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    I have a Powerhead, and a Boogie MKIV... There's something about the amp itslef, the "hair"..the way it pushes the cab in the room...the feel and bounce of the strings..It's truly magical..nothing like it... I profiled it , and play through my Kemper 99 % of the many otions etc...roughly 90+ % of the way there complexity of the high gain ( far as sounding and feeling the "same."..)... 100% ALL the way there for vibe and inspirational tone. Kinda hard to go spend $1000's for amp, when you've got Kemper.

    Agreed 100%.

    None are stolen (?!?!?)... 2 are already gone from my post yesterday.. All are in excellent condition..Doesn't matter if it's 12 years old, or 1 year old, exact;lty the same hardware..ANyhoo.. A few folks are going to get a KILLER deal..wish I had extra $$..

    Just an FYI...There are 5 Powerheads/toasters, and 3 unpowered racks in Los Angeles for sale on Craigslist, all othem under $1200...ugggg Makes me want to buy a back up.. There's even one for under $1K... So much for Kemper holding the value (..Powerhead still my fav of all the modeler/profilers..)

    Its been in full release for nearly a month:

    On it!! Not sure how I misse dthis... Im not on the forums a whole lot..I have a buddy that lives on here and usually updeates much for that! Thansk!

    AM I the only one who is waiting for the official release of LP? (..not Beta..) ? I don't have a thumb drive to "Back up" anything (..I've never had to use when doing updates..) and I don't record using USB, just a 1/4 guitar cable intot he front of my Presonus Audiobox into my Mac (11 year old Mac..) Loving the sounds of my profiles, but would like to experoience the "realistic" tone controls, etc... I think the fact that I'm not tech savy AT ALL, and I've already tried to do this update (..yes, update to 10 . whatever and updated the rig luck..I'm sure it's me....) I get discouraged and end up not doing the update and just palyiong my profiles.. I've watched numeroud vids on how to do it, still don't get it. Not looking for someone to explain "how to upload the beta" version, just wondering if anyone else shares this frustration and wondering when the OFFICAL LP wil be released.

    How long (roughly) does it take to go from a Beta version to the real deal - obviously there is no definitive answer but I really want to try LP but use my KPA every week for live shows and can't risk a beta version - I also like Rig Manager and some have said it stops working on V10 beta :/

    Yes...I am waiting for this as well... I was bout to do the update Beta version, but just saw 3 posts with issues (..minor buggy stuff that needs some tweaking..) It looks promising.. Can't wait!!

    I disagree, in that its not that black and white.

    I've used a lot of stock profiles and purchased profiles. There are good and bad profiles in the free ones AND purchased ones....before you go spending £00's on profiles..

    True...That's why I suggested the 3rd parties I suggested. Those in particular ARE by far and away A LOT better than ANY stock K profiles or freebies .No need to spend$100 either.. $20-50 should do it. Of course you should always scroll through and try what's available for free...You can get lucky after endless hours of searching. Again- specific to high-gain studio ready and or live ready sounds . There are also a lot of other great 3rd party out there as well.

    I play high gain (Sevendust-Killswitch, as well as a lot of 80's-90 metal..)..Irun my powerhead through a 412 V30 cab, right along with my other guitar player(Boogie MKIV head and recto 412)..I profiled the MKIV and just end up tweeking it in real time when we're both playing..No problem , just use the monitor EQ (..this leaves the mix to the board or direct recording untouched..).. I end up adding a little bass, but turn the presence down to 9Oclock, and the treble to 10 oclcok..this gets rid of some of the harshness and "Ice-picky" sound you can get from SS vs tube....SLIGHT tweeks of the EQ beyond that and you should be good. Don't be afraid to crank the Kemper as it does sound better the louder it gets. Of course, the profile has to be good..there's A LOT of "Meh" profiles in the Kemper and the user group/share page.... The differenc ebetween those, and payiing $50-75 for some 3rd party ( STL Tones, CILLILABS, and Josh Middleton are a few good ones), and the "free" profiles is live and loud with the band...ALLthe way there so to speak. Hope this helps.

    Stupid question,,have you tried the left maion out 1/4 " jack? That's the one I use right into my AudioBox, right into my Mac.. Make sure I'm not clipping, and I don't even adjust EQ... Just checking..I know there shouldn't be any difference between the 2 except for the impedance..

    Not sure what's going on here..the tones sound ggod, but that cutting out gltchy thing.. Obviusly something wrong, or else at least 1 other person would have this issue.

    But you are playing powered Kemper through real guitar cabinet?

    Then try connecting it to studio monitors and share the experience.

    I could not use just a powered monitor as my main rig, but as a monitor, no problem, thru the mains- crushing. But yeah, for me, gotta have a guitar cab pushing air. I could never do the FRFR thing.. Sell it, go get an amp, and don't look back!

    I'm sure someone has said it on here..Something is obviously wrong. I am an amp and tone snob ( least I think I am lol..) Owned every Boogie, Bogner, Diezel, well as Axe FX and Line 6..Still have the Boogie MKIV half stack that my other guitar player uses and I go thru my K Powerhead through a V30 Cab. Absolutley gloriously crushing..plenty loud, full, rich and organic sounding (..using a rofile of my Boogie that I did myself..) It literally shocks us how good it sounds everytime we plug in to it. I got rid of my Axe Fx gear (..sounded KILLER, but the interface on the fly was challenging) as well as my Helix becasue it took a lot of EQ tweeking for recording direct....The Kemper i just plug in and go..NO tweeking, sounds and feels so inspiring... I'm sharing this because I was so skeptical of the Kemper, and it has outlasted all but one of my amps and modellers...If it doesn't sound and feel incredible (..again, depends on the profiles and some other factors, ) something is wrong. Good luck man...sorry for the bad experience.

    I've never been able to dial in a convincing acoustic using an electric guitar probably because I don't have the right setup. You probably need a guitar with low output pickups and at least 12's for strings, or you really need an acoustic.

    Ahhh...I just read up on one of the guitarists I saw...Had a piezo pick-up in the bridge of his solid body PRS... You can't get the "natural" acoustic sound with a standard Humbucker or single coil pick-up...The Fishman piezo for electric guitar. Makes sense!