team.

    I've been reading all the threads about speaker/monitor options for home use and will be adding some in the near future. I'm currently using headphones most of the time. I also use mp3 input on a Line 6 Spider IV or FX in on a Blackstar HT5. Both of those sound good, but not as good as the headphones (Sennheiser PX100).

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