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    would copying and pasting the stomps block and the effects block to all of the slots in a performance do what you need?

    No. The idea is to have it locked so I can go from slot 1 to slot 2 without the on/off state of any stomps or effects changing but then be able to switch to a new performance that has its own stomps and effects. Leaving them unlocked would make the former impossible. Locking would make the latter impossible.

    Nice tone matching! To my ears, the profile with KD sounds more like your reference profile than the Ikon.

    To get away with the Profilers volume compensation set the Clean Sens to -12 dB temporarily and don't use AMP Gain values below 1.6

    Thank you for being part of the conversation, sir.
    So Clean Sens at -12 turns off the volume compensation? I tried it the other day and still couldn’t get a volume boost out of the OD’s...

    It would be easy to figure out for anyone playing live and using a Kemper as their whole rig. Being able to turn on a single stomp and get what you need from it (volume included) is far more desirable than activating multiple stomps or using morphing just for a volume boost (ridiculous waste of such a cool feature).

    All I want for these other wise terrific sounding overdrives (thank you Kemper team!) is to be able to also get that volume push like a real pedal. The auto volume compensation goes too far and is not “natural”.

    Yes, real tube amps have a tipping point where they will only get more saturated and compressed as you increase pure volume. Usually, it’s when the amp is at least 6-7 on the volume already (of course, that varies). Kemper seems to do it even for edge of breakup profiles resembling an amp on 2 or 3. You should still be able to achieve a noticeable volume increase with an amp set like that.

    ...certainly not a decrease anyway hahaha.

    As a work around, couldn't you guys put a pure boost at the end of the post amp chain to get the volume back and then set both the KD and the PB to activate/deactivate on the same foot controller press?

    Yes and I have done that for a couple years now haha. But it’s a needless workaround and waste of an effects slot. Or, we can just solve this mystery and get a realistic amount of dB from the Stomps :thumbup:

    ckemper I can confirm that I experience the same volume drop behaviour that lightbox refers to. It happens with all Overdrive and distrotions that I have tested so far. It has always been like this as far as I can remember. I haven't really paid much attention to it in the past as I really never use OD stomps but any time I have tried I have always had this result. I get similar behaviour regardless of where my clean sens is set.

    100%, yes. I’ve had this since day one of owning a Kemper.

    All of this :thumbup::thumbup:

    This is not due to a lack of headroom, but due to the volume compensation of the profiles.

    Bring down Clean Sens, and there you have the volume boost that you are missing.

    You create the volume boost mainly by lowering the volume (Clean Sens) of the cleanish amp, when the KD is inactive.

    Thanks for the reply, CK

    I’ve got it down a little. I’ll try and push it further :thumbup:
    Consider though, that the volume compensation may be too drastic. I know many people who moved on to Fractal or similar only because of this one issue. They all say the same thing. The Kemper doesn’t have enough “headroom” for pedals.

    Man, profiles just don’t push like amps. I feared this day would come for a long time now after first trying a Pure Boost in front of a profile. You push more volume into it and it gets (more driven but)...quieter. I’m having the same problem with the Kemper OD. Always quieter than bypassed.

    Yes, I know about amp compression and headroom, etc. profiles just don’t have near the headroom of amps. I wonder if the “volume” in the stomp could somehow push the amp a little harder WHILE ALSO turning up the amp block’s volume slightly. Make it a little more realistic... and yes, I also know that I could do that through various methods of trickery but the ultimate goal would be not using any “workarounds”. Turn on a KOD stomp and get the sound you want. Done.