Profiling process & stomps and effects

  • Hi there,

    to me it is not quite clear, whether the KPA's stomps and effects, if they are engaged during a profiling session of an amp became part of the Profile of the original amp or just part of the rig so that they can be disengaged later and are not part of the profile? From the Manual that is not quite clear to me.

    Any suggestions on this Topic are very welcomed.


  • this way, you can audition the amp you're about to profile with the let's say Green Scream stomp and maybe adjust the amps EQ, gain or the mic position etc.

    active stomps will be part of the resulting Rig, but you can of course switch them off.


    @DonPetersen-sorry I am confused now - so that stomps of the KPA will become part of the profile? Let's assume I put an EQ as stomp and start the profiling process the EQ will be captured in the resulting profile? Is that correct? So later when I dial in that profile I will not have to engage the EQ again as stomp box, b/c it was already captured during the profiling process? Is that correct?

    Thx, for your help with this.


  • No, they are to monitor what the profiled amp might sound like with say the EQ in the front end.

    Say you have a EQ active in slot D, this will feed the EQ to the amp's input as if you have an outboard EQ pedal plugged in but because it isn't an outboard effect placed after the entire Kemper, the EQ isn't "profiled" with the amp.

    As soon as you click to start the profiling process, the EQ is removed from the profiling process.

    Once you have captured the profile and you are ready to refine the EQ is switched back on so you can monitor again with the EQ added. Once you start refining it is removed again........and then turns back on after refining to monitor again.

    Once you are happy and save the profile, the EQ is still present in the RIG and can be switched in or out but is NOT part of the profile of the amp.

    I hope I explained that well!

  • ... and by consciously selecting a Rig before you switch into Profiler Mode you determine which effects you want to use while you compare Reference Amp and Profile. If you like it completely dry during monitoring, switch all effects off upfront.

    The Profile only includes, what sits between the Send and the Return during the Profiling process.

    If you store the Profile afterwards it gets stored as a complete Rig, so including the effects in the Modules A-D, X. MOD, DLY, and REV at that time.