Top Jimi Med-Power Blackface ('64 6G6-B Bassman)

  • Kemper Fans,

    We're happy to announce the availability of a new profile pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier -- the Medium-Power Blackface #3 Pack (34 profiles). These profiles seek to recreate the sound of a 1964 Fender 6G6-B Bassman head.

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    These profiles sound like a Marshall JTM45, but with additional low end. They're fantastic for a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to country to rock. The profiles were voiced for single coil pickups, but if you increase the Treble and Presence each by about 0.8, humbuckers will come alive.

    1964 Fender 6G6-B Bassman background Info: Vintage Fender Bassman amps are ironically not often used by bass players, but are coveted by guitarists. The blonde 6G6-B bassman is probably the most desirable of the blonde and blackface Bassman heads. The model pictured is a transition model, with "blonde" knobs and circuitry and a blackface cabinet. The 6G6-B is the amp famously used by Brian Setzer.

    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Profiles available at:


  • Great amps like Dumble's were modified Blackface's, it's no surprise that modifying this amp would bare some fruit too
    Thanks for doing the single coil stuff Jimi. SOLD


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