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    Oh are my friend now. Damn, If I would have just known that earlier. :(

    You have never been an A hole brother, i would have been PISSED if you sold your Kemper over this tho, there are some VERY talented people on here that can fix ANYTHING. Okay ok ok! back to the mission :)


    Thanks buddy but avert your eyes . I have no more respect for this forum or this company.

    I didn't start insulting anyone. I was appreciative of the help and I said so many times. It just got overwhelming with everybody getting on me about posting a clip of the KPA when it sounded good.
    But even after I told everybody they need to wait until it got good again and when I wasn't working, which I do for a living, they started on me saying I wasn't willing.

    Then the icing on the cake was some of you guys' god got on here and started insulting me, it was a pile on free for all then. How professional is it when the owner of a company gets on their forum to publicly insult one of their customers?
    I am talking about him calling me the incorrect name which he knew damn well it wasn't mine. he knows exactly what I am talking about.

    Just look what Viabcroce said on a thread a while back. Before he gave his "good bye cruel world" attention seeking forum exit thread. You will see just what I am talking about.

    That Mental ###### called me a problem there right?

    Whatever, I talk with a few personally off of the forums and they are a bit miffed by all of this BS too.

    Apologize? Please. I would be expecting that to me. Either way it does not matter because everybody is just an avatar to me. If we can be friend-ly, fine. If I want a friend, it wont be online. I have absolutely no love lost for certain people on here.

    Now you can get back to this amazing guitar lesson.

    You guys are hilarious.
    Nice forum this truly is.

    Have your fun.
    You know nothing of my skills and never will.
    If you think me hitting a couple notes, in no particular fashion as what I saw as a reasonable way to allow people to hear my issue, right or wrong, is a glimpse of my chops, you are a fool.

    I will admit I am not the greatest but I think you might be maybe a bit surprised. Especially what I hear compared to your playing. :D

    But I also have no need or desire, as you do, to get random people on the internet to give me praise for shitty playing like you just posted. Yes, look in the mirror before running your mouth. Fool.

    You have opened up pandora's box by starting this thread with a very catchy title and posting clips here.
    You forced me to follow you and show in public how we support our customers.
    Take my apologies, but this topic is not going back into private domain.


    Jim !???

    You know my name!
    You are doing the same god damn thing somebody else did on another thread to insult me.
    You know exactly what I am talking about!

    It was an issue that ultinately made him leave and others cried.

    You know my name you arrogant.....!!!!!

    See your blind sheep following.

    Read towards the end of my post. I said it has gotten worse since I sent you guys the first clips.
    I told you I deleted them because It was getting harder to keep up with what clips were what- What clips were people talking about. They are gone. But I did ask what you would like now.
    So we could start clean. But you have continued pointing out that my clips have disappeared.

    Yes they have. READ!

    At the end I asked NICELY what would you like me to send you now that it has been worse for a while. What would you like me to record.
    You said you wanted to help, so I started my post by saying cool, that's all I wanted from the word go.

    I also said I DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE THIS on the forums.

    Instead of sending me an email you decide to continue this on the forums. What the hell is your goal.
    One can only wonder.

    If you were such a good company that some have claimed you would use simple common sense and common respect and just contact me personally as I have asked and as it should have been. Either you or one of your staff. I didn't care either way.

    About the speakers. AGAIN. Why would anybody with half a brain, especially somebody in you guys position even attempt to blame it on my speakers?
    Get ready I am repeating myself AGAIN now. THEY HAVE SOUNDED EXCELLENT SINCE I HAVE OWNED THEM. They are NOT the issue. If what I have said was ever listened to you would know I tried other speakers. But you guys don't listen to shit.

    You pick and choose. Mostly to try and make people look like idiots or inferior just to make yourselves look better. But you fail here because anybody that has paid attention and has kept up can see your BS.
    But good for you you have ass kissers and blind zombies that back you no matter what.

    So how can I take somebody like this seriously. When they can't even simply narrow it down by listening to what the hell I say. Process of elimination. Simple. Work your way down.

    So if you did read my posts, you are ignoring them. Over and over.
    Thanks for getting me to continue to repeat myself.

    This is fun isn't it.

    I truly believe you guys are just pushing me to the point that I just finally explode so you can just ban me and make this go away. Right?

    Well, I have to go take care of MY customers this morning. Good day.

    We have a standard process and the support has gone thru this already. We have received a DI track and processed track many days ago.
    We have listened to the clips with a number of experienced people and came to the conclusion that there is no hardware or software problem with his Profiler.
    We told him our conclusion.
    This audition however took a few days to finish, as we take things seriously. In the mean time he opened up this "Unacceptable Support" thread.

    The day I chimed into this thread, a number of clips have dissappeared already ...

    One of the email replies said they heard something and then they were looking into it.
    Next one said there is nothing wrong.
    Then I am told I have "nasty" sounding speakers.
    Make up your minds.

    You just read over my last replies on this thread explaining know what......just read it yourself post 260 and 261......or not, I am sick of repeating myself.

    oh and as far as getting recordings of the tones changing from good to bad.
    I am all for it. Trust me.

    But remember I do work for a living. :)
    Through the day then bids, paperwork or measuring new jobs in the evenings.

    Also the KPA has to cooperate.

    Maybe there has been a misunderstanding.

    The KPA generally stays in a good state or a bad state to some varying degree. But when it works it is excellent. No mistaking it. All in the same rig. I am not basing any of this on changing from one rig to another.

    When this first reared its ugly head I actually heard the extreme change while playing. This has never happened before. Or since.

    It usually will start up good or bad. The bad has been more prevalent now. The bad can get worse as playing though.

    Hope this is better understood.

    Well. Cool.

    This is all I asked for from the word go. Some help. From The Kemper team.

    This all was so unnecessary. To get to this point.

    I did not want to be on trial in front and by all of my peers. I would have been happy just dealing with this through the proper channels.

    Yes I feel I have been put on trial by some here. Some have been very decent and seemed legit and sincere.
    Some have been far from sincere.
    Yet others were like a pendulum. Acting like they were with me for a post or two and then come back accusingly just to flip back friendly again. That to me is the definition of a troll for sure.

    I will not give names. You would surely know who you are.

    The only good thing I got from Burkhard Dinnie ( In my mind anyways) was in a nutshell to deal with him and not mix or compare anything on the forum. I DEFINITELY understand this even more now but....

    I did try this and I got nowhere. So frustration kicked in and now I end up even more frustrated. Feel like a rag doll being pulled apart from all appendages at once with daddy looking down from above not stepping in to help. If anything, feeding the fire instead of pulling me aside and putting things back on track. PM or email.

    I don't know Burkhard but I would prefer help from someone else.

    I quickly read through the latest posts. Not sure if I got it down right.

    Was somebody talking of my technique or somebody else's? This thread has been overlapping with others issues. I can't keep up. As I imagine others are getting lost here too.
    If it was about my technique-

    What technique ? They were simple single notes. Intentionally!

    1. It was my guess that analyzing would be easier with a single note not being interfered with by others
    blending in. Make sense? I think so. I could do some power chords or what have you but distortion in
    In power chords will mask some of what I hear. Although they do not sound like they should either.

    2. I also am not here to audition for anybody. Besides, I wanted my technique to not come in question.
    There is no doubt it would happen. My technique does not change anyway. Unlike the sound of my KPA.

    As far as picking hard. Once again I intentionally did not. Tried to keep it to ring as clear as possible as not to add yet another element.
    As for deleting the older SoundCloud clips. Yes I did because it was getting messy. I was getting confused with what was what any more. Who was talking about what recording and all. I didn't think it would drag out like this.

    All that is on there now is what I recorded directly from guitar into recorder.

    Ok, enough of these wall of words posts. I just do not want to deal with this through the forum any more.
    I shouldn't have to. At this point I will no longer.

    For all of those that truly tried to help without being sarcastic, demeaning or accusatory, I truly appreciate your interest and help.

    I just kindly ask that the Kemper team please email me with exactly what they would like from me.
    They know what I am working with recording wise and all.

    What rig. How to record. Through what.
    The first DI and Main channel recordings I first sent had the issue but comparing them now, they were not as bad. This thing changes in severity. It has gotten way worse but I never know what to expect from one startup to the next.
    If it is hardware, software, input, output, or settings I do not know. I just know what I hear. Night and day.