Rig Manager screenshot

1 Header bar

This section shows you which rig you're currently previewing and also provides sophisticated search functions.

2 Locations

A location represents your Kemper Profiler, everything you store in Rig Manager or a data Backup. Select a location and the list in the middle of the application will show its content.

3 The List

Most operations take place in there. To select a Rig, click the corresponding row. To preview a Rig (play it with your Kemper Profiler), hit space bar or double-click it.

4 The Inspector

It shows a table containing loads of additional info about the selected Rig. The information can also be edited.


Rig Manager allows you to preview and manage your collection of Profiler Rigs and Performances. Tagging rigs with keywords and creating performances by drag and drop never was that easy. In addition, you gain direct access to over 9000 free Rigs from both professionals and enthusiastic users. Filter and choose content of interest and preview directly inside your Profiler with a single click. Access Rig Packs created by famous artists. Utilise tutorial lesson supplements to play the Rigs you see in our videos.

And last but not least update and backup your Profiler securely and fast. Rig Manager is available free of charge for both Windows and OSX.

Rig Manager

Manage your armada of Rigs

Both extensive search options and sophisticated tagging allow you to find the perfect Rig for the job in seconds. Directly filter for amp models and cabinets, or narrow down your choices by the amount of Gain you have in mind. Create local folder to store away rigs which belong together, for example your set lists. Multiple Rigs can be tagged simultaneously

Create and manage your Performances

Performances can hold up to five Rigs and provide an excellent choice for live players for various reasons. Using Rig Manager, creating and editing a Performance is a breeze. Multiple windows are supported and Performances can be easily created by dragging and dropping all you need onto the right place.

Live Preview

The means of previewing a Rig instantaneously might be the most underrated feature in Rig Manager. Instead of downloading, extracting and transferring Rigs onto a USB stick, simply move though thousands of Rigs using the cursor keys on your keyboard and hit the space bar once something of interest comes along. Rig Manager will send the Rig straight to Profiler, ready for you to tryout.

Backups and Import/ Export

Rig Manager is your one stop solution to administer the content within your Profiler. Create backups for safety reasons as well as to store away finished projects. Import new Rigs and Performances from third parties by simply dragging those onto Rig Manager. Export a selection to be e-mailed to a friend by simply dragging it onto the desktop.