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    Hi leandroneves, wowo cool so you have been using the RA amp! That is good news and yes it weighs a ton of solid lead, like a good ol 70's muscle car. With the F12X200 are you running 1, 2 or 4 speaker cab? Kinda curious since I'm so new to the Kemper world would the Celestion F12-X200 be a wise a choice as say the Kemper Kone? I heard the Kone is a different animal than a regular speaker...?

    that's right :D

    i'm running one F12X200 in a 2x12 cab and for me it gives a feel of an "oversized" cab you know? i do not know if Kone makes A LOT of difference to F12X200.. i do not make personally an A/B because i do not have a Kone.. but Michael Nielsen from Big Hairy Guitars compared it with F12X200 in a Kone review.. i did not feel so much difference .. justifiable for a change .. at least based on there for me.

    Kone for sure integrates better with imprints feature for example. due to the fact that F12X200 has a different FRFR design, even so I think it is not too far, and an EQ ... can level things out..

    I hardly see about experiences with these "FRFR" guitar speakers out there.

    looks like they aren't like a traditional FRFR speaker, but designed to tonally to sound it in a similar manner.

    i think it's likely an approach very close to a Kone, in terms of design.. stuff like that.

    you guys correct me if i'm wrong about that.

    has anyone tested one of these?

    Jensen C12D

    Jensen N12D

    on website they say:

    "These speakers retain the core elements of the traditional guitar speakers with lightweight cellulose cone membranes and integrated paper surrounds. Additionally, they feature an innovative horn-like loading in front of the voice coil developed to produce a frequency response that extends well beyond a basic guitar speaker. This ensures a clear, transparent rendition of the reverbs, delays, and all other time-based effects, as well as the rich harmonic content of a high-gain lead sound.

    The organic and expressive sound of the Jensen D Series speakers does not rely on complex, expensive two-way systems and crossovers, but rather on a finely tuned acoustic design and directivity pattern."

    I don't have experience with all the speakers whose imprints are available, but of the ones I do - I think they're spot on.

    like Ingolf, I havent played all the speakers in the list and you must be aware that every speaker will sound different in different cabinets so the only way to know for sure is to A/B them in the same cabinet. I did try and A/B between my Mesa Thiele ported EVM12L and the EVM12L imprint using the Kemper Kabinet. They weren’t identical (but the cabinets are obviously very different) but the basic flavour of the speaker was incredibly close. I did intend to take an EV out of one of my Mesa Cabs and replace it with the Kone to do a proper A/B but to be honest I lost interest. The Kabinet is fantastic and with the EV imprint it sounds awesome.

    it's nice to hear that from you guys.. some A/B tests would be very interesting to deeply compare those differences even if they are sublime in some way. maybe some graphics.. and stuff like that.. anyway.

    the alesis is stereo but 60watts only, as far as I remember. I used one with alesis monitors a million years ago. Loud enough for home or studio, but probablly not so for live work except as your monitor. But try ! No dime to pay!

    Manual says 100 watts per channel into 4Ω, 75 watts per channel into 8Ω so it might do a Kabinet nicely.

    i use an RA-100 to power my cab with F12X200, it's a robust poweramp, zero noise level.. it worked flawlessly, but they are heavy to transport ..

    i think for home use or rehearsals.. is powerful enough..

    (UPDATE) I tried to downgrade by installing the old 7.3.2 operating system.

    and after that only 6 profiles remain ... and they persist in not being deleted

    this is weird.

    (UPDATE 2) i reverted to 6.0 an even older OS, then went to the option [erase non-favorites] and it worked flawlessly, all profiles were deleted.

    then i upgraded it again to 7.3.2 and then to 7.4.1.

    anyone have a clue why this happened?

    looks like some profiles were kinda "locked" to a specified OS or something like that.

    Hi All, I am having a strange problem recently.

    I had a lot of profiles, so i wanted to remove them .. and start from scratch again, but specifically 54 profiles are not deleting .. always end up coming back

    • i already tried to reset the system .. turning off kemper and starting again pressing the [system] button ..
    • Tried to go to the option [erase the non-favorites ..]
    • Also tried to reset the corrupt rigs turning off kemper and starting again pressing the [rig] button..
    • manually [delete] button one by one.

    but they always end up coming back. those exact 54 profiles ..


    OS (Stable)


    i think you need to consider the scenarios

    1° Studio monitors are mostly near-fields, which means that you need to be in front of them to get the best possible sound quality, acoustic treatment is a differential to get the best out of it.

    2 ° FRFR Cabs says by itself, it tends to sound good in any location and situation, the sound will go further, sacrificing less. I believe it is more appropriate for a band situation or where there is no adequate acoustic treatment, so you don't need to be sit in front of them to get the best of them.

    see that it is not about what is better or worse, but what best suits your needs.

    good monitors or a good FRFR cab it will bring you good results considering the scenarios.

    well, that's it so, the speaker is 8 Ω and the Power Amp is ranging 8 ~ 16 Ω ..

    i don't see a logical reason for all that either ..


    Well, in the end it was really the power amp, the 5MM was really distorting the speaker, which i would not indicate to power an FRLR speaker.

    i just got an second hand Alesis RA-100 and there is simply no more buzzing, loud and clear and transparent !. I'm loving.

    thanks for the opinions

    see ya

    that's right, it's brand new ...

    I activated the reseller warranty ... but I'm still trying to find out if there is another hypothesis besides a manufacturing defect or something.

    he told me that he will test an EHX Magnum 44 with the X200 to see if there is anything related to the sensitivity of the speaker.

    is there anything related to the speaker's sensitivity to the power amp itself?

    The buzzing sounds like it comes straight from the voice coil, not around the edges .. or something like that, you know?.