**Spring Reverb** Preview Public Beta Discussion

  • I fount a small glitch yesterday , when having the spring verb in preamp position , if you setup a trem before and disengage it, you get a really boosted gainy tone that is really cool, but it last only for 2 or 3 seconds.

    It's stange because the spring seems to take away lots of gain to a given amp profile , and that bug sets it back again ?(

    Had a similar problem: Loaded the spring reverb in module D and got a volume drop. Also after switching off the spring reverb the volume stays in low level. After loading the profile again volume is back to normal.

  • Found this out myself today - came on here to report it and saw that it is already known.
    As mentioned, the workaround is to put Pure Booster behind (i.e. to the right of) the Spring Reverb, when in the Effects section, and all is ok.

  • I wonder if someone could explain the logic of placing the PB in the Stomp section versus the Effects section (regardless of the SR). You only boost a part of your signal chain that way, not all the stomps for example, or am I mistaken?

  • You boost the signal going into anything after it which can result more gain from distortion effects. Pure boost in the effects section is pretty much the same as just raising the rig/amp volume. In which case - why not save the slot and raise the rig/amp volume instead? There are rarely any distortion style effects after it so it’s only adding volume there.

  • Just like running a clean boost pedal into the front of an amp, putting PB in the stomps section will make a clean amp louder, but give just a pure gain boost (i.e. unlike using a Tube Screamer type pedal) to a distorting amp.
    If you run a clean boost in the effects loop of the same amp (or the effects section of the Kemper), it will give you a volume boost, as @Per said.
    I use it linked to a switch on the Remote as a solo boost.
    I use PB in both the Stomp and Effects sections on some rigs.

  • Pure boost in the effects section is pretty much the same as just raising the rig/amp volume

    Well that pretty much describes exactly what it is, a 'pure boost.' Sounds like exactly what it was intended for, but I see/hear your point. I use it as a morph, like a volume pedal versus a stomp on the remote. I'll try it the other way and see how it reacts for me. Since I don't like, nor use the distortion effects on the Kemper hardly at all, that wouldn't really matter for me. I like the 'Gain' control much better for distortion. So using the morph function to both raise overall volume with the Pure Booster AND gain gives me rhythm, then lead, though I realize this can be accomplished in either the 'Stomp' section or in 'Effects.'

    Isn't it great how flexible this wonderful amp truly is?!

  • I wish the thread-starter in threads such as this one would take more responsibility for the dialog and maintain his/her post with categorised lists of bugs (critical/major/minor/unconfirmed) and short descriptions thereof as problems are reported. Every user shouldn't have to browse a ton of posts to determine whether this or that firmware-version is suitable for his/her purposes.

    Even better had been if the announcement had been kept up2date with such information as Kemper support should have the most up2date information about the status of bugs at any given time.

    I agree, totally. I suggested something like an official "BUG-tracker" a year or so ago. Would really make things easier for me. Everytime I am thinking about updating the OS, I waste a lot of time skimming through the forum, to find out what I risk messing up with an update. Try just finding this thread by typing 5.6.2 in the search field....