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    hafi19 I have checked out all the Jose rigs on RE, I think there is even a JCM800 modded one on there. There is also a Dan Gower modded rig on the RE (which are similar to Jose Mods I believe) but none of them sound like the video I posted. It's like all the rigs out there, everyones versions are different, or else we wouldn't need a 1000 versions of a JCM800, or a BE100. I have found with my rig (at least) and with the tones I'm after, that 90% out there don't sound very good. Thanks for chiming in though, thats whats great about this place everyone is trying to help each other in our mad pursuit of chasing the tones in our heads.

    Btw has anyone besides rik777 tried it? Tonight I hooked everything back up and I think for the particular rig I posted, pure cab "on" sounds closer to the vid ;(. It feels like it loses some mids and girth with it off. I'll have to play around with the EQ's again and see if I can get closer.

    Just an addendum to anyone interested in this. I just realized that my pure cab was on, not sure how maybe with one of the updates? Anyways for those that don't use pure cab this profile may now sound different to what I had initially eq'd and possibly changed harmonically as well. I cant test it right now because i moved my kemper downstairs due to illness and can only listen through headphones. Apologies if I've wasted anyones time. Cheers

    rik777 I think he may have used a different cab at the start to get that tone for Shyboy because he says "for the second video, I used my blackback loaded cab", it does sound different to my ears from the first vid but it could be the effects and how he mixed it to that backing track.

    Let me know how you go once you've checked it out.

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    Not sure how many of you have seen this but its very cool. I tried to re-create the tone in the middle of the clip where Pete creates his own song.

    I used 2 RE profiles, started with the Jose Arredondo from Craig Sorrenti and used the cab from Marshall JCM800 Mod from Alan (similar speakers to what Pete used).

    I'm not sure if I'm going deaf but with my setup (listed below), I think I got close. I made a few tweaks, but if anyone wants to give it a crack and let me know what you think. I don't think I have broken any rules because both were free profiles but I didn't want to put it on the RE all the same. If this is an issue for anyone please let me know.

    G&L Strat (with Seymour custom shop pup), maple neck and fingerboard, into Kemper then from main out into Alto TS112 powered speaker, also from the monitor out to a Crate Powerblock into a Blackstar 2x12 with Celestion 70/80 speakers just slighter lower in volume than the Alto to give me a bit more live feel. This is all at home volume so not sure how it will go cranked.

    P.S The effects were just some random ones pulled from another profile just to give me some reverb and delay rather than trying to match those Mr Thorn used.

    T-Man JMP Jose Arredondo Mod 3 - 2020-05-25

    I hope you get it all sorted. I had a different issue (I have contacted support a few days ago but have not heard), I updated Rig Manager before updating the profiler so they stopped talking to each other. I then manually updated Profiler, but unfortunately they are not talking to each other. Now I'm worried that some rigs may be gone like the OP. I'll have to check tonight.

    So are some of you saying that even though you had a backup, it hasn't worked? I always worry about this.

    1959RR ch2 vol6 boost by David G Burns.

    My early fave for vintage-rock mojo. Dial the treble back a tad and reduce Definition for extra mojo and character. At first your ears will think it's too-dark, but play for a bit and you'll see what I mean.

    The tweak will increase graininess, but it's "good grainy". Try it through a good wah too.

    I listened long ago on this one and Monkey is right, it has something going on for sure

    Just thought I'd share an issue I had in case anyone else gets affected, Kemper support knows about this and I believe it's being addressed but; the "Quad Chromatic" reverb setting that I have (which I got with Liam Thompsons awesome rigs of RE) now make my Kemper squeal it's head off after the update. I have had to disengage it from a few rigs or avoid them altogether. Even with guitar volume off the profiles start to softly squeal and then the volume goes up. I must stress Kemper has acknowledged it, but just in case someone else experiences it hopefully will be resolved in a update fix. Has anyone else actually experienced this?

    Yes brother Ash, I uninstalled and then loaded back up for the same result.

    D Man, I have it on the highest resolution which is 1920X1080, my old computer was 1360x768. As I said everything else is fine. I also got a message saying to click on a setting which helps "some" aps look clearer but doesn't work on all. Guess which one it doesn't work on?!X(:cursing: Trust me it's blurry, on my ole computer its sharp as this forum!