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    I ended up buying the Dream 65, it sounded so good in the demos online.
    However i am not convinced.
    Clean tones are good, but not really better that what the Kemper can do. The different cabs are nice.

    ODs feels artificial and not really inspiring to me. When you are increasing the gain, you are clearly hearing that you switch suddenly from clean mode to OD mode. It sounds boxy in my headphones.
    It doesn't take pedals that well (not a strong point of Kemper either). Various one i tried (bluesbreaker clone, tube screamer, dumble style OD...) sounded MEH.

    I had high hopes about the spring reverb, but i think the one in the kemper has a wider range of use.
    Tremolo is OKish.
    Ergonomics are really bad, only one recallable preset, no way to see what are the values of said preset. There is no editor. No midi. No TRS output (but two TS instead). No XLR. Rotating dials don't feel like a pedal dial but like a remote : you have to move them a lot for them to register that you want the actual setting to change. Alternate mode for the Tremolo makes you wonder what is happening when you forgot in which mode you are.
    This is a stereo pedal, but i couldn't tell the difference listening to it in mono.
    Connected to my soundcard, the volume seems too low.
    I don't really understand for whom this is intended. I wanted to create a compact pedalboard with a few ods and effects to replace my Toaster on the go, but for me there is only the clean sound that sound good, and as much as i like fender cleans, this seems a bit short to constitute a "rig".

    I hope we will get an OS 9 with improved modulation effects.
    But a new hardware is probably in the works since our beloved Kemper is not in many conversations online and i bet sales are declining.

    I was lucky enough to get a grip on the complete collection of a well known Profiles maker at a highly discounted price.
    Now i have 180 something folders to insert in RM and i will have to import them one by one, recreating the virtual folders each time by hand.
    Please do something. :huh:

    Hi Pre-Amp, thank you for taking the time to help me :love:

    The reverb is placed post-amp. I was intially using it pre-amp (with same issues) but wanted to try it in stereo. Since it seems better in stereo and since my amp is pretty clean, it's not less authentic so.
    I have tried to lessen the mix but even at very small value the cliping was still there.

    I have tried per you recommandation to try a different amp, i switched the princeton profile for a deluxe reverb profile, and the clipping is less apparent... Althought the DR seems louder, i guess its frequency content is different (darker) and so it clips less.
    What i ended-up doing with the Princeton was using a pure boost at -5db before the reverb, and removing -1db in the amp block which seems enough to tame the problem.
    Again, thank you for your help.

    Hi everyone,

    i have been playing lately with the spring reverb to get surf sounds. I ended with a tone i like, with some parameters pushed but there is always a tad of clipping in the result.
    Now, i'm a trying to learn a song that require to use the bridge pickup on my strat (it was the middle till there), and the clipping is unbearable.
    I'm using pretty extreme settings on the surf reverb
    Mix 85% Decay Time 3,2s Dripstone +5 Spring size 8.6
    All the other valus are relatively stock.
    I have tried many countermeasures to adresse the problem : decreasing the mix, putting a parametric EQ at 3khz before or after the reverb, putting a high cut on the spring reverb, decreasing my guitar volume, decreasing the rig volume. All of these gives me so so results, either the clipping is not reduced enough or the tone loose all his sparkle.

    For now the best solution i have come with is to reduce the input sense.

    It's currently set at +6db globally. I don't get any clipping without the reverb, i get sometimes small orange flickering when digging very high.
    When adding the reverb, i get the clipping demonstrated in the first clip.
    WIth clean sens at -6db (minus six), the problem is really tamed (albeit still there when digging very hard), but it can't be a solution to fiddle with the clean sens just for one sound (is it even possible to change the clean sens only for one rig without using a performance ?)

    What could i do

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    ps: i have also tried a "pure booster" before the reverb, but the volume reduction only goes to -5db which is not quite enough.

    Maybe are my ears....but I find the tones the original rigs. I mean: they sound pretty identical, but to me both terrible...:(

    I am not into high gain so i only checked low gain, but i find they caught very well the raspy sounds of tweed amps pushed to saturation. That's a tone one may like or not, but that the Kemper can't really do ATM IMHO.

    Another tech that allow to mimic a rig ala Kemper

    Demos seems pretty good.


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    Since this unfortunate event, my workflow is now to do my settings in RM, then i hit "store as" on the profiler (where the feature actually exists) and then copy and paste the rig on my hard drive in RM. Not ideal.

    This is incorrect. Sometimes, hiting "store in local library" overwrite the existing rig, as i demonstrated here : Prevent accidental overwriting of rig

    Yes, when you are using imprints ("monitor cab off" enabled) you are not using the cab part included in the profile.
    If that were the case, you would have double filtering and it would sound probably muffled.

    If you want to use the included cab in the profile, you have to use the Kabinet in FRFR mode, disabling "monitor cab off".
    That's the same thing if you are using a true guitar cab with your profiler.

    Currently I'm working on Logic pro X, with 44.1kHz both in Kemper and the focusrite 8i6. I have also the setup with the Scarlett done with the Focusrite control and it shows green light as if everything is synced, so if anyone has any idea of where could be the problem please let me know.

    The Focusrite software is a PITA.
    Does the spdif channels shows up in the Focusrite mixer ? If they don't, you have to add them there.

    I think the Amp X is vaporware at this point. In one recent video T Blug implied between the lines that the software was still to be developed.
    I would be very surprised to see it available in 2022.