[LRS] Live Ready Profiles from Tim (Deadpan) 2017 BE-100 The Perfect Friedman

  • Time for a review:

    I swore that I never buy a new profile pack some times ago.

    But anyway, I saw Tim arrives with the BE 100 and he comes out with an interesting thought. He asked his clients what they want for a next update.
    First thought was to reach the Phil X sound from a vid on youtube. Bang, he got me and I pushed the trigger. This is an awesome sound.

    Easy as that: After some profiling this sound comes out of the box. Whoooouuuu

    I don't expected more, but crazy Tim goes on and on with updates. Some where experimental and some come up with different and very cool cabs.

    Finally you get over 200 profiles in all gainstages and also merged profiles when you buy this pack.

    I took the time and heard every profile to separate the very good ones (imho) from the not so good ones. After hearing I merked over 80! profiles as favorites.

    I tweaked some to the bone and trust me, you casn reach nearly every sound out of it. From smooth strat blues things to my beloved Steve Vai and Eddie van Halen sounds.
    I posted some soundsamples in Tim threat.

    I must say that I am happy that I pushed the trigger and Tim will surely make some more updates.

    Great work.

    Searching for a Satriani sound? It's in........Here's a short clip with the private jack cab. Punchy

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.


  • Sounds about the same as what I'd say. I agree that you can get about any sound of this pack that you can get out of the amp, and if not Tim would probably add it if you described it. Great profiles and customer service all around!

  • Great review. This is the definitive BE pack IMO, the value is tremendous!

    Disclaimer: When I post demo clips for profiles, there will be some minimal post-processing, unless stated otherwise. I normally double-track hard L/R, and add to the main buss a small amount of EQ and a limiter/comp set pretty light as well. Sometimes I get test profiles in advance of release, though 90% of my clips will be from packs I have purchased.