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    Hey Matt, thanks for sending me a pack. I left it up to him and Matt sent me the Diamond Hammersmith, an amp I wasn't familiar with. Matt used Celestion Alnico Blues, Green backs, Vintage 30's and Lynchbacks, so basically 5 cleans, 5 Crunch channel profiles, and 4 Lead profiles (each set has a DI profile there is no Lynchback profile in the Lead set).At first play I wasn't that impressed, I thought they were unusable for me, but I didn't want to give up because of Matt's generosity, so I got a Graphic EQ from another profile I had from RE and bang they came to life. I think at first it was a volume problem as they seemed lower than my other profiles and the boost in Mids and volume made these pretty good. Very Marshallesque to me. The Alnico Blues profile has a great spongy feel with a nice bottom end, the Greenbacks tighten up the bottom end and sounded like a decent modded 800, with the V30 being somewhere in between the 2 with a bit spongier feel. Now I'm assuming Matt called them Crunch because that is what Diamond calls that channel but they were not a crunch tone at all lol. They were a bit higher in gain than I would normally use but they had good clarity and very useable for rock/hard rock. The only profile which I found unusable was the Crunch LB (lynchbacks), it was unusually muffled? (not sure what the go was Matt, maybe needs to be checked?) Now I don't think it's my ears or preference because I do love another profiler who is known for darker profiles (slightly muffled at bedroom volumes but come to life live). This one was more muffled than that (sorry Matt). Anyway, the Lead profiles pretty much correspond to the crunch ones with the same speakers (except not a LB one) and they are just much higher in Gain, so I couldn't use them for anything except for.....well leads!. Now on to the cleans, Matt did tell me the cleans on this were surprising, well they were pretty good! I actually got acoustic tones from the v30 & LB's on the bridge position and middle position on my PRS. I didn't coax any funky single coil tones out of them, but good strummy (is that even a word) tones and arpeggiated chords. So overall a reasonable pack with a bit of tweaking. Cheers all.

    This is getting really distasteful and that is not just pointing at any one person in particular. This Forum is becoming like a soap opera (some threads), and as much as I have read some of the train wreck threads here whilst on my lunch break just for entertainment and morbid curiosity, whenever the AX FX gets mentioned it seems to turn to this! Moderators, please step in and end this crap, it has digressed too far. Also, again not pointing fingers at anyone because I'm not across all the other forums, but this is a KEMPER forum and as much as I get that comparisons and debates are inevitable, there are some people that should not be on here causing trouble. As you were people!

    I'm definitely keen on seeing how you go with SS100!! I keep getting any that come up but no one seems to nail Steve's tone from all the clips available which sound great (except the Sweetwater one that's not great) Please don't chime in with "tone is in the hands" guys, I know this but even just when he hits chords it sounds phat, with low mids, and that growl! Maybe you should do a few tone matches in that set Matt? Will this be the real amp or module? Anyway I'll be waiting in line for that one.

    Generally speaking there are so many great profilers out there. You may want to specifiy whether you are looking for Live or Studio work, also what type of music you usually play. I have a lot of the top selling profiles and some that everyone rave about are not to my liking at all. Also what type of speaker/headphone/FRFR you will be listening to will make a difference. If playing live, Mbritt are NOT dark they are fantastic. If your playing metal you may not like his profiles, and if your a bedroom volume player they will sound darker. Are you a single coil or humbucker player? That can make the difference. You will get plenty of advice (some of it good even!) but you are about to embark on a fantastic (and somewhat expensive at times) journey.

    I don't post much on here, I usually just read stuff and learn occasionally praising someones profiles/tones. I too read when I first joined that this place was much better than the Fractal forum and for the most part I have enjoyed my time on here. I don't always agree with some of the posts regarding how close or not close the kemper sounds to the real amp(i'm the happiest I've ever been with my rig/tone, I wish the kemper had been around a long time ago), however with regards to the harassment, thats just crap. The keyboard warriors out there, get a life!

    Thats great! One question though, on the list of rigs at the end of the video it says "Lead Ch FmanSat2BG6BooM+EQ". I don't have that one, my pack only contains the "Sat2BG6Boost" not merged one, is this just a typo on your part? I love your taste in the profiles though, they are in the top ones for sure.

    Hey Sheppard93 which BE profile and which of Tills Cabs did you pair? It always helps to try peoples suggestions because if others like the same tones as you, they will go look at your other suggestions and vendors make more sales! Cheers

    Michael, thank you for this free gift of the STYX SAIL. I used it at last weekends gig and it was awesome. Turned on some of the effects for the lead tone and now 2 new profiles in my performances!

    I'm from Melbourne, had I seen this earlier I would've told you where I was playing Saturday night in case you wanted to see/hear it live! Unfortunately I'm a semi-retired live performer and was only filling in for my old band this month. Good luck and get ready for a great ride!

    the youtube clip has been processed by a hard compressor and eq in 5 points, specific points. (post production, i mean, i think)
    i have already imported that file in a daw and checked with a specific software.
    i cannot reproduce the same tight sound.
    just in case.......

    Yes I have heard there is a lot going on but I had to try get as close as possible. The clip just blows my mind for some reason. Thanks for the information buddy

    Hey guys, I've been trying to get that tone from the Youtube clip Of Steve Stevens and Mark Day. Now I'm not saying I've got it, but I used the cab from Ola Sairs 2203x Mxr Gt-Od (from Rig Exchange) and paired it with the SS100 Sweet and SS100 Gain 10 and with a little EQing (not much) and I think its very close, at the very least they are great new profiles. The guitar I used was a PRS SC58 with SD 59/Custom Hybrid pickup and detuned to D as he is in the clip and through an Alto TS212. If anyone has a chance to try it let us all know your thoughts. It was at loudish bedroom volume (no window shaking) and it sounded good in cans as well. Im gonna gig it next weekend 8)

    Mbritt profiles are definitely not ice picky. I get that everyone has different tastes with the guitar tones they are after, but if Mbritt are ice picky I would be looking at your monitoring or settings and this is not a personal taste thing its fact. I play in live bands and at bedroom volume and know a lot of people on here using them, there is no "ice pick", it is more a dark and muffled tone at bedroom volume (as others have said try definition setting when using HB), but when turned up for gig volume they sit well in band mix.

    As for that Steve Stevens amp, again different tastes but if you can get that TAF SS100 to actually sound like the real amp (youtube clips, and I've tried them in the flesh) then your doing something better than me because it's chalk and cheese. BTW I like a lot of Andy's other stuff so I'm not a hater lol, but I'm sorry that one is not the tone or feel that amp produces.

    Hi All, I just want to say that I had heard many bad things about forums (in general) prior to buying a kemper. I did go on some Forums and read things to get info on products. Some were helpful, some not so much, and some downright terrible (i think we all know which one). I have to say the people on here (mostly) are terrific (Monkey Man, Paults, Viabroce, Raoul23, Mbritt, Andy44 et al) and I've gotten lots of information reading posts and banter between people. I am not a customer of Lasse, or Sinmix profiles but as much as I'm into metal, I don't play anything heavier than say Van Halen (not very well by the way), maybe Iron Maiden so I'm not in anyones camp here at all. I did read the thread that quite obviously went pear shape. I just think in general, Commercial sellers should not slag each other, and should not go onto each others threads and throw bombs. I understand that some people are passionate, and that some people have pride in their work, but lets try and keep this place the wealth of information and good people it has been for a long time. Tone is subjective, so be happy with whatever you find on here that works for you! Peace