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    That album was Axe-Fx HBE firmware v1. The amp settings were almost all set to default at noon. No boost. Misha said the amp model sounds much different after firmware v1. They used a custom IR of his ZILLA 2x12.

    I have gotten a similar tone using the TAF Friedman BE100 profile with a SinMix Zilla 2x12.

    Check out the Tim Owens BE 100 Friedman profiles, they are free and excellent.

    Thanks man. I haven't messed much with velocity. Should the velocity on the hats be different on each hit, or do you think possibly just alternating between two different velocities would suffice?

    With really fast midi programming, don't vary them too much or you will end up getting an almost phasey sound. It takes some experimenting as it greatly depends on which samples you are using.

    The mix is sounding much better.

    If you want to learn a lot about recording, check out Unstoppable Recording Machine.

    I talked to Anthony from Red not too long ago before a show. He is using 2 Kempers in stereo live right now on tour.

    He has used Mesa Dual Recs until the Kemper. The album tone sounds like they have some amps blended. Crank the bass. Hi-Pass all the really low lows. He doesn't run a ton of mids.

    You can't really get that tone live as others have mentioned. Neither can he live - even with 2 Kempers. =)

    There is a Triple Rec profile called Moth on RigEx. I changed the cab and did a major Post Studio EQ that gets something similar.

    The bass player lives up the street from me. His tone live is better than the albums.

    Thanks for the feedback! I do agree with you there regarding the hi-hat. Any suggestions? I'm definitely still learning, so any suggestions regarding cymbals especially would be awesome.

    Sounds pretty good for just starting.

    Pan drums like your were sitting at the drum kit.

    Hi-hat = somewhere around 10:30- 11 o'clock works well

    I think the focus is to thin the herd for our preferences. So for instance of someone else liked the same tones i liked, they could grab my selections rather than the colossal hawp8 and have to demo through 50 profiles then tweak the picks.

    Id keep your individual pack to a relevant size. Anywhere from 2 - 10 sounds about right. I think anything beyond 10 may be counter productive.

    These profiles are fantastic!

    I was using the TAF BE as my main rig. If anyone is looking for where to start, download the MAB profiles. They are pretty killer. Sounds great through my PRS with BKP Juggernauts.

    Thanks for the hard work! :thumbup:

    I'd suggest TAF's Pack 10: a Friedman Dirty Shirley that sounds pretty good, and you can buy it separately for five pounds (6 euros aprox).
    And there are the very good BE profiles by Tim Owens, a few BE by Alayon, and also some good Friedman Steve Stevens all in the R Exchange.
    Check them up. It's all so personal, isn't it? You may prefer darker or brighter, etc. Also, Top Jimi and Soundside have done some Friedman amps (BE, SS, Pink Taco, etc).

    I second this. I am using the TAF Friedman for my main tone right now. It goes from rock to metal. Love it! Sits in the mix really nice.

    Funny, if I were making those particular frequency adjustments, I'd, in theory at least, opt for them the other way around, so the kick sits below the bass.

    You can definitely switch them up, it is all about the arrangement and instruments. His bass is definitely owning the low end.

    If the bass plays a lot of low E (40 Hz) and the kick is tuned to 65 Hz, then you need to take that into account.

    I was just giving an example. And I did forget to mention that would be with a very tight Q. When you get down to it, you can look at the main bass note frequency and boost that specific frequency or a double of that frequency. We are just working on a basic mix right now. =)

    Only quad track if you can get the guitar parts super tight. Otherwise it can get mushy.

    Programming Realistic Drums with Nolly from Periphery

    That mix is a huge improvement. Nice work!

    Is your bass track panned slightly to the right? Keep it center to pull the mix together.

    What I like to do is carve EQ spaces for each instrument. Stuff that occupies the same space, cut one and boost the other in that same spot.


    Kick - boost 60Hz by 2dB, Cut 50Hz by 2dB

    Bass - Cut 60Hz by 2dB, Boost 50Hz by 2dB

    Hi-Pass around 35Hz on all tracks! All of this information is useless and eats up your headroom.

    Send all of your instrument tracks to an Instrument Bus, and make a separate Bus for the vocals. Send both of those busses to the master. This makes it easier to balance. You can use EQ on the instrument Bus to carve a little space for the vocals to sit.

    The main thing I noticed right off the bat was that the guitars (and piano / orchestral instruments) in the first track don't occupy the stereo field and are panned left of center. In my opinion, the mix would greatly benefit from double tracked guitars panned left and right. The drums sound pretty good to my ears.

    I totally agree. Leads keep center, but for the heavy rhythm parts, track them twice. Pan one hard left and the other hard right. It will sound so much more full and brutal!

    Can you post the same samples with few diff amps and cabs from Axe? Also Diezel. EVH, etc... ?

    Stay Metal!

    Unfortunately the Axe-Fx sold right away and I didn't get a chance to A/B them. deadpan's profiles are right on the money for the Axe though. His Nolly patch sounds better on the Kemper than if you loaded the patch on Quantum firmware directly on the Axe. I think something maybe wasn't quite right with my Axe-Fx.

    After testing quite a few Kemper Direct Patches with the same Ownhammer IR's I used with the Axe-Fx, I can say now a bunch of what bothered me is cabinet IR's in general. They sound too compressed to me. A merged Kemper cabinet sounds much more organic to me.