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    It would be great to "profile" the noise in the actual environment you'll be playing with the guitar/guitars you'll be using, and use that profile for setting a multiband noise gate/signal cleanup. It would open up a lot of non singlecoilable hi gain gigs for me at least :)

    Okay thanks!

    This would already load a certain rig in the new performance though wouldn't it? Or is there any way to just preload the performance with program change instead of control change? Because I'd rather keep the last used rig from the previous performance until the very first hit in the new performance

    Ah yes. I select the rig in the performance and use that program change. So one of them are selected, that's correct.
    I've never experimented with preload as you use it, but i can give it a try and see if I have the same problem :)

    I was able to finish the circuit on a perf-board. After some measurements, I found the following settings on the KPA getting the sound quite right:

    FL 173.2050808
    F0 190.4785084
    FH 209.4745836
    Q 5.251754045
    FL 779.4951102
    F0 1155.313357
    FH 1691.398703
    Q 1.266924887

    The resulting KPA settings are:

    Manual Peak Pedal Range Peak Range
    2.168329917 6.323776225 34.15927836 -38 (change this to -41 to get more funk)

    Wow! Nice work! Thanks! :S

    96khz is absolutely useless for a piece of equipment like the kemper. There is NO useable guitar info at the nyquist frequency (48khz).

    Heck there’s very few times you’d even want to hear any guitar above 10khz let alone the nyquist for 44,1 (meaning 22khz) I have a high cut at 7khz on my kemper.

    There is so much more those cpu cycles could be used for, than producing white noise for dogs.

    In digital audio the kHz stamp is describing hos fast the cycle updates, not the frequencies included in the audio content.
    So together with the bitrate it's setting the granulation of the audio. Higher resolution just means your audio is smoother, closer to analog audio if you will.

    Please do not forget to implement a "live gig detector / musical is just running detector" before forced shutdown kicks in 8o

    Just saying... because my Windows perfectly reboots exactly when it's the most delicate moment...

    How cool is that? Another reason to fly less 8)

    If you have 49 days between soundcheck and the show, you need to change something else :D

    On my Mac with OS 10.12.6 Rig manager 3.0.100 shows me a startup error message "Cannot log into Rig exchange...."
    It's been this way since version 3 and above (i ran all the betas before the elevated versions)

    My user name and password works fine on the website, and they work fine on my windows 10-machine running rig manager of the same version.

    I have tried changing the password.


    This works!

    i have the same issue. Try the scroll wheel on your mouse. Works for me :)

    Nope. There's no info about the functionality yet.