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    I spent 4 months tweaking the hell out of my Axe-Fx II just to get a decent tone.

    Yesterday, I finally got a Kemper. I spent 4 hours from unboxing to recording amazing tones without tweaking a single profile except for moving the gain knob a tad. It was everything I was searching for!

    In my opinion, the Axe-Fx is missing the organic feel and upper harmonics of a tube amp. This may be due to cabinet IR's in general.

    Can you post the same samples with few diff amps and cabs from Axe? Also Diezel. EVH, etc... ?

    Stay Metal!

    For sure. I will post something up before throwing the Axe-Fx on Reverb. I would keep it for an effects unit, but my wife would probably kill me. :pinch:

    I also wanted to make a video just on the famous Bulb patch for Axe-Fx. If you load it up now it sounds like garbage. The way the firmware works makes patch sharing almost useless.

    After a few months of struggling to get the tone I was after with the Axe-Fx II, I got a Kemper. I wish I would have done it from the beginning.

    The tones are so good on this. I feel like I am playing a mic'd up amp. It is very organic. The sound is so much fuller than the Axe!

    I recorded some STL and ToneHammer profiles for a test run. I didn't edit a single profile which amazes me after the hours I would have to spend tweaking the Axe-Fx to get a decent sound.

    Marc's Bass patch from the free pack is great!

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    My problem now is deciding on which tone to track with!