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    I’m unaware of the impact.

    But, let’s be fair. The kemper release is a major release adding brand new reverbs that we’re not contemplated when those patches were released. In fact, some of them were profiles released when they were “hacking” things together to try to achieve the tones you now can by default.

    Line 6 would break stuff just because they were unbreaking something somewhere else. Minor releases would render whole workflows useless and it would be unrelated to net new functionality.

    I’m not sure if you can do a soft blend through an expression pedal, but you should be able to set this up today through some remote manipulation. Maybe one button moves it to half way gain and the next moves it to full. Ie, take your highest gain profile, then dial it down to half way and then set a button on the remote, then another from halfway to clean. Then the buttons would just be in reverse of what you want. You could also get there using a overdrive effect and assign an expression pedal to the mix. Then you could setup an expression pedal for the wet / dry effect mixes from zero to 100%.

    Kemper supports up to 4 expression pedals today via the remote.

    In general, you’ll hear this forum talk mostly highly of FRFR speakers as you get the best variance of tone and likely the “truest” representation of the profiled sound.

    Check out YouTube for “Tone Junkie FRFR shootout”. It has everything you’re looking for.

    You might also want to wait until Summer when Kemper releases their cabinet. Seems like they have some special tricks up their sleeve with a purpose built speaker.

    As for me, I will always lust after a Mission Gemini 2P. Kinda wished I’d saved a little money and gone the non-powered route and used the savings to buy the Gemini. Stereo in a single cab.

    The one answer I haven't seen anywhere, and it seems to get buried by other interesting facts, is if the new preset management will also apply to rigs (not just effects). I would love to have all of the manufacturers (Fender, Mesa, Orange) in the left column, then the amps (Twin, Princeton, Vibrolux) in the middle column, then the profiles in the right. I've curated Rig Manager in this format already just to keep things straight. In addition, those of us with profiles from the companies that put out full sets of profiles at multiple gain stages, this would be incredible.

    Always higher gain profile and turn down. Increasing the gain on a profile is about like treating the EQ knobs like you would in the amp. It’s no longer accurate. Look for profilers who profile multiple gain stages for each amp, vs “sweet spot” only.

    Welcome to the community. While the kemper does perform differently, I would recommend sticking it out to learn as much as you can. This box is so powerful.

    There are multiple inputs. One in the front and then an “alternate input” on the back. You also have an effects loop in the back that’s great for your wet/dry setup.

    I would highly recommend watching Tone Junkie TV on YouTube. His explainer videos are some of the best content available on the Kemper. This video in particular will let you see what’s possible for a single profile / input sensitivities.

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    Overall, your dirt pedals probably shouldn’t be adding much volume to your overall signal chain. It should just be affecting the tone. If you need a volume boost, there’s a great one in the Kemper. Are you using a powered or non-powered Kemper?

    I don’t know what’s happening to your delays and reverbs, but just remember that you’re hitting the front of the amp. You’ll want to make sure the Reverb and delays are turned off on the Kemper for the profile your playing.

    As far as the Kemper Gain knob. Best practice is to NOT increase it at all. You can clean up the gain and still hold true to the original tone of the amp. But as soon as you use that knob to increase the gain, things go haywire. It’s not meant to be a replacement for the amp’s gain knob. If you need more gain, find a profile of the amp with more gain. I appreciate the profilers who include multiple gain settings in their sets.

    These are just amp profiles that may or may not have the actual pedal in front of them. This isn't the same as having a "pedal profile". Although, rumor starts here, 2019 NAMM announcement to be the ability to profile OD pedals and save them as a pedal instead of a profile. Totally guessing, but man, that would really open up the doors and even the playing field a bit between Kemper and Line6's most recent offerings.

    I highly recommend checking out Tone Junkie TV on YouTube. He has several phenomenal videos on there that describe many of the configurations that everyone has mentioned (when, where and how to use them).

    On top of that, he has pulled out some of the best tones I've ever heard on a Kemper. His Mesa, Orange, and recent Plexi profiles might be right up your alley. He has videos of every profile pack and the tones he's been able to get. Check 'em out.

    I HIGHLY recommend this GRFR if you have the space. I had one and it's very easy to hear the differences in cabs across the amp profiles. Only sold it because it's heavy and the size of a 4x12 even though its a 2x12. Notice I said GRFR. What Mission did on this particular model is Guitar Range, Flat Response. It's not full range, but you'd never notice it for this purpose. Also, if you're looking for other FRFR cabs, take a listen to this youtube review of some of the more popular FRFR speakers on the market. Personally, I'm saving up for the Mission Gemini 2 powered because I want to do stereo.