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    Hi All, after years of trying to find my tone (or more to the point the one in my head as apposed to the ones my fingers keep churning out!). I went from ADA in the 90's-2000's, to Eleven Rack, to a modded Ceriatone 50w AFD amp, back to Eleven Rack and now finally here to KPA. I've only had it a couple weeks so still going through the figuring out, trying profiles both free & purchased, and finding what will work for my cover band, which covers a lot of ground. So far it's been going "ok". I'm trying to be patient because it's not where I want it to be but I got it out live last week, so I'm at least at the stage of leaving the Eleven rack at home(actually in the back of the car for backup lol). Only using one amp type atm, to go from clean/funky tones, to Crunch, to Rock, and obviously Lead. I won't say which company I purchased the rigs I'm using as I will contact them directly (I think that is only fair), but I'm using an amp that I know sounds great in the room (with my hands and fingers!!), and also in clips on the tube, but I'm getting a fizzy, kinda strange version of it. I'm stubborn as I want it to work and I know other people have had success with this profile from same vendor, but I know people have said these same things from the same profile. Any suggestions would help, Amp Definition not really taking out enough of the angry fizz I'm talking about. It's still good, but I want it to be great!! Any suggestions would be great. I know all about the "cabs off" for poweramp+cab, and also the cabs on for powered speakers. In actual fact it sounds great with Cabs off thru my Crate Power block into a Blackstar 2 x12 with Celestian 70/80, but doesn't sound great through a $1200 QSC powered speaker which would be closer to what the FOH would get. :thumbup:

    My issue is similar, but slightly different. I have unlinked the master volume so master volume only changes Monitor out. I plug my QSC powered speaker to Main out to emulate FOH, and then plug my poweramp+cab to monitor out. All works as it should at first volume only affects the monitor, but if I turn the master volume down to zero to hear only whats coming out of Main outs (which works as it should), when I turn up the master back up, the volume doesn't kick in till it's a lot louder than before I turned it down. For example if master is on 1.4 & I can hear the monitor out, after I turn it to zero and then go back up it won't kick in till say 2 or higher. I have gone into the menu for Master out and got main set to -20db, and monitor to about -66db, and have hit the "lock" button. When I turn it to where there should be volume, say back to 1.4 on master & I go back into the master menu and it shows monitor volume at -00. If I turn the knob slowly (for monitor out) in the master menu it suddenly goes from -00 to back to -66??? WTF. Hope this makes sense. Hope someone can help with this as I don't want to send my unit from Australia to Germany