Recommendation for digital multitrack recorder?

  • I've been trying to get into recording, but my current workflow on PC is a big detractor. My rig is not near my PC, so I need to move everything to my office, and dealing with my USB audio interface and ASIO4ALL has been quite a negative experience. I just want to hit record when inspiration strikes.

    I've been looking at digital multitrack recorders. Once I've recorded something, I'm happy to import the results into my DAW for editing. Thing is, I'm not sure a multitrack recorder can do what I want. I was hoping someone might be able to point me at a recommendation for something that can let me do the following (or alternatively point me at better solutions for a smooth recording workflow):

    1. Load up a collection of backing tracks and play them in the background.
    2. Play a metronome or drum loop for when I'm not using a backing track.
    3. Re-record a section of a track (for when I mess up) by scrubbing to the appropriate location, and then have a count-in to record over top of it. It would be best if it kept track of bars/beats instead of minutes/seconds based on a tempo/time signature I choose.
    4. Record multiple takes of a section (specific number of bars), review and choose the final take I want to keep.
    5. Record both a dry and wet signal, and be able to re-amp the wet signal through the Kemper. (It's not the end of the world if it can't send out the dry signal for re-amping, since I can do this in the DAW, just that it would be nice to have.)

  • I havent used it the exact way you are mentioning but I like the simplicity of the Boss br800. very compact and easy to use but a little limited with its internal effect for recording.. On a much larger scale The tascam dp24 or 32 are great and very simple to use also but not as portable but produce great results..

  • Hey Crogdor,

    I too am a fan of real, "solid" multitrack recorders as opposite to virtual DAWs.
    I'm selling my Zoom MRS-1608 for upgrading my whole studio. It makes everything you described and even more (you can also program bass parts or create a song using loops). You can use it as a mixer as well.
    It has got mic preamps, phantom power and you could even install a cheap CD burner in order to make a direct copy of your work w\o even turning your computer on (but it's got USB anyway).

    It's easy to use tho, certainly not more complex than the Profiler :)
    It's quite small as well I transport it into an aluminium case (its longer side is around 50 cm).

    [Blocked Image: http://img.mercatinomusicale.c…86/3398639_1389845176.jpg]

    You can d\l the User Manual in English from here.

    Note: some of the features you're after depend on the Profiler itself and would work with all the digital recorders ;)


  • I had tons of outboard DAW's incl. the Roland VS 880 and VS 1680.
    While they are good at what they do I'd recommend to invest in a laptop with a software DAW instead plus portable Interface. It's so much more convenient.

    This makes a lot of sense :)
    For my preferences and tastes tho, a physical device with a physical interface is hard to beat when it comes to interaction. I have investigated in the past the possibility to use a control surface with my PC; but their cost was 2-3 times the one of a good recorder.
    My Zoom has served me spectacularly well for years, and while a hardware solution has some obvious limitations (for example the number of tracks) if compared to a software DAW, the feeling is unbeatable IMO.
    Call me old school... :rolleyes:^^

  • These days there are not that many options as an all in one hardware wise even though technology has greatly increased. They have given way in terms of manufacturing to the software based due to profitability. I do completely understand your desire for hardware that is plug and play however as do others... This is why they still exist. Your options to consider are those I've mentioned already boss br800. Not quite studio quality but great for plug in and record...tascam dp24-32. Big fan here. Best of both worlds.. Hardware plug and record but also able to edit via reaper or whatever your favorite is. Or completely finalize and burn without pc. Or the zoom options. Lots of fans here also.