3 profiles posted

  • Hi,

    I have just uploaded 3 profiles to the Exchange.

    Those of you who already have my first batch of profiles already have these but for those who don't, there they are.

    The first two were created for a specific reason. When I play live I usually gig a Traynor YCV-40 combo. It's portable, has a great clean sound and works well with most pedals on my pedal board. So I wanted to profile the amp and see if I could use the profiles in the KPA together with my pedalboard.

    The profile MN T Cped 57C 335 I use with set neck style guitars with humbuckers and MN T Cped 57C Tyl I use with bolt-ons.

    MN T Ecs MG1 57C 335 is one profile of many I made to see how well the KPA could capture the amp with an OD pedal in front. In this case it's a Wampler Ecstasy set to mid gain and it works well with my 335 style guitar to get a smooth sort of dynamic bluesy sound. If you like this one, I can post more pedal+amp profiles. I have many but I don't want to swamp the Exchange.

    Comments welcome!

    Mats N

  • Thanks Mats.

    I've been trying all your previous profiles and I love some of them.

    I was planning to profile my ECS with both my Cornford and my Room One. What mode of the ECS did you profile in these 3 rigs? Smooth, open or crunch?


  • Thanks Mats. I haven't tried any of your first set because there were so many and didn't know where to start. Three is much more manageable for starters.

    Hi Professor,

    Yes, the original numer of profiles was quite daunting so I get your point. I will post some more at intervals so it will be easier to time manage them.

    I also have app 40 new ones not yet posted anywhere.


    Mats N

  • Hi Paco,

    First of all a BIG thank you for the RoomOne clean profile. That just soooo beautiful and so incredibly dynamic. I think this profile really cracked the secret of dynamics when going direct. That profile is actually more dynamic than very many really good tube amps. It has created a addictive streak in me. Just want to get home and play. :thumbup: Can you tell me some more about that amp?

    So to your question. I profiled that early on in the beta stage, before I really came up with how to name profiles so I'm not sure. I do know it was NOT the crunch mode. Probably Smooth. Sorry I can't be more specific.


    Mats N

  • Thank you! I'll try to profile the ECS in Smooth mode with my Room One. If it worked with the Zendrive i think it's going to work with the ECS too. In Smooth mode, both pedals have similar characteristics with the ECS being more dynamic. I'll post the profile if it sounds good.

    The MPF Room One, is a 1 w cab made in Spain (Barcelona) with two 12at7 JJ and two 6AK6 GERNERAL ELECTRIC JAN USA in push-pull Class A. You can switch between 1 and 1/2 w mode. I use a Jensen C12K 1x12 cab. I tried C12Q, Celestion V30, Celestion Blue Alnico and Jensen C12K and I think that C12K is the best option. This is the recommendation of the manufacturer.

    Here is the site of MPF: