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    BAM200 is tailored for bass guitar. With all controls at 12 o'clock it has a pronounced mid-range dip with boosted low and high end. To get something close to a flat response you need to set with Bass at 10 o'clock, Mid at 3:30 and High at 10 o'clock. That provides a response that's flat to +- 1db from 30 Hz. to 10 KHz. Also note that the BAM 200 has a lot more gain than a dedicated power amp. Set the Kemper monitor out at around -30 db and run BAM200 gain at around 10 o'clock. Set BAM volume to suit.

    Okay, so it made a night and day difference with those settings. It sounds better, but it definitely colors the sound. I feel like I might return it and go with the Icepower module. I'd just need to wait for the enclosure, which could take 45 or more days to arrive, which is a significant part of the reason I went for the BAM in the first place. Also, thank you for posting that, and everyone for the suggestions.

    Played around with it a bit some more. I do have those set correctly, I think. I do have the option to change the different imprints, and I do hear a change when cycling through them. I have the monitor ouput going to the bam and bam to Kabinet. Most of the profiles I try sound pretty bad though. A few sound decent like Fischers Jazz Fux OD2 from the exchange (I think that's where I found it) with the EVM12L Blacklabel imprint sounds pretty decent, others sound very fizzy, or harsh. I have the Bam set to 12 o'clock on all the dials. Not sure what to do with gain and master. I have gain up a tiny bit otherwise there's no sound, and master a tiny bit, because otherwise it's extremely loud. I'm just using this setup for bedroom playing.

    So, I finally got my Kabinet and ended up going with the Bam200, but I'm not all that impressed with the sound. It doesn't sound like an amp to me, it just sounds the same as it always does, just loud, that is... a mic'd recorded cab. Maybe my settings aren't right, or are there only particular profiles this works well for?

    In Output I have Kemper Kone enabled, Monitor Cab Off, the Master Ouput is set to Master Mono, but I've tried the others as well.

    Is that how it's supposed to be set?

    Actually, I've seen the Macht 402 mentioned before. I feel like I'd read a couple of people saying it didn't quite sound as good, or something else that wasn't quite right. I could be wrong though. I'll definitely look into it some more, because that would make things pretty easy. Thanks for the suggestion on that.

    if you're going to put both amps in the same cabinet I would go with the ASC/AC combo as it's designed to add the 2nd amp and supply power from one board to the other. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks, I was thinking about trying to find a rackmount enclosure to put the amps in, but it would make things easier to just have one power supply. I just wasn't sure if the newer amps were any better, because I can deal with the hassle of having two amps.

    Hoping someone could help me out. I'd like to use two Kabinets for stereo (reverb and such) at bedroom levels. As far as Ice Power amps go, which would be best for that? I'd like to also have the option to just use one Kab. Should I pick up two Icepower 50ASX2BTL and basically have two amps, or the 200ASC+200AC combo?

    Yeah, I do have it at 24bit. Studio One's just weird that way, but after playing around with other DAWs for a bit I've found there's definitely something wrong with the Focusrite. It's not just Studio One.
    After a while it seems to lose sync or something, because the audio will cut out and I'll hear a steady clicking. I have to power cycle the 6i6 to get it working again. This is with 3 different DAWs.
    I have a chat window open with Focusrite, but it's been an hour I've been on hold and haven't been connected to an agent yet. EDIT: And I was just disconnected. Shows chat is offline now. Wonderful.

    @Ramjam, haven't tried Mixcraft. I did just download the Bitwig demo to test out, which feels a bit toyish.

    Hi @Gary_W, thanks for the suggestions.

    I do have spdif for the clock, but I've also tried setting it to internal. Same outcome for both.

    I've also raised the buffer, but it didn't make a difference. If I record analog I can actually go as low as 16 without a hiccup. I normally have it set to 32, but I currently have it set to 128 and have tried much larger settings. Pops and clicks don't increase or decrease when I make those changes either, so at 32 I get the same amount as with say 512.

    I think it must be a Studio One issue like you say. Though it's not showing any CPU spikes in the performance monitor, it's not handling something well. I've been testing against Abelton Live and have no issues with Abelton. I have the buffer set to 32 there and it's working no issues.

    One thing I just noticed that's worth mentioning. With Studio One (this doesn't happen with Abelton) it gets much worse if I switch windows to use say Rig Manager or something else. So you may be right that it's not handling processes well.


    I'm monitoring through studio, input monitoring, yes. If I monitor directly from the interface it's clean, but still there on the recordings.

    Hi @skoczy,

    I actually found your post yesterday when searching for a solution. Thanks, I just didn't have any luck with it.

    It's becoming clear that my issue is to do with Studio One.
    I think I have to start searching for a new DAW, which is unfortunate because I really like Studio One. I really like how easy it is to quantize and set everything up.

    Have you tried using USB thru daw , might be a way to see if you are still getting the pops and raising the buffer size as well. Just to see if it's universally clicking and popping, I have the 2i4 2nd gen and it works great with reaper, but I am strictly using USB .

    Also, I think you can download reaper for free trial, test it thru that Daw and see if you get the same results.

    I don't use Spdif, so I can't really help there, but just some ideas I had. Hope you get it sorted

    I'm not sure I understand the USB thru DAW part. Do you mean testing audio without the Kemper? In that case there's no clicking/popping.
    I did just test through Abelton Live right now, and there didn't seem to be any problems either. So it seems like maybe it's a Studio One problem rather than a Kemper+Focusrite issue. Maybe, possibly.
    I don't see any options in Studio One that would make a difference, but I very much prefer it, so not sure where to go from here.
    Thanks for the help though.

    I just set up my Focusrite 6i6 with the Kemper using spdif. If I select hardware outputs (spdif) all is fine (it's pretty much just passing the Kemper through the speakers), but once I choose to output through the DAW (Presonus Studio One) it becomes a mess.
    I have the Focusrite set to spdif clock and it's locked to the Kemper. I've also tried various other settings, block sizes, and whatnot, but it's all the same.
    Here's a short audio sample…8/SnapCracklePop.wav?dl=0 (this is a mild example, it gets worse).

    I have a pretty powerful PC, so shouldn't be an issue there. And I was recording just fine through analogue before.
    Any ideas?

    I've done a search, and thought I found my answer here spdif clicks and crackles again, but still no luck after following @Verminante's advice.

    Since I just got the Kemper days ago, to complete the setup I picked up a 2nd gen Focusrite 6i6 for $185, and a pair of JBL LSR305 speakers also for $185 after black Friday discounts.
    I was planning on getting an SG Standard too, but I've just spent way too much this week. Couldn't justify it without first selling a guitar or something to offset the cost, and I hate selling guitars, so.

    Not sure where best to post this question, but do any of you guys know if there's a Green Ringer profile available (whether free or commercial)?
    I normally build my own pedals, and have all the parts to make a clone, but I'm just not up to it lately.

    Yeah, I noticed that at one point it kicked in and started downloading full speed.

    Anyway, finally came, and got it set up! It sounds amazing. I definitely need to get myself some speakers now though. My phones hurt my cheeks, so I can't be wearing them all the time.
    I think I'm going to pick up the JBL lsr305's during the Black Friday deals. Been spendy lately, so I have to be frugal about this.

    I was actually able to complete the download finally. Just took about 5 more tries of it failing halfway through.
    I also downloaded the beta OS as well while I was at it.

    It's out for delivery now, so I need to get on creating a space for it.

    No mirrors I'm afraid, oncehuman. A new OS beta was released yesterday, so it's conceivable that the associated increase in activity has affected your attempts to download RM. Just keep trying bud; you'll get it.

    Welcome to the forum, mate!

    Ah, gotcha. Well, maybe I'll have better luck later tonight. Thanks!

    Hi everyone, so I have a Kemper scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Excited to get started with it, but I can't Rig Manager to finish downloading. I've tried several times now and the closest I've gotten is 75 out of 77MB. They're downloading very slowly too (40 mins or so for the 77MB file). Are there any download mirrors available for the latest version?