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  • I love your Super Reverb Profiles, great job. Thank you.


  • Hello....thank you for sharing your profiles. Finishing up my playing session with one of your Mark V 25 (Mark IV mode) captures. Really nice!!!


  • I see you out there!! That Laney Gh100 you're putting out sounds immense. Only other profiler that's done that somewhat well is Josh Middleton. And yours is miles away I just built a performance out of the first 10 profiles I saw on the rig exchange and just noticed you dropped a few more! Thanks for your great work!!

    • Thanx man. I just re-uploaded the profiles I did yesterday. Made them a little more ''mix ready''.

      Sound much more balanced now. I did them in my bedroom, so they needed some tweaking.


  • Hi there

    I played a few of your profiles from the rig exchange, and despite me having a lot of paid profiles, I was blown away by yours, especially the GRS Fender SR 01.

    Is there anyway too download or buy a full set of your profiles?



    • Thank you. I have a plan to release all my profiles for free. Don't know when because I'm quite busy at the moment.

  • Hey GRStudios, where can I find your Mark V Profiles?

    • I have 3 profiles on RE at the moment. Did a major cleanup on RE. I will re-up them when I get the chance.

    • I'm planing on making a dropbox link to all my good profiles. Just need to organize them first :)

    • Ook, thank you for the reply and thank you for the 5150 profiles! It’s amazing! :)

  • Thankyou 4 the Laney IRT Profiles ;)

  • Right on! I recently started using your Fender SR profiles and in comparison to the other pro ones I have they are my favorite!

  • Hi, I want to thank you for the wonderfull Fender super reverb and Marshall JMP 87 profiles. They work great with my Les Paul bridge pickup, I don`t have to eq anything, well done! If you ever profile a Vox AC30 the same way, let me know. Thanks and keep u the good work!

    • Thank you for the kind words:) I'm actually planning a Vox AC30 profiling session. Just need to get ahold of the amp:)