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    The volume of the various profiles by various profile makers are all different. Switching from one to the other can change your volume dramatically. Before a performance you have to manually adjust every rig to the same volume which is time-consuming. Couldn't the Kemper detect the output volume and make automatic adjustments so everything came out at a preset standard volume? This would save users a lot of time.

    I would love to be able to add a simple metronome as a stomp/effect for practicing. Or who knows, someone may use it live. Seems like this would be relatively simple to accomplish and would add a lot of utility.

    I have a lot of guitar profiles and a lot of bass profiles and play both regularly. It would be very helpful if I could have a Bass Favorites which is separate from Guitar Favorites. When I am looking in my Favorites for one instrument, say bass profiles, I don’t want the list cluttered by my guitar favorites and vice-versa. This seems like it would be a simple add. Thanks for the consideration.

    Thank you everyone especially Mr. Kemper for your personal reply. I can’t check again until this weekend but if my experience is unique maybe this is just a case of “operator error” — maybe I just need to change the 9V in my active bass. I did hear a clipping sound, but you’re right I don’t think the input light turned red.

    The dial to the left of the main screen has “all rigs”, “favorites”, “just bass” etc. I play bass and guitar and like having “just bass”. I also wish they would add “just guitar” so I could screen out my bass rigs, or even “just clean” to screen out profiles over a certain gain level. I know I can create folders in rig manager but wondering if this is a menu you could upgrade or maybe we could one day customize it ourselves? Thanks

    I would really like to see an easy way to trim the input signal level of my instrument at the Kemper. My bass with passive pickups sounds great but my Warwick bass with active electronics has a signal which is too hot which cannot be dealt with by adjusting clean sense alone. I have to turn down the volume on the bass almost all the way and this of course affects the tone dramatically.

    I’m wondering if Kemper could add the ability to substantially trim or boost the signal in the input section with the turn of a knob.

    On the kemper is a small dial where you can tell it where to look for rigs. You can set it to “all rigs”, “favorites”, “just bass”. How do I create a new one called “just guitar” where I can filter out my many bass rigs? (I play both)

    When I first got my Kemper I downloaded the bass rig pack from the website and then later noticed that it was in my rig manager already in the rig pack section. On closer inspection I noticed that one of the rig packs had KEMPER spelled in all capital letters in the other one had Kemper with the capital K only. Then I noticed that one came with stomps pre-loaded (but not engaged) into slots and the other had no stomps although the Reverb was engaged. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the two Versions of profiles or why there are even two versions available?

    Of course it goes without saying that how we set up our gear is a matter of your personal preferences etc, but... what I'm trying to ask is, is one method more commonly used in one set of circumstances and the other method more commonly used in another? Such as, always do it this way in a live setting, or never do it that way in a live setting?

    I think in the guitar world the delay and reverb are so universally accepted as belonging in the after the amp category that Kemper even dedicated those effects in specific locations after the amp.

    I'm just curious about how others approach these things

    There seems to be such a dearth of activity on the bass page so here's a simple question for my bass playing brethren:

    Where do you like to instantiate your stock Kemper compression and why? Before or after the preamp? I believe after, like in the X slot, is the traditional location but I'm not really sure. Or maybe you don't like to use compression at all?

    Check out Mesa Engineering's Gemeni II. 2 speakers that run in stereo as an FRFR or flip a switch to disengage the horn and run it like a guitar amp "in the room". Pretty cool. Also has a Bluetooth capability so you can wirelessly stream backing tracks from your phone through your amp while you play through the same amp at the same time. Lastly it has a USB connection so it can be seen by your DAW and used as monitors for a full mix. A very nice piece of gear.

    Sorry to disagree but I have been using pro tools on my powerful pc laptop without any issues for a decade. A Mac is not necessary or superior in any way. Nor is it inferior. It's the same comparison as Gibson vs Fender. It just does't matter, not really. I think there are more mac people using pro tools but that is a matter of culture. I needed a pc for work and a mac would not have cut it in my line of work so I got a pc to serve all of my needs

    For a little more money Antelope Audio's "Zen Tour" (or Orion Studio if you need more inputs) is really outstanding. Small, super portable, super powerful and ultra high quality sound.

    Universal Audio would be my 2nd choice because you get access to all of the Universal Audio plug-ins, which are extensive. As for what model I would base that on the number of people, mics and inputs recording simultaneously.

    Ultimately, however, it just doesn't matter. Just like It doesn't really matter if you play Gibson or Fender. True, a more expensive instrument or interface will be nicer, with maybe more features, but when push comes to shove, it just doesn't NEED to be, unless you are putting out professional recordings for a living. If you have a few bucks and just like nice things, I would go with antelope audio, just my opinion.

    I am in a cover band and we rehearse in our drummer's garage. we have a crappy pa that is just not loud enough to keep up with the amps and drums. We want to play some small outdoor parties in town and want to get a better PA system.

    I have an Antelope Audio Orion Studio with 12 mic pre's and 4 on-board mixers and would like to use it so I just need power and speakers. How big should the speakers be and how powerful of an amp? We will blend the whole band, guitars, bass, drums and vocals through the pa but it needs to keep up with the actual amps and drums and I am not sure what to get.

    What should I get for my 4 piece party band? I have heard about QSC K12 but would be curious about others.