Greetings from Ulm (right in the middle between Stuttgart and Munich)

  • Thx again for the warm welcome!
    On Wedenesday I did it ;-)
    I ordered the Powerhead+remote+mission pedal+dxr10+dxr12 oO

    As if this hadn't been enough (is this proper English or a Germanism?) I ordered an Ibanez MWM10 and an Ibanez RRGIR20BFE-WNF....

    I'm really disgusted and ashamed ;-)

    Hope all the stuff arrives during my holidays next week so I can test all the stuff properly.

  • 8o:thumbsup: enough said!!

  • Gear slut!

    Shame on you! :D

  • Hi again. After spending some time in hospital (and doing finals at school) I could finally mess a little with the kemper and my new guitar...
    At the moment I'm looking for a Metallica (enter sandman) tone and some sort of old In Flames /Killswitch Engage tone and a modern post-hardcore/metalcore tone.
    Right now I'm using ACEs 800 / 900 mid but I'm wondering if I should get some commercial 800s or something completely different...
    I know that it is personal preference but any recommendations?
    Here's a short list of songs I learned during the last few months, as the beginner I am , and I'm still looking for the "perfect sound" for these songs:
    Ashes Remain - End of Me
    Skillet - Monster
    Skillet - Hero
    The Offspring - Original Prankster
    Sum 41 - Hell Song
    Greenday - Holiday
    BonJovi - Runaway
    Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
    Alice Cooper - Poison
    Metallica - Enter Sandman
    Metallica - Seek 'n' destroy
    Zebrahead - hell yeah
    Tote Hosen - Bonnie&Clyde
    Thanks a lot

  • Hi and welcome - try my modded Marshall profile on the rig exchange - use the cabinet to make any of the stock high gain profiles on your KPA come alive!

    MORIN MOD JCM 800 MORIN MOD JCM 800 Freds 1960B Erik Erath 5.00 / 5.00

    My family is from Weinsberg... and I still have relatives around your area, I believe. Small world!