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    This is a scenario that happened to me more than once :

    - Open Rig Manager with kemper running

    - Fiddle with the actual rig loaded on the profiler

    - Find some settings that i like and want to store as a new rig on the hard drive

    - Hit logical choice "Store Rig in local library"

    => boom, actual rig on hard drive is overwritten with new settings, with no possibility to get it back. (even the undo queue is empty)
    IMHO, what could be better would be to have usual commands of softwares-> "Save As"

    It has been said: If you monitor full-range (headphones, in-ear, studio monitors, stage wedges, PA, home entertainment,....), there is no sound difference between Studio and Merged. So, you just don't need to care.

    I understand that there is no benefit for full-range users.
    But there is no drawback for those users either, and it's supposed to be "more authentic" for cab users.
    So this should be in theory the universal, always chosen solution.
    But obviously this is not the case so there should be another technical reason for the paying profiles to be so rarely merged.
    I suspect that the results don't meet the promises.

    I suppose by now you have seen the various youtube clips about the three new amps pedal from UA (one Blackface, one Vox, one Tweed). In the demos, i really think they sound ace. I wonder if all of those sounds can really be reproduced so well with our Kempers.

    I need advices here. Another amp in the room thread...
    I'm a bedroom guitarist in an apartment with neighbors, chasing my favorite tone which is a simple Fender Clean .
    Most of the time i am using my Kemper trough headphones, which gives me a result i like.
    I have also Studio Monitors which are nice for listening to music, but don't gives me (obviously) the famous AITR feel. They are fun for playing with big ambient stereo effects, but i miss the nice, full, "3D", room filling Fender Clean.
    I can't just buy a real Fender Amp because even a small tube amp would be much too loud for my neighbors.
    I'm considering a few scenarios:

    - just buy a Fender 68 custom vibrochamp (10") and use it with the volume on the lowest values
    - buy a Fender 68 custom vibrochamp with an attenuator
    - buy a Fender 68 custom vibrochamp, profile it, then use only as a guitar cab for my kemper with a power amp.
    - buy an open back guitar cab and use it with my kemper with a power amp. Which cab ? Which speaker size ?
    - other scenario i haven't thought about ?
    - stay with my headphones and studios monitors and accept reality

    I must add, that i don't want to be able to practice at midnight with the cab, most of these practice time will still be done with my headphones, but i would like to be able to play one or two times in the middle of the week with some gorgeous amp sound without annoying my neighbors too much.

    Thank you.

    While digging, i discovered that the main manual was actually not very clear about this, but it seems the actual way of doing things in kemper land is to use 0 to shut off something, and every value other than 0 to turn it on.
    Since the kemper midi spec document has other errors like this, i understand that this spec is out of sync with the real state of kemper midi, and so my request would be to ask for updating ?

    Today i tested the Morningstar MC8 which i just received, nice piece of equipment.

    While trying to program it to choose the slot in performance mode i discovered this:
    When using CC #50 to #54 to chose the slot, you have to put a value higher than 0 or it won't work. It took me some time to figure this.

    I haven't found this information in the main manual.

    In the midi manual it's written that you have to use value 1, but it seems to work with every value that is not 0.

    It would be probably a good idea, either to write this info in the main manual or (better) to change the CC so that it accept all values (although there is perhaps a reason i failed to see for this to be like this).

    Thank you.

    I can confirm that Mr. Finnegan has realized a true clean booster (when drive is set to zero).

    And he has done it in purpose. It's not a happy accident, considering the very complicated circuit he designed.

    Josh Scott from JHS explained in one of his video that the "magical diodes" were completely excluded from the circuit when gain was set at zero, which made him laugh since many people are using the Klon that way, raving about the diodes that are supposed to make all the difference.