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    Did you try to swap your noise gate and transpose? I have the transpose in slot A and Noisegate in B. Maybe Transpose gets irritated by the on and offs of the gate?

    I selected slot A because I wanted it to be the very first pedal. If you got a baritone or a deeper tuning it is before any noise gate, too. Just my logic. Would you test that?

    Hello there,

    got a question. There is this option where you can switch the EQ pre and post amp. There are some amps that have their eq BEFORE the preamp. Some Mesas have that if I remember right, Mark models for example.

    So: To have a correct EQ (what liquid profiles are all about), shouldn´t be the placement of the stack eq in the right place too? Or is that automatical? Or where can I get a list of which of the liquid profile ampoptions are pre and which are post eq?

    Or am I completly wrong? Just curious.


    got this question, maybe someone know cool tricks. I try to explain.

    I got 2 favourite rigs. Rig 1 in its second state (morphed) and Rig 2 in its first state.

    Any ideas how to get on Rig 1 the two morph states swapped? So I got my two faves on the first state and I can switch better between them?

    Bonus points:
    they are based on the same cab and amp, but with totally different setting in the amp and cab sections. Can amp/cab section morphed too? So would it be possible to (I guess with writing down every single setting) combine them?

    Bonus 2:
    is there a possibility to erase one of the two morph states? So both states are for example state 2. That would do the trick, too.

    dumb questions after using kemper since forever :)

    and kids, never forget to go over the top. A 2nd DT with Stereo -100... insanity

    Detune only on the first (0,5)

    Loseness on first 2

    Looseness on 2nd 0,6

    works well on mono (I have a desktop mono switch)

    instant wall of Sound. Have to try this on the next recordings. For Rhytm.

    I like it more than the mimiq! Better Quality.


    all mono phasing is away ofc when detune is 0 everywhere)

    edit2: crank in some detune on both (3 and 6 for example) and et voila instant DimensionD (at least the rack effekt)... I love it!

    The delay is a feature not a bug. If you did two takes, there would always be some temporal separation between the parts - that is what tells the ear that there are two signals. Two identical signals panned hard left and hard right is the same as MONO through a stereo amplifier. ADT was done with tape delay in Abbey Road studios for the later Beatles albums.

    ofc. You are right. But there is a slight static delay on one side. And if you do recordings, one record may be a little faster here and a bit slower there in comparison with a reference track. What I´ve meant is the static delay. Not the dynamic delay which is ofc the right thing.

    A static delay causes the effect that things appear to be to far on one side (pls do not ask me for the correct word). And ADT suffers a lot with that, but ADT has ofc some phase and chorus and other things. The static delay is not the only thing.

    What I mean is just the digital delay, the latency, like from your soundcard, or even the latency of the kemper.

    Maybe I don´t find the right wods, but I really tried to learn as much as possible about ADT. I´m freaking happy to learn new things.

    P.S. plz remember, I can test it at the earliest in some hours. My mentions and stuff are derivated from that single lonely vid :).

    OMG! I´m waiting for centuries for this!!! I really can´t wait to get home. Already told my girl that I´m offline tonight.

    Finally away with Mimiq!

    First question after inhaling the video:
    Sounds a bit like one side (I guess the doubletracked) is a bit delayed (means more latency). Same as the mimiq in 1+1 mode. I guess it is because of the alterations and computing time of the fx.
    I would appreciate a little knob to delay the original signal the amount of the delay of the doubletracked. Yes this would increase the overall felt latency. For many this will be unbearable. But for studio situation this could become handy.

    With the mimiq this is possible with 3 Voices (1 dry and 2 fx) dry to 0 and then you hear only fx.

    Just a guess. Overall I really like the sounds of the video. It seems highly usabel already!


    Hi Gullfoss users,

    just mastering a metal album. Crappy mix, have to...fix... much things. Goth thanks there are plenty hyper modern tools that make it easy.

    Now to the point:
    (can it be?) Gullfoss (VST) and Pure Cabinet do pretty much the same.

    The Gullfoss EQ is a mastering tool to even out mixes (or even instruments but in mastering it shines) frequency wise without touching the dynamics to much. If I use to much Gullfoss on it (which I do often at first) heavy distorted guitars sound like Pure Cabinet to 10.

    Discuss! I´m interested in opinions.

    I instantly fell in love with it! I celebrated the Kemper Drive, but this thing? I freaking love it!

    It is so inspiring. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYES

    back to topic:

    Once my Kemper crashed. The screen pointed out sth with USB. I had that problem 2 or 3 times over the years that the Kemper crashed when used with RIG Manager. So I don´t think that it is a special problem of the beta.

    man, I want to go home and play. I am at work and my fingertips still hurt from yesterdays session because I forgot myself.

    Ah yes, I am a extreme user. I love old spring reverb low gain sounds out of an old radio and I love highgain sounds (now combined with Kemper Fuzz at Gain 3-4 for rythmmayham or 10 for suuuuuuuugaaaaaaar!).

    With Kemper Fuzz my machine is jusst instand industrial love. THAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS!

    Yep, you heard right. I use the acc sim often with a cab and an "normale" no-gain sound. I just like it. I use morphing too. So it would be nice to "switch-off" via morping (mix to 0).

    I really use a highgainsound that morphes to a clean sound. I found out that that clean sound is nicely shaped when I use the acc sim on it.

    So morphing between acc and highgain. Sth nobody is able right now!

    ahhh. Didn´t realize that I can lock Tempo (not my question but nice!)

    Now I´m sitting in front of the kemper. OK. I can adjust BPM per Rig-Button without tapping or midi and can lock it. Cool. Didn´t realize that.

    Now to my real wish (I hadn´t the kemper in front of me as I posted that, so I may hadn´t the righ word "rate")

    Things that can be timed to BPM (example 1/4 or 1/32trip and so on) (named "rate")


    Phaser Vibe


    Things that cannot synced by bpm (but have a speedsetting speed also named "rate")




    Phaser One Way

    of all these, a synced vibrato and a synced chorus by bpm would be a nice addition.

    Not a life changer. But I always asked myself. And within my daw I use synced chorus and stuff much.

    I´ve checked. You speak of the delay fx. I´ve meant a global switch to display everything in bpm. I really hope I´m not to dumb to have overseen sth. Haven´t my kemper with me until later to check. Buuut that´s another thread. Sorry to have disturbed.

    pleeeeeeeease add a global control that switches all millisecond-indicators to bpm where it makes sense.


    I want to sync th following things to bpm (not milliseconds or whatever and not only delays)

    (not via midi, that´s cool too, but just via knob in the fx)

    tremolo speed

    slicer speed (in the future :))

    Chorus Speed

    things with speed or duration or fade or whatever has ms


    reverb duration (I´ve forgot the term ;() (so if I put 130bpm the duration would be 1/1 in an 130bpm song)

    and so on. Wherever I may roam. Some interesting syncing ideas.

    Yeeees, I know I surely could midi sync things. But guess, I often play on playbacks or clicks live but really nobody on stage else uses midi. Just all are synced via click via inear. But I know the BPM of every song. Until now I tap things in.

    add an option for duration if 130bpm means lenght of 1/1 or 1/2 or whatever.

    130 bpm are an example

    love ya guys :*

    How do you guys want to synchonize a slizer to your drummer?

    By Midi Clock?

    Uh Slicer! Yes! I think I asked years ago for that.

    Syncro via midi sounds good. I would hook up the kemper to my virus or one of my electrons to sync. Nicy!

    maybe add an controllable bpm into the fx. not that milliseconds thingy. You know, enough of us work with background tracks live, so a complicated midi sync (live) is not ideal.

    who needs milliseconds?

    add a global control that switches all millisecond-indicators to bpm. Uh yes. I made that an seperate thread.

    Ignore me, if I did understand everything wrong.

    As I understood, we have a per rig morph and you want to give us a global morph.

    To globaly change all sorts of variables in certain steps. All reverbs +10% whatever relative to original (or morphed value).
    That would be simply great, as long as it is free like morphing, or even more free.

    I tend to use several things exactly the same over different rigs. Same cab (but different amp eq), same reverb, same transpose (!).
    I really would like to have global (relative) morphing features. In my control logic this would simplify some things. Some things I still didn´t think about :))

    my point is: if you have in Rig A a reverb and delay and in Rig B two delays and no reverb in the last two slots, what happens?

    Or do you plan to have only such things like mixparameter morphable globally and they are connected to a certain slot? Like in Rig A you´ve got delay and in rig B you´ve got reverb in the last slot and glob.morph. changes the mix of that effect slot (whatever fx that is). Fascinating idea.

    (I don´t use pedals, my playstyle only needs the switches (love it!) on the remote for morphing and things).
    Would it be possible to morph rig transpose? Example: from -4 to 0 glabally? Uuuuuuhhhh that would be soooooo nice. (or can it be already locked at least? I dont´know...)

    hehe. The last days I tested the kemper drive (had not that much time). I didn´t care about the presets. Just fiddled around with it. I really like it. I´m not really into tube screamers, I prefer my klon clone (or at least more transparent overdrives). This thing does much of the trick. My last wish for the kemper is fulfilled.