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    Having owned both amps I can assure you it was not possibly the dumbest trade ever.

    What makes it worse, he owed me a few hundred bucks so I took the Peavey head for collateral and he never paid me back. So I had to look at it for the next 2 decades until I eventually sold it for about $500

    All the drives and distortion pedals came later in the 80s. I wouldn't say that people loved them. As they did not love the od-channel of the 2205/2210.

    My brother had a 2204, sounded great cranked until the cops came, but we both thought it was dumb, no gain until you crank it.

    I ended up getting a 2210, the shop had three of them that I was switching between, 2 sounded like ****, just fuzzy gain. But one sounded not fuzzy at all, and I still own it 28 years later. Sounds glorious with my Monte Allums modded SD-1, I've yet to find a profile that sounds as good.

    Only recently I discovered the pre '87 units were the less desirable units (I assume the 2 fuzzy ones I tried), that seem to give the 2210/05s a bad reputation.

    My brother swapped his 2204 for a Peavey Triumph 60. Possibly the dumbest trade ever

    Does the sound change noticeably when you select different imprints? I was literally playing that M Britt profile through Kones with V30 imprints 30 minutes ago, no fizz

    The cab is going to impart it's own tone to a large degree. The Peavey's poweramp will also impart it's own tone as well. I'm quite confident you won't be impressed with the results.

    I'd suggest run a neutral poweramp into your cab, or best yet run a neutral poweramp into some kones.

    The cabinet is going to be responsible for at least half of your tone, so the Kemper's versatility will be lessened to a large degree running through a guitar cab. However, most profiles will sound good through V30's imho, just accept whichever speaker you go with is going to be the colour of all your profiles

    Pickups do not 'see' anything we hear coming from a guitar as acoustic sound - I have guitars that sound unimpressive when played acoustically but kill over an amp.

    There's even controversy over the trope that resonant guitars = good guitars, and from people that know much much more about the stuff than I do (like R&D guys from major guitar/bass companies)

    But I see your point, if a guitar feels good, it can be made to sound and play well - from a simple setup to a new bridge (my personal fav) and pickups that make sense in context.
    There really are no good/bad pickups, it all depends on where a guitar is and where you want it to go.

    We'll have to agree to disagree on that one, the strings have no choice but to vibrate with the piece of wood they're attached to, if the wood is capable of affecting the guitar's sound then the strings are going to be affected by the wood vibrating as well, they can't vibrate independently from each other.

    Playing plugged in is really just testing the pickups, sure swapping pickups may save an otherwise poor sounding guitar (but not always), but a guitar that sounds nice unplugged can always be made to sound good plugged in

    Maybe if you could allow a 3rd party to develop and maintain an Android app, and then charge for the app to recoup expenses. I know it goes against the general Kemper ethos but I'd happily pay a few dollars for the app, and it would save Kemper the effort of doing it themselves, freeing them up for more important developments (Kemper 2?)


    I think they're designed for shredders who hold their 3rd 4th and 5th fingers in a fist. I had a Jackson Kelly that I've since sold, but if I kept it I would have swapped the volume pot to the tone position and taped up the tone pot in the cavity. I kind of regret I sold that one but the profit I made paid for most of the Kemper

    Edit: Actually looking at that old picture I think I definitely regret selling it. Doh!

    It's funny, I don't use distortion sense either, but it effectively makes your pickups hotter, which seems like a powerful tool. But I guess I like my pickups sounding how you'd expect them to sound.

    But yeah, clean sens is just for balancing dirty and clean within the one rig, not necessarily from rig to rig, that's your rig volume. I never touch rig volume personally, the Kemper does a great job of balancing between rigs itself, as long as your clean sens is set well

    I lock the input. In answer to your question "don't understand how having clean sense unlocked would be usable" some people may want to save different performances for different guitars with different input settings. Maybe not a bad idea if you only use two guitars. Just another option, leave the choice up to the artist