Frequency response curves for most of the Kemper's effects

  • I used the word "theoretically" in the context that I was recreating your theoretical scenario. I confirmed that the reading "would indeed in this case be inaccurate". I'm 100% with you on that, musicmad.

    The point was that, practically-speaking, when you turn the knob counter-clockwise "past 0", there's no "-0.0" possibility 'cause the parameter range in this case doesn't cover negative values. Any reasonably-paced left turn past the zero point should therefore result in a "true" value of 0.0, and it's at this point that folks say the Pure Cab™ algorithm is still audible.

    Well let's not beat it to death anyway :). On my unit there is a tangible amount of "turn" before 0.0 turns into 0.1 so my money is still on a visible decimals cause of this behaviour.

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  • Could be, mate. I haven't tested it myself.

    I s'pose we'd have to get one of the peeps who hears it at "0.0" to make sure he or she turns the knob past the zero point in no-uncertain terms before having another listen.

    IIRC, quite a few Kemperites claimed to hear this a while back, and I have a feeling G String chimed in about it too, saying that the effect is still active even at this setting.