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  • I know this may be redundant having *sort of* asked this question in my previous post about lead tones. (Somebody recommended a Djemass profile that I really liked by the way.)
    And I'm sure this has probably been asked quite a few times throughout the forum...

    BUT... being a brand new Kemper owner can be quite overwhelming. There are an unlimited amount of rigs and profiles to be downloaded!

    So I wanted to know:

    1. What rhythm, lead, and clean profiles (free) are you all using? I'm trying to get an idea of how you guys are using different amps / cab simulations to correspond with one another.

    2. Also: what style of music are you playing, what guitar are you using, and what are your pickups?

    I'm using an Ibanez Prestige 2127z with stock pickups. I generally use about 5 guitar tones when I write a song. Distorted, lead, clean, and ambient patches. So far I've been really digging a 5150 profile by Alfi27, and that Djemass profile mentioned above. I'm still looking for other suggestions, as well as a clean patch, and an ambient patch.

    I also own a 2008 Les Paul Standard and a Fender MiM Strat with a chopper in the bridge. So also let us know about your killer single coil patches!
    I primarily play instrumental metal stuff, (Soundcloud link in my sig). If you guys have any songs you would like to link us to, demonstrating how your suggested patches sound in a mix, go right ahead!

    Again, I know this has probably been asked quite a few times throughout the forum. However, providing suggestions and sharing your main tones with everyone else may save others A LOT of time browsing through the rig manager.

    Anyways, I'm off to go practice. I'll be looking forward to hearing all of your suggestions and which profiles YOU are using as your rhythm, lead and clean tones!

    - Taylor

  • I don't care about the profiled amp or cab... I just relate to the way a rig sounds. So I basically go by ear or by big categories (like by author for example. Or I sometimes search for a Fender or a Lonestar Special).

    When searching I use to order the rigs by gain, then move from there. This is true also when I search within a certain author.

    I have also collected together some rigs because of their fx section, and this is of inspiration too. When I like a certain fx layout but not the amp tone I just treat the fx section as a preset.

    Of course experience helps, specially in relation with the instrument(s) you use:
    I know I won't go exploring the M. Britt folder for certain sounds, or the other way 'roud.

    HTH :)

  • I play in a couple of bands , mainly rock stuff .......

    I use a Fender Deluxe for clean , the crunch changes every day and one of Big Hairy profiles Soldano x88 profiles for lead..... ( I sometimes use djemass's Petrucci MK2 lead as well )

  • I'm just a useless punk who pretends to be a guitarist in a one-man band.

    Like Gianfranco, I go by ear in choosing Rigs; whatever a song asks for, it will get.

    As much as I like the Kemper's effects, I don't plan on ever using them, preferring the idea of a clean slate from which to work when mixing. Once we have the new delays and 'verbs 'though, I half expect that I'll not be able to replicate the more-incredible sounding ones in my DAW (Digital Performer), and so it wouldn't surprise me if once in a while something like shimmer delay is actually tracked.

    L6 Variax guitars and Music Man Stingray basses.