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    yes sure i can lock the slots with my own FX, it's just pretty disapointing to buy a commercial profile pack where every profile has a reverb with an 8sec tail on it which personally i cannot use for anything cause such a long reverb tail just sounds crap. As mentioned earlier i boght the Tonejunkie pack because in his previous profile packs there was a greater variety in how profiles were set up.

    after using the profiles for a while i also have to confirm what GLParrishmn said: once you remove all the FX what's left is pretty poor, for example there isn't a single really clean tone in there. The Fender profiles in comparison to the single free Mbritt liquid fender profile are xtremely poor for example.

    hey there, i recently bought the liquid american pack and find the profiles out of the box pretty unusable since all profiles have a reverb with 8s reverb time on as default. i always enjoyed the tonejunkie variety in stomp and fx slots but in this pack all profiles have the same unusable combo of fx.

    i was checkin the website and store order receipt but found no way to get in touch for support. i'm wondering wether this is either a mistake of him whikle creating the profiles (maybe he forgot to check the verb settings) or if maybe i did sth wrong while importing them into rig manager (although creating a folder and then dragging/dropping the files inside should be relatively safe).

    so maybe mr tonejunkie is a member here and could clear up the weird extreme reverb settings ?

    sorry i think my post was maybe poorly worded ... what you're sayin is kinda what i meant also. from what they say in the interview the physical modeling part of the LP will result in a more acurate behavior of the gain and eq tonestacks, so in other words behave more closely like the actual amp. wether this will result in a more sonically versatile profile (ie. wider range of gain and eq adjustments without digital artefacts) is probably an unknown at this point .. i just deduced it because in my mind a physically modeled tonestack would probably do that. for the moment the gain adjustment is more problematic for me than the eq, so i need to load different profiles if i want to go from a clean to an overdriven sound because if i move the gain knob away to much from the original setting i don't like what i hear. i thought that would be one of the point of having the tonestack modeled but maybe i'm wrong.

    to make a stupid analogy, i often think of the KP as a sampler or a scanner ... extremely acurate representation of a snapshot ... you can adjust it a bit without too much degradation (pitch shift a sample or color shift an image) but if you push it too much away from the original snapshot it sounds/looks 'fake'. With LP i thought it would be pushin it more into the direction of sth like Melodyne or a Photoshop smart objects where you can adjust things much further away from the original snapshot without it sounding/looking fake. a pure modeling amp would be like a midi instrument or vector image: complete range of adjustments without digital artefacts ... and the KP with LP somewhwer in the middle between a sampler/scanner and a midiinstrument/vectorimage.

    I have absolutely zero need for liquid profiling. I have never and I will probably never profile anything. Every profile I will ever need is already done.

    i still have a limited technical understanding of LP at this point, but doesn't LP have the potential to make all your existing profiles better / more interactive ? from what i understand it will give profiles more flexibility by adding a more 'realistic' emulation of the tone stack so that a profile will have more range to be adjusted without artefacts and less need to have several profiles for different gain levels of a given amp. I also don't profile and don't go super deep into editing profile settings but it's rare that i don't feel the need to adjust gain and eq (even on a 'real' amp) and i think LP will make each profile more versatile.

    besides that i understand that for LP to work properly you'd have to know at which poti positions the amp was profiled .. but am i the only one that is lookin forward to experiment with this and see what happens when you just 'guess' the initial poti positions and try out different positions on a profile ? Also as has been discussed, using tone stacks from completely unrelated/different amps could be lots of fun ..

    i hate to b that guy but tbh i found the discussion of liquid profiling quite interesting and am not interested in troubleshooting the audio interface option which i think has nothing to do with LP .. could we maybe move back on topic ? :saint:

    Kemper Support #1

    so i ran into a couple of other issues, although i'm not sure again if this is normal behavior but i have never noticed it before. When i link the headphone, main out and monitor the level adjustment of some of the outputs is erratic. Yesterday i had the issue that i could not adjust the headphone volume from 0 to max, it would top out somewhere in the middle. Today the headphone volume works as expected but the main out and monitor levels don't go past a certain level. Is this normal ? Also at some point you can see that the interface switches out of the Output sectin and goes back to the rig view (where accidentially you can also see that the power amp volume is having the same issues of not going from 0 to max but only starts/stops somewhere in the middle'

    here is a short video showing this, i am turnig the master volume button and you can see that main and monitor don't go to max and go to 0 when i turn the master volume just a bit back. sorry for the bad quality, i hope you can see what i mean ...

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    try the init globals function on page one of the system menu. It will reset your global settings back to their factory default values. Your rigs and performances will not be altered.

    yay .. that did the trick .. so now the question is what settings did i change to muck this up ^^

    i'm wondering what the little stars in the popup mean since these changed after the init globals.

    before the init only the power amp had a star:

    [Blocked Image:]

    after the init all outputs have a star (except the SPDIF which i don't use anyways):

    [Blocked Image:]

    PS: not sure what the best way to integrate images here is ? the images apper when i edit my post but are blocked once i save .. not sure why. But the links should work, let me know if they don't.

    check if the monitor output link is activated (check-marked) in the output menu. It connects the master volume knob with the monitor/speaker output. You can also control the output levels for each output on the second page of the output menu without using the master volume knob.

    yes i always have it on, but even with it off tit's the same ... also, i can see the volume of the power amp dB level changing, both when i use the monitor output link and the master vol and when using the rotary on the bottom on the ouput page. the volume of the speaker stays fixed.

    hey everyone. so i updated the Kemper firmware the other day. Everything was working fine but i had been playing over my studio monitors for a couple of days. So today i switched on the power amp as usual (Output > power amp on) but the volume button doesn't work anymore. I mean the actual button works and i can see the dB adjustment levels change as usual in the popup window and the output section pages .. but the actual volume coming out of the Kabinet stays at a fixed level, which is pretty loud.

    The only thing i can see that changed is that in the little popup window that pops up when i turn the main volume knob there is a little star symbol on the top right in the 'Power Amp' section of the popup. I don't remember seeing that before.

    So is there a setting somwhere that does this, a bug in the latest firmware ( .. or is it a problem with my hardware ? I haven't really changed any settings on the Kemper as far as i remember .. i usually just load a profile, tweak the eq and play.

    any help with this would be much appreciated .. especially by my neighbors ;)

    yep, welcome to the club of EMI victims ... have the same issue and tried everything without any significant result ... i gave up and try to stay as far away as necessary from the puter box when playing which is an issue when recording and needing to acess the mouse and keyboard. i'm planning at some point to move the computer to another location but it will require recabling my whole studio which i haven't gotten round to yet.

    Haven't tried the tinfoil test yet whic i probably should ...

    i have to admit i'm quite a fan of the built in looper it's just really cool to be able to control everything on the remote. but i just couldn't live with the baked together mixes i record when i jam and not being able to load back an older loopjam.

    so i bought the new Ditto+ looper which is pretty cheap and i was addicted to the firt one way before i got the Kemper so it's easy to fall back into that routine and also it's pretty similar to the Kemper looper as well. It's now got presets you can transfer over USB.

    So then i conncetd an ABY switch with one output to nothing and the other to the Ditto. Then i put an fx loop into the last slot of the FX of the Kemper and run the Send to the Splitter. The out of the Ditto goes to an input on my interface.

    So now i have the out of the Ditto and the outs of the Kemper on separate channels. which is much cooler cause now i can pan and submix my loopnoodling.

    The only one thing that is still a pain is that i have to mute the lloper channel when i'm recording on the DItto otherwise i have both channels running into the mixer at once, which is no huge deal but much louder. So when i record a loop i have to hit the splitter first, then the ditto, ditto again to stop recording, then Splitter again so you can hear the recorded loop ... yeah , not really ideal, becomes a tapdance when i'm overdubbing a lot. I've got the mute on a big touchscreen button on my phone or on a MIDI pedal with touchOSC which helps but still the fiddling around with the footswitches and remembering which order is what is annoying to say the least.

    now if only Kemper would upgrade the looper with separate outs and saved loops through rig manager i could forgo all these shenanigans ;(

    but at least i'm more happy with this situation than before cause having separate tracks recorded and a nice panned submix is more important to me at the moment than simplicity.

    still working on this, maybe it'll become intutitive over time or

    I would create two different Output Presets.

    Preset 1 would be for recording etc which would have the required output sources set for each output and would have the Monitor Out Volume unlinked from the master volume knob.

    Preset 2 would have the outputs set for the Kabinet and would have the Monitor Out volume linked to th master volume knob.

    that sounds reasonable .. but so i'm not trippin, there isn't a way to have the Kabinet in Kone mode with a master mono adn have the monitor output set to sth different (stack or guit studio) ? The monitor out is always the same output as the Speaker out on the powered Kemper ?

    hey there,

    so i have a powered toaster with the Kabinet. For recording my daily noodles with headphones and/or monitors I have this connection setup:

    Main Outs L/R TRS ->Master Stereo -> Interface Stereo channel

    Monitor Out -> Stack -> Interface Mono Channel

    Direct Out -> Guitar Studio -> Interface Mono channel

    That way i can record the main noodle mix including Looper (set to post) for listening, and the DI signal and the dry 'amped' signal if i want to use the solo guitar without looper/FX or just the DI signal takes later on.

    Now for sure sometimes (during daytime) i'd like to use the Kabinet for listening while i'm playing but the problem i have is that when i enable the power Amp and switch on Kone mode i have to change the outputs settings in order to hear the FX section through the Kabinet, so Monitor out needs to be Master Mono and i loose the abilty to use the Monitor Out as i want.

    So basically depending on wether i'm using the Kabinet or not i need to do a lot of switcheroo in thew Kemper menus to switch between output settings or disable the Kabinet if i want to have the ouputs assigned as above.

    Am i doing this wrong ? Is there a way to have the Kabinet work in Kone mode and still use the Monitor and Direct outs as independant DI/Stack outs ?

    Maybe some of you have solved this issue and found a way to do both without having to switch ouputs ?

    PS: Also still haven't found a convenient way to control the volume on the Kabinet when the poweramp is on, my Master Volume knob usually controls headphone volume, so again depending on wether i play with headphones or Kabinet i need to work the menus to find the right volume control. I should probably RTFM again :saint: i did RTFM a couple times already and also watched the ouputs video several times but couldn't find a straoightforward solution from that.